Saturday, February 21, 2015


If you see me refer to the special day of hearts as VALENTIMES, don't worry it's not you, it's me. For some odd reason, I have always called that special day my own way because I guess it makes it all the more personal for me.

However, for somebody who would like to be "original" by using the word VALENTIMES, I celebrate this much commercialized event the usual corny way -- wearing red, getting flowers, having dinner, acting all kilig kilig (ew). The husband and I don't care if it's too much of a cliche (aka "baduy"), we're having a good time so that's that.

Usually for VALENTIMES, the Chinese Adonis and I would have dinner out with our lonesome. Now, the little lords got in on the fun and would take me out on different nights with dinner (of their choice) at any restaurant (that I'll pay).

For this year though, VALENTIMES was different for THE YAPPY BUNCH -- Yub and I got free tickets to watch a show with my office buddies, while Andrei was not able to take me out since he got sick.

Be as it may, it was still an unforgettable week of hearts for THE YAPPY BUNCH (yep including our ER date with Andrei at the end of the week -- thank God he's okay now). Like I said, it doesn't matter if the restaurant is dingy or classy because we always find silliness and enjoy everything we do together!


When I woke up on February 14, 2015, THIS greeted me by my bedside!

It turned out, Yub woke up extra early to buy my flowers somewhere so that when I open my eyes, BOIIINNNNG.... flowers!!!

HAY YUB! You forgot to buy again no???

Kidding! But I really appreciated the gesture. We stayed in bed until about 10:30am because we were too lazy to get up. 

Nothing naughty happened don't worry. It's impossible to do so when the little lords would peek inside (wanting to snatch my tab to play Minecraft) every few minutes. He he he he!

We did get up before 11:00am for my brother's birthday lunch at MARUFUKU! Blogpost soon to follow!


The Chinese Adonis and I were so fortunate to receive a free VALENTIMES date that included dinner and a show. Most of the time, organizers would sell tickets to my place of work and they would give it away to interested parties... like US!

The venue for our VALENTIMES date was in SAMPAGUITA GARDENS!

If you remember, this was also the venue for our EAT BULAGA Christmas Party!

Before 8pm, Yub and I arrived at SAMPAGUITA GARDENS.

Yep! Truth be told, I was quite thrilled to be at the place where they filmed my favorite classical movies of Gloria Romero, Juancho Guitterez, Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa, Mario Montenegro, etc etc.

Ahem... NOT that I was already born during that time, but there's always betamax and RPN 9 right?

AY WAIT! DVD and CABLE channel I mean....


Before going in, they took a picture of us with the big LOVE sign which was included in the ticket price. How cool was that?

Good thing there was a photographer because THIS was the picture we got from Yub's Iphone. Ha ha ha!

Oooh... Psychedelic!

Inside the events hall of SAMPAGUITA GARDENS.

An empty stage.

Wait... Who IS Roland by the way? I often see his name on drumsets and speakers.

Tee hee...

My officemates and I were assigned at table number 2!


Tito Ton, Tita Florie, and her "props" to help her smile sweetly.

Tito Ray and Tita Grace!

Tito Rey and Tita Josie!

Her sister Tita Violy and husband Willy!

Heart and Chiz...


Make that Yan and Dong!


You could also call me Lady Grantham since I'm STILL watching that show!

Ohhh yeah! I'm on my second round of DOWNTON ABBEY now!

Included in the ticket was a stem of red rose made of soap!! Neat huh? I wonder how I'll use it when I take a bath?

Dear mam Josie also gave each of us a bouquet of colorful roses made of "pastillas". It was really sweet of her! I aloved that my VALENTIMES flowers for the night will be something I could eat when I get home. He he he he he he!

Now this calls for a sweet selfie! 



I should demonstrate to you guys how I say that.... He he he he he!

Our menu for the night!

One of the perks of being the "youngest" in the group is that I get to MORE than my table mates. And since I still have a hefty appetite, I was the one who almost finished this plate of hummus! 

I seriously, deliriously loved this! REALLY! What made this creamy spread more appetizing for me was that it had hints of garlic which I'm also addicted to. Plus, the tomatoes and onions added another layer of flavor and texture to my mashed white beans. SOOOO delicious! Truth be told, I loved this appetizer more than some of the dishes served that night. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We were also given some liver pate with melba toasts.

And bread rolls with herbed butter!

First official dish from the menu was the Wild Mushroom Soup.

This was creamy, earthy, and delicately seasoned.

Dear Ms. Florie liked this but then she asked if they also had "splittin soup" available.

Sorry private joke! He he he he he he!

Yep! She loved that soup alright!

Next course was the Caesar Salad with the Spinach Crusted Salmon.

I added a bit of salt on my moist Salmon!

The main entree for the night was a plate of Roast Beef over baked mashed potatoes, Spaghetti Puttanesca, and Arroz Alla Cristina.

It may seem messy but any plate filled with carbs, beef, and gravy are winners in my book! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hopefully I could burn all these carbs when I do my aerobics dance exercise tonight... Or next week.

However, I didn't finish my plate because I was on a diet.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my friends from work!!!

Later on the owner of SAMPAGUITA GARDENS dropped by to say hi!

What is included in the ticket is a round of iced tea and coffee. If you wish to order additional drinks you will have to order.

Dear Tita Flory graciously treated the whole table to whatever drinks we fancied. She also offered a full bottle of wine but since we didn't feel like getting drunk that night, we just shared a glass!

For dessert we had a colorful treat of decadent chocolate cake with caramel sauce, blueberry cheesecake, and banana sesame.

As always, I had my dessert with a hot cup of coffee.


Our tables are also close together at work!

We didn't realize that an hour has already passed and Mitch Valdez went onstage to perform.

She had the crowd in stitches with her jokes and impersonations. And wow! Whatta voice!

It was a great "end" to our VALENTIMES dinner!

While enjoying the show, I zoinked Tita Josie's chocolate cake! He he he he he!

Yub thought he could zoink something from me too. Of course, he would always be unsuccessful in THAT department!!!

I'm conservative EXCOOOOZ me!

It was great to catch a different side of Ms. Josie being all sweet to her hubby. Uuuuuy!

After Mitch Valdez, the SPIRIT OF 67 took the stage. 

Their music was very good that my footsies felt like doing the moonwalk.

Nobody was drunk enough to dance with me but dear Tita Grace was so nice to oblige for just a while.

If you're wondering about the Chinese Adonis... ah... eh... He had a head ache that night. 

Kidding! He agreed to dance with me but he was just strutting his hips that it was somewhat embarrassing. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Me and the TAPE INC ladies!

(Except Tita Violy :))

We took a break from watching the show by doing what we also loved doing best...


He he he he he!

HAPPY VALENTIMES to my dear TAPE INC ladies!

Sorry but I just have to say that we look GOOD!

When everybody had gone, Tita Flory and I were possessed by the acting bug that loomed in SAMPAGUITA GARDENS that we felt like doing the part that is so our opposite...


Dona Santibanez: "FACUNDO! Pakihanda na ang kabayo ng iyong senorito!"

Dona Santibanez : "FACUNDO! Saraduhin ang tarangkahan para hindi makapasok ang mga manlilimos!"

Dona Santibanez : "FACUNDO! Ilabas ang baston ng iyong Senorito at siya ay iikot sa kaniyang lupain kinabukasan!"

Dona Santibanez : "FACUNDO! Mag-selfie muna tayo"


Too bad that Ms. Jo left already and was not able to join our "before going home" pictorial.

I really enjoy chatting and going out with my TAPE INC friends because I learn a lot from them. They have already accomplished a lot in their careers and with their families that I often find myself getting their advices on many things.

Of course, since they're my "titas", I don't hesitate to make lambing and bug them in treating me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

But of course, my night was more fun with my true VALENTIME!


Hope we could do this again next year!



Since we cannot NOT have an ERICJAZ FOODIES only VALENTIMES date, the Chinese Adonis took me out for a simple dinner and movie on another day.

He he he he he! Of course, it's still important for married couples to have date nights no matter how plain or boring. It will definitely STILL be fun as long as you do it together.

Oh yes. The movie was plain and boring.

KIDDING!!! He he he he he!



Just in case you're wondering what happens to our bouquets of flowers, my Mom collects them all.

Along with the other bouquets from my brothers to my Mommy (their original Valentimes!), we offer the flowers to Mama Mary.

This goes the same for Mother's Day flowers!

Actually to ALL flowers given to the ladies of the household! He he he he he he!



  1. -dapat pati title mo "ValentiMes" hehehe...
    -kami ni The Partner, we also celebrate the occasion, though not on the day itself... trapik kasi!
    -na-ER si Andrei? Oh no! Hope he's okay now.
    -oh wow! Flowers! And he bought it on VD itself? Ang mahal niyan!
    -Wow! Marufuku! Si attorney ang may birthday? Malapit kasi yun sa UA&P. Sarap nung grilled oysters dun! Hope you got those.
    -buhay pa pala si Maya Valdes, hahaha... (oooops, napaghahalataan ang edad ko, Mitch na nga pala siya ngayon, hahaha)
    -bwahahaha... sa RPN9 ko din napapanood yung mga movies nila dati, after lunch nila pinapalabas yung mga pelikula ng LVN at Sampaguita =)
    -Ang "roland" comment - ang kurneh!!! hahaha...
    -"Heart and Chiz???" bakit sila??? Ewwww talaga! bwahahaha... Sige, mas payag ako sa "Yan and Dong" hehehe...
    -pretty pala ng dress mo... very flowery
    -second round ng Downton??? Kinakabisado mo ba dialogues nila? hahaha
    -cute naman nung pastillas na bulaklak. Ingat ka, baka yung sabon na rose ang makain mo, hahaha
    -Oooohhh, Barbara's pala caterer.
    -ano yung splittin soup? Split pea soup ba yun na mispronounced?
    -Wow! Yaman pala ni Tita Flory... she offered to treat you guys to drinks. Ang bait!
    -kayo lang ang nagsayaw sa harap? walang nagsayaw from the other tables?
    -Bagay sa iyo ang Donya! It's like you were made for that role, hahaha...
    -Peri-Peri! We love that resto! Mura na, masarap pa!
    -ang daming bouquet! It's so nice that you offer them all to Mama Mary. Alam mo ba na Youth Marian Crusade ako nung HIgh School, at muntik na akong mag-pari? For real!

    Galing naman ng ValentiMes niyo! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Have a great weekend Jaz!

    1. Hiya dear Mr. Snuff!!! How are you?????

      1) Pinagiisipan ko nga kung pati title VALENTIMES kaso mawawala na talaga ito sa search engine! Joke!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! But yes sige will change it na din!

      2) Pero alam mo Niel it's not traffic na for the past 3 Valentimes that we celebrated. I guess people think the same thing and stay home. Try nyo next year!

      3) Yes nung Sunday! Hay his usual problem of not eating kasi. Before, he had acid reflux, now naman he was too constipated cos he didn't drink water hence the tummy ache. Thank God yun lang. We thought appendicitis na.

      4) He he he he! Hindi naman masyado! Hindi siya mahal na brand!

      5) Yes! Marufuku! He didn't eh. We got a lot of skewered barbecue. Masarap naman.

      6) Bwa ha ha ha ha! Hindi ko alam ang Maya ah in fairness!

      7) Admit mo natawa ka sa Roland!

      8) Kakakasal lang kasi nila when this came out pero di ko talaga matake!!! DONG YAN pa din!

      9) THANKS! I love it too!

      10) Hindi ko pa kabisado Downton... siguro mga dalawa pang nood.

      11) Actually muntik nang mangyari yon... KIDDING! ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      12) It's a private joke yung SPLITTIN SOUP... kasi one time, all of us ate in COOKBOOK. Tapos since we were all watching our weight, the waitress asked me if I wanted to split and share our soup orders. Sabi ko yes. Later on, I forgot how, Tita Flory would mention always SPLITTIN SOUP... yun daw ang inorder niya. Narealize lang namin na what she meant pala is what she heard from the waitress.. SPLIT-IN ang soup... ha ha ha ha! It has been our inside joke ever since!

      13) Ay sobra! She has a resort and many properties. We love her money. Ha ha ha ha ha ha h!!!! Isa sa bday gift niya sa akin is a staycation in her condo na may pool... yey!

      14) Wala naguwian na lahat nung nagplay ang band. Kami na lang ang nasa venue niyan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      15) Evil Dona!

      16) Yes we loved it! Nagmamadali lang kami kumain so I didn't take a lot of pictures. Next time babalik uli kami.

      17) I believe you! I think most gentlemen talaga gustong magpari one point in their lives. My brothers din! Yes we offer it to Her every year. Pati pag Mother's Day din.

      He he he he he! Thank soooo much dear Mr. Snuff! Glad you enjoyd it! Mmmmwah!!!!!!!!


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