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Friday, August 2, 2013


Even though I could be such a stalker, I am not weird as I appear to be...

... sure I love F4 but who wouldn't like the group especially if it brings back memories of life as a newlywed? (They became popular while me and the hub were honeymoonin' somewhere...)

... sure I have this crazy sense of humor which rubbed off on my kids that would get us laughing in stitches (Andrei and I would usually belt out like how Pavarotti does even in a crowded mall).

... sure I could be such a geek with my obsession with Superheroes, comic characters, and cartoons, and I could go for hours chatting and exchanging banters with my fellow Avengers' nerds.

... sure I could be such a hoarder. Believe it or not, I feel that my things have "feelings" and I am such a sentimental fanatic that I cannot even let go of empty perfume bottles!!

BUT, I would NEVER, EVER for the life me add/invite anybody in Facebook whom I don't know! Yes FACEBOOK! The new realm for the year 2010 and beyond. You would have to agree that this is a serious matter and with this aspect, I feel normal.

At least I am confident enough of my present relations that I don't need any more random additions just to get my FB friend list going up....

But then my interest in FOOD soared....

... and everything changed from then on.... 

... drats... I got weird again.

Dinner venue tonight would be NOMAMA!

According to our new friend Albert-Jan Santillana, NOMAMA in Tomas Morato usually gets jampacked and parking would be almost impossible. But foodies would always trek to the place to get a taste of Chef Him Uy de Baron's creative and delicious dishes!

I was lovin' the minimalistic feel of NOMAMA and appreciated that there was a lot of space for me to do the, let's say, tango. 

Well I really won't but at least I CAN if I wanted to. 

Semi-open kitchen!

Simple but chic meynuh of NOMAMA!

Meynuh 1...

Meynuh 2...

My table setting at NOMAMA... 

I guess Chef Him is really making sure that you are ABLE to eat at his restaurant...
"You don't know how to use chopsticks? Here's a spoon and fork...
You're mouth is too big? Here's a soup spoon..."


Chef Him, you're so hot by the way.

My Yub and I have finally come face to face with our long time FB friends Albert-Jan Santillana and his wife Suet. 

Just to give you a brief background of how we came upon each other without you judging me that I freakishly do FB invites to strangers and meet ups because that is such a loser thing to do, well firstly, if I have this thing about NOT adding random people in FB, my husband is the complete opposite. 

He just adds everyone in sight. He feels that a number more into his friends list is like a plus for his pogi points. It's sick really. I don't understand his fascination with it. 

He only stopped doing it and reduced his FB friend list when I asked him who the artist was that he has a picture with.

And he answered he did not know.

Duh, she was in your FB list.

Ok. GONE. Ha ha ha!

So while I stalk my husband's FB page, I saw many times that a certain Albert-Jan Santillana would often post pictures of the dishes he cooked. I would usually just admire it and wipe my drool after I turn off the computer.

But then the guy made a sushi cake. 

A SUSHI CAKE! How fascinating and wonderful is that?!!!

Here is the latest 5 tier sushi cake that he made for 8 hours!

That did it!! Since I saw he was on my hub's friend list, I invited the guy! I mean I would be crazy foodie not to!  He WAS my husband's lover, este, FB friend anyway.

(HA HA HA! Sorry... just kidding Albert!) 

Also I was hoping that maybe someday I get to taste that awesome sushi cake which is NOT for sale! So maybe my evil plan of adding him in FB would somehow make that dream possible!

(Jaz - He hasn't...... yet.   :) HE HE HE!)

And since then we had a great and foodie FB-ship!

So to make the long story short, we would chat about Plants Vs. Zombies, about Candy Crush, and most recently about GAME OF THRONES, since he read the whole series. 

Our convos about GAME OF THRONES would usually go like this....

Jaz : Hey Albert.... did this person die?
Albert : No.
Jaz: What about this guy...
Albert : No he did not. But this person did.
Jaz : Really??? Who?



Or am I?

Anway, we decided then it was high time for us to meet with our beautiful and handsome spouses, and the very gallant Albert offered to treat us and hold that momentous event in NOMAMA.

While going to NOMAMA, it turns out my husband can't remember how he is friends with Albert! Ha ha ha ha! (Told you he just has a habit of adding everyone he meets) Anyway we concluded in the end that his Facebook automatically invited everyone in his googlemail account. He probably knew somebody who knows the guy.

BUT! It was a great "mistake" for us because we found for ourself another cool couple to pig out with!!!

We let Albert do the ordering since he knows the menu of NOMAMA inside and out. Whatever he said, Yub and I just nodded excitedly albeit quietly.

Under the table though our fingers were doing "YEAAAAAAAAH!!!" and our legs were doing the Riverdance routine. Tee hee!

Kudos by the way to server Jeremiah who was very cute, este, very warm and accommodating! Other restaurants should have guys like you!

First on the table was NOMAMA Mushroom Gyoza (P125.00)! Such a perfect starter for the meal to come. 

Veggies were sweet and cooked perfectly. This was wiped out in no time.

Next up is the NOMAMA Beef Curry Rib Gyoza (P170.00). We loved the dumpling but me and the Yub thought it already tasted savory even without the sauce. The brown chocolatey curry was something new to us and it was not the usual curry flavor we were used to. But I'm sure we will learn to appreciate it maybe in due time...

Like next year? Kidding!!!!

It was still wiped out though.... He he he he!

Albert also ordered the NOMAMA Fresh Crab Maki (P295.00) which became my clear favorite for the night (besides the Ramen of course).

Everything about this NOMAMA dish is truly refreshing and savory. Crab was sweet but given an extra layer of texture and flavor by the vinaigrette dressing and vegetables.

This is what you may call my "IF I WASN'T" dish.... 
IF I WASN'T with Albert and Suet, I would have put everyting on my plate and gobbled it all up in an instant!

Instead of wasabi and soy sauce, Albert put drops of Tabasco on his plate and dipped his NOMAMA sushi on it. Of course, me being monkey see, monkey do, tried the same manner of eating and wow...

At the risk of sounding irritating, I will do the usual reaction to express utter explosion of enthusiasm...

OH... MY... GULAAY!!!! .

The japanese Iron chefs might throw ninja stars at me, but this will be how I WILL eat this sushi from now on.

My mouth is watering just remembering it. Wow....

Albert had the NOMAMA Half Cooked Tuna steak (P390.00) which I was NOT able to try even if my fork was like half an inch away from the plate...

Same goes with Suet's order the NOMAMA Spicy Tongue Dry Noodle (P345.00)! 

I was thinking, "Hey Suet is thin!! She must be on a diet. and this means, spicy noodles for me!" But she also ate this plate clean!

Of course they offered but I was not sure how to tell them if I could just get both of their plates. Maybe next time I will be more HONEST with my feelings. Tee hee!  


Yub had the NOMAMA Chili garlic chicken with Soy Caramel (P375.00). 

Since my hub has such simple taste, I was concerned he might not like this dish. He doesn't really like anything with weird sauces or pureed veggies.

But based on his award winning Close Up smile, this was the NOMAMA grub he will come back for!

According to hot Mark Anthony, the chicken was juicy and very tender. The sauce was not at all overpowering but complemented the sweet meat.

Would you BELIEVE, that I was NOT able to get a taste of this chicken as well???

My husband of ALL people did not even offer a small teensy weensy bite. He said he asked if I wanted to taste it but I bet it was with a short breathy whisper...

Yub : "You want a taste Yub?"


Albert ordered 2 NOMAMA junior Ramen bowls so that I could get a taste of their specialties... 

First off was NOMAMA Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen (Junior P360.00 - Regular P550.00).

This soup dish deserves all the hype!!! Soup was very rich was the Wagyu beef cheek was buttery tender and hearty!!!

The perfectly poached egg added extra richness to the soup. I loved slurping a spoonful with a wee part of gooey egg yolk in it!!!

My other NOMAMA order was the Thai Green Curry Ramen (Regular P220.00 - Regular P330.00).

This noodle soup is a lighter version of my favorite Laksa. The Curry soup was creamy and with the right kick. I especially grew fond of the grilled chicken because it was the usual grilled thigh which is my favorite with garlic rice.

Hmmmmm.... Garlic rice.................


HA! I got 2 NOMAMA bowls and they DID-NT!

After that chatting and eating... BURP!

I'm thinking of something dirty with this pic which has something to do with one of my favorite scenes in BAGETS and TOP SECRET. 

Could you tell me what it is? The first one who could give the right answer on the comment section below gets a free Starbucks treat from me!

For dessert Albert ordered the NOMAMA flourless chocolate cake (P175.00)...

... and NOMAMA's famous Kitkat bar (P175.00)!

Both desserts were fudgy, chocolatey, rich, and just UTTERLY PERFECT!!!

A perfect ending to a wonderful meal!!!!

Sorry, hold the phone and stop the press. I take it back...

THIS was the perfect ending to a wonderful meal!!! A chat and picture with THE Chef Him Uy de Baron!!!

I admire Chef Him Uy de Baron's passion for food and it really shows in NOMAMA'S grub.It is as if he doesn't just sit back and relax but would exert a week's amount of effort in a single dish. THAT is how explosively delightful his food are. You'll know how special it is just with a bite.

It does not hurt too that he is so well toned when I put my arm around him for the picture.
Like Eddie Murphy doing his fat Momma impersonation "Mmm...mmm..mmm..mmmm.MMM!" 

He he he it was as if the light was the kitchen heavens and presenting to us this very great (and handsome) chef!

Me doing falsetto: "HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!!"

He chatted up with us a bit too....

Hmmm... somebody new to stalk....

Such a great night!!! Thank you so much Albert and Suet!!! Looking forward to more food trips together!!!!

You're the man and woman!!!! Thank you for taking us to this wonderful resto. Now I know where all the raves and craves come from.

And if I was going to thank one person for giving me extra inches for the night, well you know who it is...

NOMAMA- NOMAMA but you Chef Him! (tsik tsik tsik tsik!)

The food was just pure awesomeness!

(Well, everybody was doing it in their blogs, so I'll go with the flow! HA HA HA HA!)


Quezon City
G/F FSS Bldg, Sct Tuazon
Laging Handa, Quezon City
(02) 921-4913


  1. Looks like Chef Him got a new fan. hahaha. :)

    1. He he he! Looks like I have someone new to stalk!! :)

  2. Best blog post ever! If I say so myself!...LOL!!!

  3. Uyyyyyyyy.. Is the free starbucks treat game still on? [0--0]?


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