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Sunday, August 22, 2021


RED CRAB has always been a long time favorite when it comes to indulging and craving for cooked crustaceans. Of course, we could always go for the cheaper option by ordering in farmers market or dampa, but still, it wouldn't be cooked like the way we have always been drooling over. 

I would also always order in RED CRAB whenever our hosts have a craving. As in we would get kilos upon kilos of their ginormous crabs smothered in garlic (their go-to dish when they're in the mood for seafood). With the current pandemic however, our live shows became limited thus RED CRAB became bye-bye. 

It was such great news however that ALIMANGO HOUSE by RED CRAB is offering their mouth-watering specialties in food trays that is perfect during this phase where we all have to stay in. They also have new items in the menu that would surely be top of mind when we have a live show again and our hosts have a craving. 

So happy were we when ALIMANGO HOUSE by RED CRAB said they'll be treating us to a delicious seafood dinner and to just say when.

Ah... eh... pwede EVERYDAY?!?!?!?!!?

Tee hee... As much I was so compelled to say THAT, the Yub and I just chose to have it on our sons' very special event.

Their first day of school! Ha ha ha ha ha!

So yeah, even if the boys were initially fretting that their vacation is really over, they brightened up at the sight of glistening fatty crabs in the best kind of oil there is. 

Me also I'm happy because not only will the love of my lives from home will be able to enjoy the deliciousness of ALIMANGO HOUSE by RED CRAB but I could also order again for work!

Yep! All sides covered. Ha ha ha ha!

Check out our sea-shelly happy meal from ALIMANGO HOUSE by RED CRAB trays and see how to order. 


OOH WOW! Now I'm crabby! Ha ha ha ha!

The crabs arrived piping hot and super sealed with their plastic wrapping that not a drop of their precious oil or sauce will spill. 

Once we opened the tray, a heavenly aroma filled the air that it took a LOT of effort for us not grab a crab one and wolf it down like the hungry primates that we are. 

First to officially land on my plate is a chunk of this seafood gloriousness called CRAB MARITESS!

This dish was born just months after the opening of the original RED CRAB location in Clark on 1998 when popular personality Maritess Revilla-Araneta asked her mud crab to be cooked with Olive, Garlic, and chilies, then simmered with white wine. 

Afterwards, it became worthy crowd favorite. 

Because really, the flavorful oil with the tasty garlic bits and toasted chilies are already an appetizing companion with rice, then add pa the plump and fresh crabs???? Aysus! 

MAGKAKASALA KA I SWEAR! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

If you've never eaten at RED CRAB and want to try their food, go for the Crab Maritess. It just tastes so right... so perfect... so meant to be.... It will make you come back again and again.

Want to get a picture of how flavorful the Crab Maritess oils are?

I scooped half of it and mixed with spaghetti. Added a bit of salt and....


Instant Aglio Olio!!!!

This was sooooooooooo good!

My boys loved this so much that they said the next time we eat at RED CRAB we should bring a big bowl of plain spaghetti to mix with our Crab Maritess. Tee hee!

The next tray that we had was something new in their menu --  Chavacano Curry Crab!!!!!!

Now sorry but I have to say that as much as I loved the Crab Maritess, this one made me swoon!!!!

If you love curry as much as I do, you'll be so thanking the heavens for this creation. 

While watching the boys attack their crabs, I got a taste of the thick, creamy, rich, and hearty curry that just demanded more rice! 

I don't know too if it's just me but when you have a scoop of the sauce, it's so flavorful that you'd think there were small bits of crab meat and fat in it.  When I finished with a serving of crab, I really sucked on the skin to get more of the yummy sauce. 

I assure you that it will be messy, but just YOLO it. Ha ha ha ha!

My little guys were so happy that you wouldn't think it was their first day of school. Ha ha ha ha ha!

To order, you could send a direct message to their social media accounts, OR, click on their online form:



0995 976 4314




  1. waaahhh i love crabs tooo...and I also miss you and your blog ms jaz...take care always :)


      Super! As in crabs... fiesta lagi pag meron ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I can't resist not to eat it pa with rice. Super sarap!

      I know! Huhu! Super busy with work!!!!! Of course though, work is a blessing and so thankful for it.

      Ikaw din! Please take care. I hope you and your family are doing well.

      God bless you always!!! mwah mwah!

  2. Replies
    1. You may have only said 5 words but I'm SOOOO KILIG!!! Ha ha ha ha! thank you thank you! While I feel so happy with your comment, naku, sorry tlaga. BTS kasi keeps me busy now. Joke ha ha ha ha ha! I actually have a lot of posts pa just for publishing ewan ko ba why I can't get to it. Anyway, your comment reminded me that I really should.

      Thank you again so much! Take care and God bless you!

  3. You're finally back! Take care always! My wife loves crab as well. She loves crab more than she loves me...hehehehe!

    This pandemic has affected a lot of us. Be safe always!

    1. Huloooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Yes, ha ha ha ha ha! Will really try to post more soon. Katawa but I actually have a LOT of posts ready na hindi ko sya mapublish. Grabe no? It's all BTS' fault. Kidding!!!!!!!!

      Yes please... kayo din ha? Take care. God bless you and your family!!!!

  4. Aww I miss your blog! I keep coming back hoping there is a new entry.

    1. Hulooooo Auggie!!! Sorry sorry! Very busy with work lang huhuhu.. But the blog is still active and I'm still taking pictures to upload and write entries. I actually have about 10 entries na waiting to be uploaded lang. Sorry... Pero thank you.... You really made me happy :) My new year's resolution siguro is to be more active na he he he he he he Thanks again


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