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Monday, February 15, 2021


For one Saturday family gimik, my guys and I decided to try out something different from our usual Bonifacio High Street lunch and coffee. Instead, we decided to go Uptown Mall...

..for some lunch and coffee!!! He he he he he he!

This time though, we wanted to try out MENYA KOKORO!


Masks and shields ON!!!

Like our color coded shields? It's so that we won't mix it up with each other. 

We're loving the decors in Uptown Mall. So Christmas-y!!!!

We're not there for the decors though. One of the big reasons why we went to Uptown Mall because like Bonifacio High Street, they have an open area.

We like this safe option! At least we won't be inside the confines of a mall the whole time. 

For lunch that day we decided to try out MENYA KOKORO!!

Before entering, we signed the forms and had our temperatures taken. 

We were the only ones initially in the resto. It appeased ourselves too that they left the door open. 

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ugly Yub and my handsome Matthew!

Naks! Matthew na!

Me and my bunsoy Andrei!

Naku nagbibinata na din to.

Time to order!

MENYO KOKORO menu 1....

MENYO KOKORO menu 2...

MENYA KOKORO menu 3!!!!!!

We've had Mazesoba before but never at MENYA KOKORO. With some of the blog posts of my fellow foodies, I'm curious how this was different.


First on the table is Andrei's order of MENYA Karaage (P200.00)!

May look small but it's actually 4 big pieces of flavorful boneless chicken breast. 

Along with rice and his favorite dips, this was more than enough to make my bunsoy happy.


Next is 5pcs of MENYA KOKORO Gyoza (P190.00)!

The boys loved this and the Gyozas were wiped out in no time. Andrei really liked the sauce and poured it over his rice. 

Mati ordered the MENYA KOKORO Spicy Mazesoba (P370.00)!

I warned him that like in the picture, it'll be full of green veggies. In true foodie fashion, he was actually more excited for the mixture of different flavors than worrying over some trivial veggie. He he he he he!

As for me I got the MENYA KOKORO Lite Mazesoba (P250.00)! I usually cannot order big servings of ramen these days so I just got the small serving. 

The mazesoba was topped generously with garlic, spices, and a half cooked egg. It was also served with broth. 

This looked awesome and I was so excited to dig into it!

As for Eric, he got the MENYA KOKORO Black Garlic Ramen (P350.00)!

The broth was creamy but lacked the oomph we're used to in other ramen restaurants. Still, the hub enjoyed it because it hit just the spot!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys in MENYA KOKORO!!!

Let's EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure how to eat your Mazesoba??? Check this out!

My big guy mixed his noodles excitedly and was excited to eat!

I don't blame him. That looks glorious!

Of course, I did the same!!!!

Mix... mix...

Don't forget to to mix the egg too!!!!


It was AWESOME!!!

Each bite of the chewy and firm noodles was so flavorful with the mixture of sharp greens, hearty sauce, and creamy egg. I can't stop slurping it!!!

As recommended, I tried the noodles with a drizzle of the black vinegar and it was another tasty alternative to the already enjoyable dish!!!

The two also went so well!! The rich and umami rich flavors of the soba were "freshened" up with the acidic bite of the vinegar. Yummers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later on, we were served with a small portion of rice!!!!!

Mati finished ahead of me and even if he's full, he said he'll really try mixing his Mazesoba with rice. 

Syempre, me too!!!!!!

It was indeed yum!!!!! This may be a lighter alternative to the fat noodles but still oh so satisfying. A wonderful finish to a delicious meal!



Major carbo-loading. Grabe. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Le bill...

After lunch, we decided to go around the mall.

Uy! Toys R Us!!!!

Mati saw a big and cuddly bear.

Buti nga! Ha ha ha ha ha!

While going around, the song "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS" suddenly played on the radio. Mati got so embarrassed because I sang so loud. Ha ha ha ha!


I imitated this tiktok I posted and it got Mati down SO FAST. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah!

We passed by Uniqlo to buy some tops for the boys and dresses for me. Naku.... For the first time ever, I left my celphone in the fitting room! Eng eng moment right?

Good thing that I looked for my phone outside and when it was missing from my bag, I asked the Yub to call it. Ayun, just beside me (where I checked my bag) something rang. It's with manong guard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! One Uniqlo staff turned it over to him. 

Haaaaay! Thank you soo much Uniqlo and Manong Guard! Also thank you to God and guardian angel! (Babaw ba? Bakit ba I always thank Them for everything! He he he he).

Afterwards, we went to Coffee Bean for some merienda.


Me and the bunso were at one side....

While Mati and Eric were on the other!

We were the only ones in Coffee Bean and we appreciated that the door was open.

While chatting and eating, I told the boys to watch the new commercial of RC Cola in youtube. 

This is what Andrei looked like while watching it.

Mati saw it na but he still shared a laugh over it with his Dad.

Ha ha ha ha! Like it or not, it was still something to talk about and it was a good topic for us while in Coffee Bean!

We decided to buy something in the grocery real quick and the boys opted to stay outside. I told them I'll give them money so that they could stay inside KFC while having drinks. Mati oh so maturely said, No na Momm


Andrei was initially asking us to go to a luxury car dealership (like Lamborghini or Porsche) since he's really into them right now. The plan was, after eating, we'll walk to one. 

However, we forgot about it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I only remembered while going home and told Andrei "Hala! We didn't go to your car dealership!!! You didn't remind us too!!!"

Andrei didn't mind "It's okay Mommy. I was having so much fun that we could just do that next time."


That totally sums up the great day we had!!!



Third Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 
36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+63277586493 / +639190019392




  1. Your kids look young, are they both 18 and older?

    1. Hulooo!

      Nope! They're both younger than 18. This was sometime last year in November. :)

  2. Hey yeow! It has been a while! Yeah your kids have already grown up. Time flew really fast! I do hope to see you vlogging as well. I may not send you message always but I still am continuously reading your blogs. I'm just a silent one. May the year 2021 bring us much better opportunities! Kudos!

    1. Heloooooo Dave!!!

      HOW ARE YOU??? WE MISSED YOU!!! Oo nga it's been so long!!!! I hope everything is fine and safe for you and your family. This pandemic really hit us hard and I really wish you guys came out alright.

      Hay naku! Naiinis na nga sakin my family when I take loads of pictures. So I'm not sure with vlogging. PLUS, I'm more traditional. Talagang diary ko kasi to. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Awwww... Thank you dear Dave!!! Really hope to meet you if pwede.

      God bless you and your family always. Yes, 2021 will be a better year for us. Wohoooo!


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