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Thursday, August 22, 2013


My husband Eric (aka the Chinese stalker, aka Yub, aka "Mark Anthony Fernandez", aka "Kenneth Duremdes") and I are very much the North and South of attitudes and habits that we truly are the living testament of how "Opposite's Attract".

One of the most evident proof of how he is two steps forward while I am two steps back is the pace of our grubbin'. While my Yub almost inhales his food thru his white nostrils, I take hours almost YEARS to finish a plate.

My husband says when he loves the food so much, he eats everything in a New York minute because it is so good, he wouldn't waste another second of the grub on his plate.

For me, besides arranging the food neatly on my spoon, I like to take my time and savor everything that's going on in my mouth. Of course, since I rarely eat by myself (imaginary friends included) I chat and exchange stories with my dinner companion/s. Now that takes about an hour for appetizers?

I'm just kidding! Around 59 minutes, give or take. Tee hee!!!

Anyway, when we received an invite at the launch of BOON TONG KEE'S new branch at Tomas Morato, Quezon City, that piece of dissimilarity between me and my Yub became more evident. To think that we are faced with a tableful of platters of food which was even more delicious than the aroma it exhausted.

To say that the food in BOON TONG KEE was delicious is an understatement. My husband and I truly enjoyed our meal so much that midway he was already pushing his plate to surrender, while I was telling the dessert waitress that I was not yet finished with my food.

However, it felt like only minutes to us because of the great company and delicious food!

Hopefully, the kind people of BOON TONG KEE did not mind because we had such a good time that we closed the place down. Ha ha ha!

Oh well my husband looks like Mark Anthony Fernandez anyway...

(Yup enter irrelevant argument there... tee hee!)



BOON TONG KEE recently opened in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The famed Singaporean franchise also has branches in SM Mall of Asia, Powerplant Mall, and Katipunan Quezon City!

We loved the simple interiors of BOON TONG KEE in the Tomas Morato branch. It had a lot of space and everything was just smart, casual, but had a touch of Asian beauty in every corner.

Specially this corner! It had a mini open kitchen with counter! 

I think I would like to settle on this side the next time we eat there!

Before we started the "last wish" meal in BOON TONG KEE, owners Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Joy Rodriguez gave us a gracious welcome and told us about the food to come.

Look at me listening intently and being all inquisitive. Food does that to me. If I was still in High School and this lady was a teacher, I would be like "NGOOOOOORK" in an instant.

BELIEVE me. I still have nightmares that I am still in High School or College.


First on the table was a small plate of pickled vegetables to get our tummies ready.

We then had BOON TONG KEE's Crispy Beancurd (P185.00). I am not really a fan of tofu since it would sometimes smell stinky or rubbery to the bite but this one I liked! It was like the Krispy Kreme of tofu because once you bite into the fried crust, a very soft pillowy custard with the flavor of your neighborhood "taho" will greet HELLO!!

Dip it into the green tea mayo for an extra level of flavor. Oh yes. Mayo just makes everything better. 

Up next was BOON TONG KEE's Prawn Toast (P275.00)! 

I have tried other prawn toasts but BOON TONG KEE's version is the best for me. The prawns were just bunched up and compacted into that wee crunchy toast that one bite is extra seafood, every time!!! Don't forget the green tea mayo! It did add a certain zing to that already flavorful appetizer!!!

We were then served BOON TONG KEE's Poached Chinese Spinach with Assorted Eggs (P295.00). 

This BOON TONG KEE soup was mild but when you slurp a spoonful of the broth with the cooked spinach and choice of egg (duck egg, century egg, ordinary egg), you will certainly be helping yourself to another one. 

I loved that they served this extra piping hot that the scent of the cooked spinach with garlic just played with our hungry appetites! YUM!!!!

Hello little friends... I'll be eating you NOW.

Nothing personal. You just looked too darn good!

My husband was feeling the sniffles so he ordered the BOON TONG KEE calamansi juice. I wouldn't know how this tasted like because HE DID NOT offer me a single sip! 

If you feel like coughing tomorrow Yub, it means I am thinking about you.

Thinking about wringing your neck! HA! 

Kidding! I love you! Mwahhhh!!!!

Up next was BOON TONG KEE'S Braised Pork Belly with Bun (P325.00)!!!

Oh this was so good. Tell me that you do not feel like drooling with all that glistening beauty over there? You take one saucy slab of that pork fat and put it inside the newly steamed pork buns!

Hello pork buns!

Put the BOON TONG KEE meat inside like a sandwich!!!

... and eat it with mucho gusto!

I bet you will look MUCH better than me too!!!!

I know I said this already but I'll say it again.

Oh this was SO good. Imagine a very soft and meaty pork asado siopao.

THAT is what you'll get plus MORE.

When no one was looking, I double dipped!

Tee hee! Sorry!

We were then given a plateful of BOON TONG KEE's Fried Sambal KangKong with Cuttlefish (P295.00)!

This BOON TONG KEE dish was very rich  with the sambal sauce adding the right amount of kick!!! This just screams to be paired off with some rice.

And so we did. 

Veni, vidi, vici!

It came, we saw, WE ATE SOME RICE!

(Kidding on the last part.... tee hee)

Of course, the night would not be complete if  we did not have  BOON TONG KEE's mucho specialty, their Signature Boiled Chicken (quarter P245.00/ half P455 / whole P845.00).

This great piece of poultry was so juicy and fork tender. If I was not with anyone else here, I would have sucked the bones of this chicken dry.

Sorry Chicken Little, the world will be ending for you TONIGHT.

EVIL LAUGH! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!

The wonderful BOON TONG KEE chicken is customarily eaten with the 3 necessity of sauces (chili sauce, sweet soy sauce, and ginger oil), however, I found their Hainanese chicken already flavorful on its own. Still, you could elevate your enjoyment level up a notch by eating it with these 3 heaven sent dips!!!

Of course what is Hainanese Chicken without BOON TONG KEE's special rice to go with it?

I don't know if Johnny Midnight designed this cupful of hainanese rice but this triangle of grains sure tasted grrrreeat!!!

Now up next will be a typhoon of food! Similar to how Maring invaded the Philippines!!! They were all so DELICIOUS and MANY, that we are going to just faint from gluttony.

But we don't care... WE WILL BOON TONG KEE some more!

BOON TONG KEE's Cereal Prawns (large P655.00)

Nothing coated or oatmeal like in here. What you get are prawns with special twirls of "stringed" cereals!!! 

BOON TONG KEE's Imperial Pork Ribs (P245.00)!

These sweet tender ribs were just AWESOME. One of my favorites of the night as well!!!


BOON TONG KEE's Baked Prawn with Cheese (P395.00) was truly satisfying and non cloying at all. 

This oozing piece of heaven is perfect with the...

... spicy salty flavors of the BOON TONG KEE Sambal Fried Rice (P225.00)!!!

OR... you could have it with the fried buns!! It tastes divine EITHER way!

BOON TONG KEE's Crispy Roast Chicken (quarter P235.00/ half P425.00/ whole P755.00) was lipsmackingly YUM as well!

I loved how the salty but crispy skin crunches upon every bite! Another perfect match with the BOON TONG KEE Sambal fried rice!!!

BOON TONG KEE birthday noodles (P295.00) are how noodles should be....

..... very saucy with long flavorful noodles! US LIKEY!!!

Hello brown noodles!!! I'll see you when I turn 29!!! Tee hee!!!

BOON TONG KEE'S Coffee Pork Ribs (P295.00)! This very savory boneless ribs are perfect for those who like their meats sweet with a certain caramelized taste going on. I could just imagine licking my fingers with these stick babies!!!

My very handsome Yub eating at Flash's pace and was already on his 3rd serving of food!!!!

As for me, I was still admiring my BOON TONG KEE first plate...

... then I added my sambal fried rice...

... then I did a mini-selfie....

... then stuffed everything again.... Ha ha ha!

Sorry I don't know the fine art of changing plates! 

Our very full table at BOON TONG KEE! Isn't that like a last meal for us in Prison?

Prison Break! Oh Wentworth Miller... Why????? 

Were you so traumatized that I chose MY chinese stalker over you????

We had such a wonderful time eating and gabbing with these fine set of ladies and gentlemen!!! We were so full beyond words and panting from all that BOON TONG KEE sweat! Whew!

Don't worry, we know what you're thinking and we did not include OURSELVES in that ladies and gentlemen bit.

Ha ha ha!

Dessert was this addicting cupful of  BOON TONG KEE Sagu Gula Melaka with Vanilla Cream (P145.00).

This was SO good I had 2 servings of this!!!

... for you fruity lovers out there, BOON TONG KEE'S Mango taho is for you! :)

Yipee! We were finally able to meet with Sumi Go of  THE PURPLE DOLL!! She was so nice too!!!

photo grabbed from Mr. Spanky Enriquez

BOON TONG KEE class picture!!!

Clockwise from l-r, ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! Michelle Melo (I AM DEKAPHOBE), Vladimir Bunuan of ABS CBN, Sumi Go, Eugene Constantino (THE HEFTY FOODIE), dear Spanky Enriquez, Rina Zamora (RINA'S RAINBOW), Marie Eileen Dreyfus (THE TUMMY TRAVELER), Chuckie Dreyfus (ALL CHUCKED UP), Stonibert Lim (THE FOOD ALPHABET AND MORE), Gerry San Miguel (DUDE FOR FOOD), Richie (my idol) Zamora (THE PICKIEST EATER), Richard Co (TALES FROM THE TUMMY) and his wife Irene...

Plus the wonderful hosts of BOON TONG KEE!
l-r second row Miguel Aranas - Marketing Manager, Jhun Jhon de Vera - Head Chef, Mr. Michael and Ms. Joy Rodriguez - owners, Mayda Tabangin - Manager.

Thank you so much to our wonderful BOON TONG KEE hosts for the night! Your food was so delicious and awesome!!! 

Again, thank you to Mr. Aranas, and Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez! This was a true night to remember!!!

Of course special thanks always goes to dear Spanky Enriquez (JUICE.PH) for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

Caption this! But the best ones I could come up with is...

Jaz : "I told you! I did not hide JINRI PARK! She was just THERE!"


Jaz : "OH NO! That toothpick has a special magic of making my nostrils bigger!!!"


Spanky waving his tiny wand: "Expecto Petronum!"
(I'm the Patronus! HA!)

Ha ha ha! This is just the BOON TONG KEE high talking.


310 Tomas Morato Avenue
South Triangle Quezon City
(02) 3325692


  1. It's a good thing you enjoyed your experience at Boon Tong Kee T. Morato. We didn't quite get the same experience we had at the Powerplant Mall. At the mall the food was very flavorful and looked appealing. When we ate at Morato the waiters were inattentive and surprisingly the food tasted...(using your term)...MEH! Hahaha.

    1. Hiya Bap2!!! He he he! Maybe they were just in their soft opening then? But you should give this branch one more chance!!! I saw how waiters were very courteous and accommodating to the other tables naman. As for the food, to think that we were SOOO full and it was SOOO many but we were still able to appreciate how good it was! YUM!!! It would be a while before I go wee niyan! (wink wink!)

  2. So quick! It was nice seeing you again, Jaz and Eric. See you soon! :)

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Dear Michymichymoo! Inspired! Anyway yes, it was so fun seeing you last Friday!!! Hope to have a food trip with you again very soon!


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