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Saturday, February 6, 2021


Once again we are out and about in BGC on a Saturday, and once again we will be planning to eat at our "flavor of the month," ITALIANNI'S. This time though my big guy joined us because he got "inggit" with how happy we were in last week's lunch with Andrei.

I don't blame him because we really had a lot of great food that time. I'm sure with this family lunch, we'll have another awesome lunch!

And that we did!


Just the three of us!

We always go to BGC early so that there's not much people.

Syempre, empty areas make the best backgrounds. He he he he he!

(Now, there's a lot of people na even if it's early... :( ) 

And we're back in ITALIANNI'S!!!!


Me and the big guy!

If you're looking for the bunso, he's in Antipolo for the weekend with my brother. 

The Panget!!!!! Syempre he's already attacking the bread.


Food is here!

This platter of ITALIANNI'S Sicilian Salad  (P565.00) may seem a lot but I was able to finish all of it! (Of course with a slight help from Mati... he he he).

We wanted to try out something new and decided to get the ITALIANNI'S Mussels Lombardi (P375.00)!

It's our first time to have it here and we're happy with it. The wine infused butter sauce was perfect to soak our crusty bread with. 

Calamares is still to be our family favorite. Whenever we see it at the menu, we always get it.

The one they serve at ITALIANNI's (P424.00) was light and tasty. We always request an extra serving of Caesar's dressing to dip it in. 

I know that I had such a disappointing experience in ITALIANNI'S at Resort's World Manila that I was initially apprehensive about ordering this but that Vongole (P525.00) that we got that day was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

ITALIANNI'S Pork Chop (P565.00)!

This is always a favorite. The gravy is just THE BEST on everything. 

We completed our meal with bottomless glasses of iced tea and dalandan juice (P150 each). 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the big guy in ITALIANNI'S!!!!


Simot na simot.... He he he he he!

Yep! Told you we love the sauce.


Everything was just sooo yum! Ubos lahat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Le bill!!!!!

Wohooo! We love citibank's promo!!!!

Afterwards we walked around and passed by Powerbooks.

Oooh! Tintin!!!!! The Yub and I both love this.

Afterwards we had coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

Our grub!

Yep! The two guys both had teas.

I tried out the Lemon Squares which I found too sweet. Yung dalawa naman nagustuhan. 

The big guy said next time he'll get the CBTL card so that he'd get wifi. He he he he he.

And then it's time to go home.


And on the following weekend....

Yep! We're back once again in ITALIANNI'S because this time, it's the bunsoy who got so inggit.

Hmmmm.... Parang magiging ping pong to ah.

It's ok! As long as the boys were happy, we're happy!

ITALIANNI'S Bruschetta (P445.00)!

I really enjoyed this one because the toasted baguette were all nice and crunchy even if it had been sitting with the stewed tomatoes in balsamic vinegar for a time. The boys also loved the one with the Truffle Mushrooms and wiped it all out.

Since it's already a favorite, we got the ITALIANNI'S Calamares but in family size (P795.00).

I don't know if it's just me but it looked quite the same with the usual platter that we'll have. 

ITALIANNI'S Mozzarella Sticks (P525.00)!

This is the reason why we're back. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Andrei ordered this and savored each bite of the gooey cheese fried in batter. Solb na solb na siya sa lunch namin with this!

We decided to try out something new and got the ITALIANNI'S Truffle Fries (P425.00)!

This was a delightful surprise. We can't stop munching on it. 

As per Yub's request though, on the side na lang daw the truffle mayo next time. 

ITALIANNI'S Margherita Pizza (P646.00)!

Because we cannot NOT have pizza in an Italian restaurant. 

For our pasta, Mati and I shared the ITALIANNI'S Seafood with Cream Fettucine (P795.00).

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys in ITALIANNI'S again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not showing my bag. I'm really just hiding my butt!!!!!!! Laki niya promise.


Ubos na ubos AGAIN!

Le bill!!!!

And as our usual habit, we walked around!

And like clockwork, Andrei checks out the pet store.

This lane is all for us. Tee hee.

The bunso checked out some blue tooth earphones since he needed it DAW to play COD. I'm sure it's because he wanted to still be in a call while his phone is charging. Tsk tsk tsk.

Aba... Talagang he inquired by himself and paid for it with his own money. 

The proud shopper!

We only give allowance to our little guys so that if they wanted something, they'll learn to save for it.

The Yub and I usually give them freedom what to buy with their own money. As long of course that it's not an impulse buy and it's below P1,500. He he he he he!

He he he he... Check out what Mati saw while waiting outside for Andrei.

It's Pao-Pao's birthday so we decided to send over some donuts.

There were a lot of people in Krispy Kreme so we hung out at our favorite Seattles Best. We asked permission if we could have donuts there of course. The kind servers agreed and we just cleaned up our mess afterwards. 

Time to go home!

That was another fun family gimik!

Next week again! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(As long as there's Citibank promo... kidding!)



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(02) 8856 3890



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