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Sunday, February 5, 2023


One Sunday, when everyone made plans EXCEPT to be with us (TRAITORS), THE YAPPY BUNCH decided to... 

Wait, where did my family go you say???

Mommy - has a meeting with her relatives...
Kuya Jay and family - wasn't able to go down from their mountain
Kuya Jon and Andrei - in Japan
Ate Jit and hub - was supposed to have lunch at Mandaluyong but since we all had plans, they went somewhere. They didn't want to go with us! HMP!


THE YAPPY BUNCH (minus Andrei) decided to go to Tanay Rizal!!!!! I've been seeing A LOT of tiktok videos featuring the cafes and restaurants with breath-taking views of the mountain, that we decided to join the bandwagon. Alam mo naman kami... Gaya gaya punto maya...

Teee heee!

First stop is MIDORIYAMA!!!!

It was a Sunday and even if there was no traffic, I got a bit inip with the long drive (or maybe I was just hungry???)

We were supposed to go to this place serving pizza and pasta but then I recommended that hot soup would be perfect in this windy weather that when we saw this Ramen restaurant, we immediately went to a halt!

It's just our big guy with us because the little bunso went with my brother in Japannnnn!

Yohooo! Food is here!

I know I said that we'll be having ramen but the lure of SILOG is just too strong that I was hypnotized like Suga did to me (tee hee).

This Jumbosilog definitely hit the spot (P238.00). So perfecet for somebody as hungry as me.

Jambo Hatdog Kaya mo ba to???

Infer.. this was Yub's order. Nakikain lang ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MIDORIYAMA Tonkotsu Ramen (P310.00).

I appreciated that this was UBER hot when served but to be honest it was just okay.

It was not bad, but it's not something I'll go back t Tanay Rizal for. 

The same goes for MIDORIYAMA Tantanmen (P320.00). Mati said it was fine with him. 

The ramen were not as good as our favorites BUT we were satisfied that day.

Parang were bitin sa ulam so we also got a MIDORIYAMA 6 pc Ebi Tempura (P400.00). It was nice and crunchy!

While eating, a doggie from afar kept on barking. 

I barked back.

Could you see it trying to find where that other bark came from? Akala niya siguro chicks (dog ah not manok... ha ha ha ha ha)


We also ordered Salmon Sushi that I was not able to take a pic of. 


If you noticed, we would always have different backgrounds. That's because we transferred tables about 4 times!!!!

At first we stayed by the rails for the view but then we transferred because it was hot!

When we transferred to an inside table, it was okay but we realized, we went there for the view so we transferred again. 

This time to another table by the rails but at another side.

IT THEN started drizzling, that we had no choice but to transfer again.

So that's 4 transfers???? BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Yep! We're a restaurant's dream customer.

I thought we were so bad but then, another group were doing the same thing. Ha ha ha ha ha! I could not help it but join their conversation when they got embarrassed for transferring. 

I said "Don't worry. We did the same thing."

They all laughed (but I"m sure they were like, SINO TO.)

Tee hee!

Bill one.... 

Bill two!


We enjoyed the food and the view but we'll also try other restos the next time we're in Tanay!

For coffee, we thought of crossing to PICO DE PINO!

(Yup! MIDORIYAMA is just at the other side). 

In PICO DE PINO,  you have the option to stay at their ground floor cafe... 


if you want to get a view, you better be prepared to walk up on flights of stairs.

We were given a number BUT this was not for a table. This was just to be identified for the order and bill. Lady attendant said we could just look for a free spot upstairs.


FINALLY we got a nice spot! He he he he he he!

While waiting for our orders... we saw THIS.

Hala... Wawa naman. I'm sure they don't bite. 

Later on while going down, we saw THIS...

Ahhhhh kaya siguro matindi galit nila sa cats. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It started to drizzle so the Yub went out to look for a covered table. 

So Master Mati and I decided to take some pictures!

Me: Mati! Mati! Kunwari candid...

Yeah. It didn't look that. 

It started to really drizzle that we transferred tables. Good thing the Yub was able to find a free spot. 

I got a cup of java...

The Yub ordered  a tub of Leche Flan which I found to be bland.


After a lot of chika chika, we decided it's time to go. 


We hope the next time we visit there won't be a lot of people ha ha ha ha!

Still, we appreciated that even if the servers were VERY busy, they were still so attentive and helpful.

Going home!!!

Hope we'll go back but this time with Andrei. ONLY.

Hmp. Ayaw sumama ng mga kapatid ko ha... Hmp. Chura.

KIDDING. Tee hee!


We had a lot of fun in our impromptu Tanay Trip! Hopefully next time, we'll get to try more restaurants!!!!!






Cuyambay Rd, Tanay, Rizal
0947 374 9874

Brgy. Cuyambay, Marikina-Infanta Hwy, Tanay, Rizal
0921 930 6033


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