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Monday, February 22, 2021


Iiiiit's VALENTIME'S once again and though many out there are all starry eyed and looking forward to a romantic celebration this day of hearts, for me it's different.

I have another excuse to EAT!!!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Naaaah! I'm kidding!

I've spent so many years being that unattractive other friend whom nobody notices and I dream of the day when I'll have a forever Valentime. I guess I looked pathetic because my Dad would send me flowers with the card "From Roger, your secret admirer" just to make me feel better. Ha ha ha ha ha!

So that day finally came and I'm so thankful to have not just one, but 3 pogi VALENTIMES all in all.

Of course, Daddy will always and forever be my original VALENTIME who was there when no one wanted me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! He was after all, the one who set the standard of surprising me with flowers, giving us chocolates, and treating us out every VALENTIME'S!

Now the guys I have now will suffer the consequences!




(Yes that's how I always call it. May reklamo??!!)

Our VALENTIME'S weekend officially started with a dinner with the BP Group!

It was actually an extension of Gem's celebration where I gave her a birthday treat.

Add to that, the Chinese New Year.

So really, it's Gem's Bday, Chinese New Year, annnnd...

VALENTIME'S gimik na din!

Dear Mati joined us because he's been craving for some Shabu Shabu for a loooooong time.

Team Campo present!!!!!

We had the Seafood Set...

And the Beef Tenderloin Set!

Both sets come with the Veggie Plate which we love too.

Mati got the Ebi Fry to munch on while slurping the hot soup.

Our dessert! Yum!

Yayyy! So fun!

Non stop eating and chika chika!

Syempre the night is young so we set out for a nightcap.

Dear Gem treated us to Sangria, Coffee, and dessert in Dean and Deluca!

My 2 handsome dates for the night.

Mati tried out the Sangria.

Super fun! Looking forward to more gimiks with the BP!!!!!!

The next night, I had a VALENTIME'S date with my first born Mati!!!!

We do this every year and it's always fun to go out with my favorite foodie date.

Dapat, kami lang dalawa, BUT we need driver and photographer so the Yub joined na din. Ewwwwwwww.....

If you're looking for the bunsoy, he's staying for the weekend at my Kuya's place in Antipolo. I figured, since he cannot go out here in Manila, at least he'll have so much fun in a place where it's cool and lots of outside gimiks to do.

Here he is having a blast with my brother (taking the picture) at a pares place after an hour of walking. Andrei told me later on that the pares was soooooo good!

Masarap din food namin!!! He he he he he he!

Check out the blog post HERE!!!!!!

The next morning, I woke up to THIS!!!!

Ang haba ng herrr ko...

I actually sensed the Yub putting the roses at my bedside table that morning. I was too lazy to let him to know that I was awake so I faked sleeping pa. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I went to the bathroom to make wee wee. While I was doing my business, Mati and Yub greeted me from outside. 

I was like "This is all romantic and special but please, let me finish doing weewee...!" Ha ha ha ha ha!

When I went out, THIS greeted me!


I thought pa, "Wow ang dami ko flowers!!!' Dapat yub din got the flowers by my bed!

Thank you my dearest big guy! You made your Mommy so happy!

(This is my "woke up like this" look)

When I got back in the room, wala na my bouquet!

Ay isa lang pala ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Tee hee!

It's ok. The Yub naman went out pa talaga to buy it. He he he he he!

I really loved it. Ang ganda!

Thanks Yub! Happy Valentimes!!!!!!!

Our Valentimes Day Lunch!!!!!!!!

We had most of our favorites kasi yesterday from Kuya Jay's birthday kaya bondat pa. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I ordered Pad Thai from PAD THAI TO GO !!!!

So yum and ok the price!!!!!!!

For this order though it was a bit dry but it still tasted good. PAD THAI TO GO naman was very responsive to our concerns. 

We got the beef....

We got the Seafood...

And the chicken!

We also got our Sunday staple -- Inihaw na Liempo!! Yummm!

Plus buttered shrimps!

To balance off the rich entrees, Mommy made a mango salsa!

Yummmmmm... Let's EAT!!!!

All that food made me sleepy so after my syesta (tee hee) I went down na for our VALENTIME'S dinner. 

Look what's awaiting cutie little me!!!!!


Flowers from ROGER!!!!

The penmanship is different but it IS signed by my favorite ROGER!!!!

Tee hee... I know this is from my brother but I love that he took over Dad's secret admirer duties. He he he he he!

Sorry Yub, but THIS is my favorite now!

That night, the Yub and I went out for our VALENTIME'S date!

Wohooo! We're having steak....

and Salmon! He he he he he!

Yummmm.... Don't worry. We shared everything. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

More on our blog post HERE!

Our VALENTIME'S gift from Highlands Steakhouse.

When I got home, THIS greeted me!

I don't know about you but that smile of his in the picture seems so "alive" tonight. Parang he's greeting me his usual HAPPY VALENTIMES.


Somebody gave him oranges pa. Ha ha ha ha ha!

His last VALENTIME'S message and flowers for me.

Sniff sniff.


We all had our own way of celebrating VALENTIME's this year because of the pandemic. 

Whatever you went to, or ate, or do (AY BASTOS) just always remember to keep the love forever burning for your eternal VALENTIMES.


Leaving you here with Andrei's VALENTIME'S Day post.

Haaay si Andrei talaga! ha ha ha ha ha ha!



The bunso was in Antipolo during the Valentimes weekend so we were not able to go on our traditional Mommy-Son date.

This Friday however, he and the Yub fetched me and I said, "Treat kita wherever you like Andrei! Parang date na din natin!"

Yun lang, may kasamang driver na asungot. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!

The bunsoy's request was Japanese food so we ate in YUUJIN!!!!!


Even if it's just a pahabol and not our usual date where it's just us, I'm still happy to honor Valentimes with the guy who steals my heart everyday! He he he he he he!



HAPPY VALENTIME'S Y'ALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






  1. Nice one, you were still able to celebrate 'balentayms'... Keep the fire burnin' sabi nga nila... I really hope 2021 brings us better life! Take care sa inyo ng hubby mo, pati sa dalawang kiddos!

    1. HA HA HA HA! Hiya Dave!!! Ang galing ko no ang tagal sumagot?!?!? So sorry! Wasn't able to blog for soo long because of work. Pero I'm thankful for my reader friends like you. Tama friend kita whether you like it or not. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      I so agree. Ikaw din take care you and your family! God bless you always and I really hope when all is well na, KITAKITTTSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!


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