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Saturday, August 31, 2013


After our gastronomic fiesta in DENCIO'S (see that HERE), you would think that the "Kain Tulog Gang" would all go home and hibernate our full tummies away. 

Well... you thought wrong..... (dan dan daaaan).

Even if we were already having meat sweats from all the food at DENCIO'S and that we already ate our way thru dessert, the invite to have some MORE sweets with cups of java (other than that coffee with the mermaid or with the tea leaf) still seemed mouth watering.

Oh yes... Gluttony. That's another hobby for us in the slumbooks and it will be written beside reading cheesy novels such as "Twilight".

(But I guess that only applies to me... he he he!)

So we all trooped down to FIKA by the First Gourmet Academy to get more of that grub that may take a second on our lips but forever on our hips. I did not mind it too much though because everything was all so good that those pounds will now be our friends.

Besides, the 3 flights of stairs going down already served as our exercise for the day. So I guess I could compensate all that suffering with some sweets!

And FIKA is the perfect place to get them. 

FIKA (pronounced as feeka! Rhymes with Peeta (from Hunger Games... teehee!) is a project by culinary school First Gourmet Academy and served food whipped up by the students. 

The cozy little cafe is located at CAPITOL GREENSTREET which gives a breath taking view to its diners!

FIKA means "coffee or tea break" in Sweden. It is also customary to have some pastries and sweets with the hot mugs of drinks.

Now THAT's my kind of custom!

FIKA may only be a humble venue but it was still well spaced giving comfort and relaxation to the customers even before the food comes. 

FIKA welcomes its diners to read up while having their snack and unlike the other commercialized coffee shops out there, this cafe is not filled with students.... yet. 

So you could just relax by your lonesome in FIKA and enjoy a bit of privacy.

You could also invite some friends to have coffee and share a lot of laughs with you.  

OR, you could finish some of the work you were not able to do during the weekday. He he he he!

Look at Andrei checking his emails LIKE A BOSS.



FIKA's simple meynuh of their light meals....

FIKA's simple meynuh too of their hot drinks.... 

FIKA's simple meynuh three of their breakfast..... 

All seem delicious if you ask me but sorry enticing grub, we came here for these..... 


Everything seemed to be calling out to me... 

Brownies : Jazmin! Pick me! Pick me!

Cheesecake : No Jaz! PICK ME!

Pudding : I was here first!!! I'm melting already!

Me (being all considerate and sympathetic) : OKAY FINE! We'll get ALL of you!


(The last one was still me though...)

FIKA Blueberry Cheesecake (P85.00) was creamy and tasted so fruity at the same time!

It's other counterpart FIKA's Mango Cheesecake (P85.00) should not be left behind...

The FIKA cheesecake was moist and tart with the extra mango jam topping!

Almost everyone's favorite was the FIKA Chocolate Mousse Cake (P90.00) as it was very rich and fudgy!

If you want to eat healthy then have some delectable FIKA Banana Walnut Cake (P60.00).

It has banana in it so it should be healthy!

If you want a dessert that is not as rich as the chocolate cake, then grab a piece of FIKA brownies (P65.00)!

For those who want something a bit more exciting than the usual chocolate desserts, then have some FIKA Butter Rhum Cake (P70.00) which has a taste that would keep you biting out for some more.

The FIKA Bread Pudding (P65.00) was such a divine treat and luscious to the bite!

I was also very partial to Cream Puffs and I immediately commandeered what they served at FIKA!

I think I gave a good lickin' to that cream filling peeping out at me....

FIKA's Chocolate Chip Cookies were chewy and very fudgy! We can't help but take out small pieces of it until it was all gone!

Now with all those succulent pastries and desserts, what should we wash it down with?

Some coffee of course!

Andrei had FIKA's White Choco Macadamia and loved it!

I had the basic and ordered FIKA's Cappucino to warm my already filling tummy.... 


Oh come on! I need a new profile pic anyway in Friendster!

FIKA chocolate mousse cake and Cappucino, I now pronounce you MINE... and MINE.... 

Gerry had a FIKA Cafe Mocha.... 

I guess that rich FIKA CAFE MOCHA gave reason to the DUDE FOR FOOD to smile oh so sweetly!

Let us now dig in!

Here's the only bite I got from that FIKA chocolate mousse cake!

Because everything was finished by dear ol' Gerry! Ha ha ha ha!

Oh yes, it was THAT heavenly that you ignore all codes of friendship and just go for it! Ha h aha ha! 

Drats! I was too slow!

I love this picture of Andrei looking lovingly at his Daddy....

My Yub however, was looking lovingly at the camera... HA HA HA HA!

WOW! A whole table filled with desserts for Andrei to try out!!!!

Why don't you order everything too? The food and drinks at FIKA are so reasonably priced but packed with all the awesomeness that an afternoon snack should be!

Such a great afternoon playing gluttony with some of the bloggers of Kain Tulog Gang!

(l-r "Mark Anthony Fernandez", Mae Ilagan (WHEN IN MANILA), Gerry San Miguel, Mr. Dennis Nakpil (owner - Dencios), Mr. Mats Loo (owner of FIKA and director of First Gourmet Academy), Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), MEH and the FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THE PHIL! :) He he he!

But for now he will be ERICJAZ FOODIES photographer... 

... but he DID take more photos of himself though. 

I don't mind. He gets cuter at each one!


Thanks once more to Mr. Mats Loo for having ERICJAZ FOODIES in FIKA! It was also great to chat with Mr. Dennis Nakpil! Hope to see you great guys again real soon!


Capitol Greenstreet, Capitol Hills Drive
Old Balara, Quezon City

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