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Sunday, January 29, 2023


Every VALENTIMES, I always plan a date with my sons. Of course, it's fun to go out as a whole family during this day of hearts but I find that spending quality one-on-one time with your son is also needed. You'll find that they'll tend to behave differently without the brother/aka enemy. Tee hee! I've made it a tradition and I hope the boys do it even when they're adults na.

Usually it's just US with the driver for that definite alone time. 
This year however, we planned to do it on a night where it was our driver's day off. So who's the next best choice???

THE YUBHUB! Aba syempre... Drayber sweet lover din yan!!!!!

When asked where he felt like going, Mati answered that he's in the mood for some good ol' Italian food. With that, we went to our current favorite, ITALIANNI's!!! Not only does the restaurant serve delicious pasta, pizza, and complimentary bread, BUT, they also have a 50% off promo! Yay!

(Jaz of 2023 - not anymore... bwa ha ha ha ha ha)

Don't you just love Mati for sensing that?? It may be the reason why he chose ITALIANNI'S in the first place!

That's my boy!!!

We're going to ITALIANNIS!

Malamig Yub???

For tonight, we checked out the ITALIANNI'S branch in Uptown Mall!

It's actually our first time here and we immediately fancied the coziness of the place.


Me and my favorite big guy!

Don't worry about Andrei. We have another date somewhere. He he he he!

Okay fine.  Let's give honorable mention to the driver. He he he he! Pagiisipan ko if he's going to be the "payer" as well. Tee hee!

Time to order!!

I'm not angry. I just have a very weird face. Ha ha ha ha!

Nangati pa ilong.

First on the table is a basket of warm baguette bread.

These were sooo good and we always end up asking for 3 more refills afterwards. I like dipping it in olive oil with balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese. 

Mati and I ordered tall glasses of ice cold Dalandan juice and Iced Tea! These were refillable and I swear we could chug about 4 servings each. Ha ha ha ha!

It's great that instead of paper straws, ITALIANNI's uses dried up pasta (or is it??). AT LEAST it won't melt on you like paper does. 

Toast! To a great meal ahead!

First from our orders is a platter of ITALIANNI'S Sicilian Chicken Salad (P595.00)

Definitely a must try in ITALIANNI'S!!!

Crunchy iceberg lettuce with sweet grapes, mangoes, and candied walnuts, tossed in Chicken salad dressing. NYARAP!!!! Addicting too!

ITALIANNI'S Calamari (P485.00)!

This is Mati's favorite and we always get it whenever we're in ITALIANNI'S! We just can't get enough of the flavorful crusty breading and tender meat of the squid. 

It's served with marinara sauce but we always have it the extra tub of Caesar Salad dressing. 

ITALIANNI'S Mussels Lombardi (P375.00).

I guess by now you've guessed that we love seafood. We got this because my big guy is a sucker for mussels. He he he he! This may be an appetizer but we MAY eat it with rice (or loads of complimentary bread again). 

Even if he was just a "salingpusa" I told Yub he could order what he liked. As usual, he went for a pizza but decided to try out something different. He got the ITALIANNIS Quattro Carne (P756.00).

He enjoyed this very much because just say MEAT and he's "I'm good!"

ITALIANNI'S Spaghetti Vongole (P560.00)!!!

My favorite pasta dish!!!!

LET'S EAT!!!!!

My ITALIANNI'S date with Mati (and salingpusa Yub)!

Parang ang kapal ng eyebrows ko. He he he he he!

Yihiiii... My favorite Valentime!

Kilig na kilig akong bruha! 

It was a super fun dinner.


Thank you so much dear Master Mati for still going out with your Mommy. Many people will say to me na "buti sumasama pa binata mo sayo..." because teens often find their parents "boring."

I really hope you never change. Sana kahit na married with kids ka na you won't forget your Mommy who loves you SOOOOO much!

We went around the mall afterwards and my big guy naman was game with pictures.


Hopefully it's true!

Going up!

Kapal talaga ng eyebrows ko ha ha ha ha ha!

My date's choice for dessert... Jamba juice!

At least healthy!

Ha ha ha ha! May echepwera sa kabilang table. 

And when we got home Marvel night!!

It was indeed a great day!!!!

Let's go out again my love!

(Si Mati ha not the panget in front of me. H aha ha ha ha! Kidding)


Uptown Place Mall,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+63288071384 / +639560545677




  1. Heya Bestfriend!

    Yun oh new entry just so you know I'm still waiting for your Christmas & New Year blogs haha. But Thank you for being active this January 2023 LOL.

    I'm on VL 2day as I have errands 2 run aka renew my Time Deposit Certificates since 2day are their Maturity Dates.

    Yeah I just followed you in Tiktok after reading your reply 2 my last message. My username is da one with "Kyle". Also, I watched da video of BGP you made quite emotional with da background music added.

    I've always had dogs since da age of 5 so malakas tlaga empathy ko. But after losing my "Brother" last year I decided not 2 have any dogs until I'm ready. There might be a chance na I won't have them na kasi since it's so painful when they "leave".

    I'll catch up on your most recent entries. Actually nag reply me without reading them pa. I'll just prepare a cup of coffee or maybe 3 since I bought a box of muffins thru foodPanda haha.

    Regards 2 u & family. Ingats & PM tayo sa Tiktok haha.


    1. Hulloooo dear Kyle!!!!!

      It was great chatting with you! Thank you for cheering me up that night.

      He he he he... Really making an effort now to blog... At least once a week he he he he he he! Will do my best for the Christmas and NY "specials" too... ha ha ha ha ha

      Thank you for watching my tiktok with BGP... I want people to know her and how beautiful she is. Awwww sorry to learn that your best buddy has passed too. I remember when I lost my own furry bff, I had a hard time too. She was my first "death" na loved one. Really can't forget her.

      Again, thank you so much :) I really love my blog as it is my online diary. Sometimes though because of work I tend to get busy for it. But when my readers/friends write me about ericjaz foodies, I apprecaite to be reminded that I should really continue doing it.

      Again thank you and heres a tight hug.

      God bless my best friend!!!!!!

  2. im so happy ur back to blogging!!! missed your entertaining food trips!

    1. Yayyyy! I'm happy you're still here!!!!! Thank youuuuuuuu!


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