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Sunday, January 15, 2023


Last December, THE YAPPY BUNCH went out for some family bonding bonding ekek because it was a holiday.

It may be so tempting to just stay at home and sleep the day away but going out with the boys and treating them to a nice lunch is something we'll not pass up. 
 Of course because of the present situation, we will still be extra careful and follow safety protocols imposed by the establishment. Yes, we all want to have fun BUT also be cautious at the same time.

With that, we decided to go to Edsa Shang because it's one of the malls I know that don't have many people. When we got there, the guard asked us questions and we answered honestly (we also called the restaurant beforehand).

So yay! Another fun family day. Even if there were a lot of extra things to do to ensure our safety, we all appreciated the caring measures and had an awesome day!  

(Can't buy me looooooveeee.... loooooove)

All masked up and ready to go.

Don't forget!!!!!

To be honest, our real intention in going to Edsa Shang was to have a family picture by their ginomous Christmas tree. 

We usually have it in Powerplant Mall but we cannot go there at the time. 

We also went to Toys R Us so that the boys could check out what they want to ask Santa for Christmas.

Yep! I know they may not believe in him anymore but the Yub and I are sticking to it! He he he he he he!

The boys would take pictures of what they wished for Christmas and sent it to my phone.

Then it's time for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The choice for that day was Japanese and I called beforehand to make inquiries.

We were there early so there was not much people in yet.


The pogi boys!


Mga gurangs!

This was how diners order na in SUMO SAM. You check out the boxes and give it back to the server.

Wait. I'm not sure if this was the system before.

The papogi boy.

("Mommy take my picture like this...")

CHE! He he he he he!

Cutie Andrei trying out the lotion we got from one of the stores. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When you're a Mom talaga, everything your boys do is cute!

Wohoo! Food is here!

Before we ate though, Mati led the prayer in thanking God for blessings.

SUMO SAM Spicy Tuna Salad (P368.00)!

I always order this when I see it on the menu. I would also request for extra dressing and spicy sauce. He he he he he!

Mati enjoyed this sooo much too!

SUMO SAM Salmon Sashimi (P348.00)!

So fresh, buttery and fatty! Sarap!

Actually, our day out in Edsa Shang was like Andrei's advance birthday celebration. We know that we won't be able to go out on his actual birthday (because of more restrictions) so we decided that this would be our gimik for him in advance!

With that, he chose the restaurant beforehand (Japanese!!!) and ordered what he wanted.

Sashimi galore!

SUMO SAM Dynamite Roll (P348.00)!

Soo good!!!! Loved the firmness of the tuna and the soft rice.

We were bitin with the Dynamite Roll that we also got a Crunchy Tuna Roll (P348.00)!

This was also wiped out in no time!

SUMO SAM Tonkotsu (P308.00)!

It may not be our favorite Yabu, but it was still sooo good

SUMO SAM Japanese Fried Rice (P348.00)!

I don't think I've ever had a bad cup of Japanese rice.

Laging masarap!

And of course, since we're in a Japanese restaurant, we just have to have Ebi Tempura!

We got the 10 pieces (P918.00) because we can't get enough of Tempura!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the big guys for Andrei's advanced birthday celebration!


Chomp! Chomp!

Galit! Galit muna!


Ay hindi pa pala. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Andrei is always the last to finish. I don't mind waiting as long as he's eating a lot!!!!!

Ayan totoo na.

Le bill!!!!

We enjoyed the food and all but the Yub said next time we'll just go to a buffet. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Same price din e!

After eating, we went around some more.

Mati bought candy using his own money!!!!!!!

The Yub and I really love going out with the boys. 

It's our main picture of GIMIK!

I'm not sure if the boys agree though because they'll be subjected to having loads of their pictures taken!

They were sports that day naman. 

Sorry just can't resist having a remembrance of THIS with the boys!

After walking around, we had dessert!


Andrei ordered a drink because it's his advanced birthday celebration nga naman.

Me and the big guy!

Lonely guy. Che!

Muni muni na naman!

We loved our table in Starbucks because it gave it a vast view of the mall.

Time to go homes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome holiday/birthday celebration with the boys.

Best time ever!!!!



L6, 635 , Shangri-La Plaza EDSA Corner Shaw Boulevard , 
Ortigas Center , Mandaluyong City , 1650 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 8637 5704




  1. Heya Bestfriend,

    How are yah? It's been way too long haha.

    Hope your family is well!


    1. Hullooooo best friend!!! How are you??? Long time!!!!!!

      I'm not so good... If you're following my IG, my bgp Mariane passed away :( So it was a bad last quarter for me....

      Still, I'm thankful my family is well and healthy.

      I hope you're doing great :) I''ll be more active with the blog again and do it at midnight ha ha ha ha ah ha!

      Thanks again and God bless!!!! :)

    2. I'm so sorry 2 hear that. I know you're almost like sisters being there for each other when you needed someone da most. I also lost my dog last year & cried tons because he was like a Brother 2 me. While it's not da same it hurts like hell up until now. But in time you'll get used 2 da pain & eventually will get better. I'm still waiting for that day though.

      I actually looked you up in Tiktok & saw you with Anne dancing haha. That was amusing iba pala when I see you "live" LOL. Sorry don't have IG & cant have social media since my free time is very limited as you know.

      Yeah I sincerely wish you go back 2 blogging because in my idle time I used 2 read your blogs while drinking coffee.

      Things will get better for you maybe not now but one day it will. May you find peace, joy, & healing in your everyday life.

      Hopefully we can talk soon!


    3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Did you follow me? What's your account, I'll follow you also he he he he!!!!! Naku Aning doesn't like to tiktok at first pero when she saw na funny, she wants to do a lot na. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Did you see also the tiktok vid I made for BGP? I still get teary eyed when I see it (sometimes naiiyak). Hey, I lost my dog of 14 years also (I was 7 when I got got her and she died when I was 21), and up to now, I can't forget her. Naku I cried also for sooo many days when she died. She's my first experience of a "death" ng loved one. Haaaaaay....

      You're right. As with the loss of my Dad, you'll just get used to it na lang and a part of your heart gets hard na din. It will come soon and don't let other people tell you to hurry up or to invalidate your feelings. Hayaan mo sila. Take all the time you need.

      Yes please!!!! Chika chika soon!!!!!!!

      Thanks again. God bless! :)


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