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Saturday, August 31, 2013


When you grow up, there would just be times when you  want to get away from it all.  

Some may reason out "harassment" from work... or a breather from school. 

I'm sure my husband would give a shout out that he wants a day-off from his very loud (oops), hyper (huh), over emotional (now wait a minute) wife. 

(Jaz - Why don't the words "hot", "beautiful", "sexy" work???)

As for me, I just want a place to relax. Though the city could be very exciting, there are times where I just want to stare and breathe in utmost relaxation (if possible) in Metro Manila.

And if great food is within an arm's reach, then that probably means you're in heaven.

With DENCIO's Capitol Greenstreet Mall branch, you could get all of the above. What you have is a restaurant situated in a quiet location in Quezon City and a breath-taking scenery to further complement the delicious food that DENCIO's is famous for.

And like I said, having the country's best sisig within arm's reach and a matching view to enjoy, it might just feel like I am in heaven.

(Eric -- "Maybe that is the only kind of heaven you'll EVER enjoy")

Why you! >:(


According to owner and founder of the original DENCIO's, Mr. Dennis Nakpil, DENCIO's in this venue opened in year 2005. But after a building fire in 2011, they naturally closed down. 

Luckily for us, they reopened their doors last August of 2012 with better and more relaxing interiors to maximize every foodie's dining enjoyment! 

ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited for lunch plus more at DENCIO's CAPITOL GREENSTREET! While we were going inside the restaurant, we were immediately impressed with the view.... 

Lush greeneries for a barkada hangout? How is that possible???

DENCIO's CAPITOL GREENSTREET was definitely a cool alternative to other busy restaurants out there... literally!!!

The breeze and cool winds were just priceless!

You would THINK that this DENCIO's was a private resort!

But you will soon get a whiff of what their kitchen is cooking and you immediately go back to earth!

You might FEEL though that you are on top of the earth!!!

(That did not sound good... no wonder the Carpenters used WORLD.. he he he) 

Anyway according to Mr. Nakpil they have a diverse range of customers in DENCIO's and not just attract the usual beer drinkers. 

And going in, I did see foodies stuffing themselves with mouth watering DENCIO'S grub....

Bikers who rewarded themselves with DENCIO's Crispy Pata and sisig!

Lovers sharing a DENCIO'S sizzling plate!

Some guy waiting for his date..... imaginary maybe (Tee hee)

Don't worry man, if you get stood up by your imaginary date, the DENCIO's bar is just nearby to hear you out... Tee hee! Kidding!

You may opt to still enjoy the DENCIO's wonderful view but with artificial air conditioning....

I think this also serves as a private function room because while we were there, the waiters of DENCIO's were setting up for a party!

Even if I just fell in love with DENCIO'S CAPITOL GREEN STREET and that I am suddenly inspired to have ideas/goals (write a book, learn pottery, invent a non fattening lechon), I  AM human and I just have to eat....


Look who joined ERICJAZ FOODIES???

Master Andrei!!!!!

Here he is immediately attacking DENCIO'S iced tea (P69.00)! Nothing instant about this one!!! Truly refreshing!


DENCIO's Beer Mates!!!!

Is it just me or I could totally have these mouth watering "pick me ups" NOT with beer but as a total meal with rice?

Not just me I guess!!!

DENCIO'S Crispy Chicken Skin (P129.00)!

Supremely Crunchy and tasty!!! Perfect with beer AND rice!!!

DENCIO's Spiced Pork Balingit (P129.00) was similar to a very tender tocino but more spicy!!!!

DENCIO's Crunchy Kwek Kwek (P139.00) is not your ordinary street food!!!

The fried strips of wonton added a delightful crunch to this deliciously decorated quail egg. Don't forget to dip it in the vinegar!!!



DENCIO'S pork sisig!!! (Regular P209.00 / Large P219.00)!!!

For ERICJAZ FOODIES, the BEST sisig in the Metro!!!!

According to Mr. Nakpil, they initially started DENCIO's pork sisig as something very saucy and chewy. Later on, this wonderful dish evolved and became the crunchy goodness it is today. 

Thank you Mr. Nakpil for making it crunchy!!! Because of you, I could have a little bit of sinful heaven in my mouth!!!

In DENCIO'S CAPITOL GREENSTREET they could get about a hundred orders of this special dish each day. 

And I am NOT wondering why.

But Mr. Nakpil, being the genius that he is, did not just stop there.... He also bestowed upon us another soon to be ERICJAZ FOODIES' favorite.... 

DENCIO's Chicken Isaw Sisig (P169.00)!!!! 

Just saying this out loud makes me drool..... 

... and yes this DENCIO's grub is as good as it sounds!!!

If you get guilty you could always put some veggies into your system with DENCIO's Asparagus with Oyster Sauce and Garlic!!!

... after I got back into my senses, I spooned over some of  DENCIO'S Nilasing na Hipon sa Taba ng Talangka (Drunken Shrimps in Crabfat P185.00)!!!

So hearty and rich!!!

If DENCIO'S Capitol Greenstreet gets too cool for you, you could always warm your tummy with some soup!

Slurp on some DENCIO'S Misua soup which comes with.... 

DENCIO'S Grand Bilao Feast!!!! 

DENCIO'S Barbecue Bilao


DENCIO'S Krispy Pata Bilao!!

Loved the sinigang rice!!!!

Look and drool guys.... Look and drool..... 

I was rarin' to eat my DENCIO's grub! But I noticed that something valuable was missing.... 


Soon everyone dug in and it was just so fun!!!

Let us now eat some DENCIO's grub shall we?

My plate! My first DENCIO'S plate!!!

My chinese stalker SO happy! This was HIS favorite kind of food!!! 

As for me, I was wolfing down some DENCIO's Pork Sisig and Chicken Isaw Sisig... 

What more can I ask for????

If I asked my chinese stalker, he would immediately ASK for some beer!

Here he is with his new "mentor" Gerry San Miguel (DUDE FOR FOOD)

My DENCIO's second plate.... 

My DENCIO's third plate.... 


SISIG sweat!!!

After that wonderful meal, we still made room for dessert.... 

DENCIO's Buko Pandan (P99.00)!!!

DENCIO's Halo Halo!!! 
(Mini Halo-Halo 62.00 Mini Halo-Halo with Ice Cream 75.00 Halo-Halo Regular 82.00 Halo-Halo with Ice Cream 102.00)

Master Andrei ordered some DENCIO's Sagot Gulaman (P49.00)!!

While Yub's dessert was... MORE beer???!!!!

Mr. Dennis Nakpil, Owner of DENCIO'S Capitol Greenstreet and founder of Original Dencio's, joined us for this very scrumptious lunch!!!

It was such a thrill to meet the creator of the newest blog I stalk, pretty Jillian Bantang (THE FOOD SCOUT)!!!
Does it sound so sick that I really sent her a pm introducing myself in FB? Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well... Food does that to me!

I guess the same could be said to the handsome photobombers at the back! A full and happy tummy does wonders to one's sanity! Ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

Another great meal with some of my favorite bloggers!!!

(l-r Richard Co (TALES FROM THE TUMMY) and his lovely wife Irene, Mr. Mats Loo (Director - First Gourmet Academy), Jillian Bantang, Len de Guzman and sister (THE MOMMIST), Mae Ilagan (WHEN IN MANILA), Mr. Dennis Nakpil, Gerry San Miguel, YUBSKI, Dear Spanky Enriquez, Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), MEH and ANDREI!!!!

After our great meal at DENCIO's, we still stayed on to laugh, exchange tales, and enjoy more of the scenery.... The beauty just did it all for us.....

Here are the guys talking about where to eat next.... 

Here's Andrei wondering which patch of his hair he will cut when we get home.... 

Here's me wondering if I should get some hair implants to lessen the size of my forehead....

(tee hee... I'm obsessed I know....)

I really found it cute by the way that Andrei followed suit and started taking lots of pictures!!! I guess I will soon have my own photographer for ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!

So what will I do now with my chinese stalker? Tee hee!

Anyway, thank you so much Mr. Dennis Nakpil, owner of DENCIO's Capitol Greenstreet, for organizing this delicious event!!! We truly had a feast for our eyes (with the view) and our tummies (with the sisig... sisig... and MORE sisig!!!)

... and our muchos thanks to dear Spanky Enriquez (JUICE.PH) for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES and letting master Andrei tag along. He had a lot of fun and stuffed himself full with all the delicious DENCIO's food!!!! Thank you again! You're the ultimo supremo!!

Do drop by DENCIO'S in Capitol Greenstreet not just for the classic favorites that the restaurant is known for but also for the breath taking view and ambience that will give you another level of dining enjoyment!!! We're sure you'll also have a foodie high just like we had then!!


3/F Capitol Greenstreet Mall, 
(formerly Capitol Hills Golf Clubhouse)
#1 Capitol Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City


  1. Grabe. Magsama kayo ni Mae. Mga adik. Pwedeng ipagpabukas oh.

  2. Finally got to meet you!!! :)
    I super enjoyed our lunch!! :)
    Great post btw! You're tooooo fast! haha!

    1. Hiya Jill!!! Yes I was so excited to finally meet you too! You and your bf are just way too cute together! Hope to see you guys more soon! Ha ha ha! Thanks I'm glad you liked it!!! I'm fast because I don't have a life kasi. Kidding!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Sisig, a cold beer, great view and company, here's to an awesome weekend at Dencio's! Cheers!

  4. ALWAYS a great time with you Food Dude!!! Hope to meet up with you again real soon!! Eric needs your words of wisdom once more :) He he he he!


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