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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


So how did you spend your VALENTIMES?

Before you wear your grammar nazi hat and immediately point out my spelling, well D-UH. That's intentional. Of course, we are still respectful of St. Valentine and how this day is connected to many beliefs and traditions. But for us, this is a special day of love, fun, and laughter -- and we want it all the time, hence, VALENTIMES!!!!

I swear if that won't blow the minds off the people in Thesaurus, I don't know what will.


Anywho, if you ask us, we celebrated VALENTIMES in a number of ways. We had it with the boys, we had it in a government institution, we had it with family, etc., etc., But most importantly, we celebrated VALENTIMES our own way. Don't get me wrong, we still find it fun to be cheesy corny by wearing red, bringing flowers, and having dinner in restaurants bursting with cupid images. But when life alters our original plan, it's still romantic to do something to "catch up".

Most especially of course if you have somebody so willing to catch up that special day with you.


Sorry. He he he he he he eh he!


About a week before VALENTIMES day, the Chinese Dimpol fetched me from work. It was VERY late and while we were supposed to have a pasta and pizza dinner, we suddenly craved for something delicious AND inexpensive. 

And that's how our first official VALENTIMES date brought us to BEST FRIEND'S Pares House!

We love BEST FRIEND'S because besides being cheap with mouth-watering food, it's open 24 hours a day! So that's why even if I was out from work extra late that night, BEST FRIEND'S was just there and waiting.

While the Chinese Dimpol ordered his favorite Bulalo Steak (P122.00), I got a BEST FRIEND'S Tenderloin Steak Meal (P114.00)! It already came with Soup, Rice, Fried Egg, and Iced Tea! So sulit right?

Besides the sizzling meats with rice, we also got 2 servings of their plain Siomai (P32.00). 

Why did we get siomai? To SIOMAI love for you!!!!!!!!

BLEEECH again. Ngiii! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We really had a great dinner here and we'll count it as our official date number 1 because we did not push through our original plans for this. But yes, no matter how cheap and dingy a restaurant is, we don't mind as long as we're together, and pigging out.

BLECCCCH! YUUUUCK! Sorry. I can't help it. That comes out when I say something cheesy kadiri.

For our next date, we were invited by CRAVINGS to experience their special VALENTIMES offerings!

I have been eating the whole day but when I tried out the Paella Pasta and the Filet Mignon, I'm going for it... with FEELINGS! He he he he he he he he he!

For that Fridate, BROTZEIT PHILIPPINES treated us to more meat and drinks for a different kind of VALENTIMES EXPERIENCE!!!!


Check out our VALENTIMES date in BROTZEIT, HERE!!!

Just 2 days before VALENTIMES, the Chinese Dimpol and I joined our KTG friends for a food-filled Saturday!!!!

We considered this as part of our VALENTIMES because we're with great people who love food as much as we do! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome that day was. Imagine wolfing down a ginormous pork chop bigger than my hand? Yup! And it was SOOOO juicy too! Just one stop of our super fun Binondo Walk!

Blog post coming soon!!!!!!!!!

AND THE BIG DAY COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be hownest, the Chinese Dimpol and I got into a quarrel that VALENTIMES because HE HAD WORK.

Yep! The guy has to work DAW????!!!


Though he did post some pictures in Facebook to prove it, I'm not going to let him off the hook that easily. I'll be a scheming little witch the whole week just because I want to. He he he he he he!

That morning, even if I was feeling pissed, my mood lightened up after receiving these flowers from my Kuya Jon. Awwwww! How sweet!!!! Usually it's my Dad (with code name Roger, or "From someone who cares") who gives us flowers so it's a nice change to get something from my usually quiet brother. 

That morning though, I went straight to Robinson's Gallerian to renew my Driver's License (I wonder why??? :)). The process was efficient and fast. I was just surprised that I didn't need to drink a jug of water for my drug test that as a result, namimilipit ako to pee the whole time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! So for my renewal, besides not having a drug test and no written exam, my new driver's license will be valid for 5 years (YAY!).

It's just a bummer that when I asked to see the info on my Driver's License, they got some items wrong. I remember my husband telling me to check the details to be printed on the card, and when I did, he was right. Besides getting the names of my parents wrong (which didn't really matter because it's not on the card), they got my weight wrong! I'm supposed to be 63 kilos and not 53 kilos! It's okay if they think I'm THAT thin (he he he he) but still, it's not accurate. When I asked it to be changed they said they cannot do anything about it since they're only a branch. I would have to go to the main office to change it.


Oh well... 53 kilos is not so bad!!!!

When I got to the office.....

Uuuuuyyy.... Haba my hurrrr!!!!!!

It turns out, my husband passed by my office in Quezon City before going to BGC so that he could personally drop by my flowers before I report to work. 


My awwww was short-lived though because I went home ALONE. 


He he he he he!!!!!

The next day, I was hoping that the Chinese D would already take me out. But alas, he again had work matters to take care of.


FINALLY on February 16, 2017, the Chinese Dimpol took me out for a post VALENTIMES date and since we are a couple of steak lovers, he made reservations at MAMOU, TOO!!!!

When we were served with this dry aged Angus Steak grilled ala medium rare, all is forgiven.... 

No date on VALENTIMES? So what??? He he he he he he!

Yep! I'm sure you'll understand how a beautiful sight like THAT could cast a spell in our minds.

Check out our blog post about that date HERE!

I was originally planning to have a VALENTIMES date with the little lords (like what we always did) but the Chinese Dimpol wanted to join us.

HMP! Fine.

The little lords didn't mind that our private date didn't push through because their favorite Tita Jojit and Tito Anthony also joined us!

Blog post coming soon!

Our supposedly Mommy-Little Lords date became more fun when the Chinese Dimpol, Ate Jojit, and Anthony joined us for their much-awaited THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE.


For Sunday, we had a family date with the little lords to officially end our VALENTIMES.

And this time, we did it at our favorite restaurant, CHILI'S!

Yup! The place where the Chinese Dimpol and I had our blind date!

Yeah. Mushy I know! H ehe he he he he he he!

We got the CHILI'S Triple Dipper (P545.00) for a little serving of what we wanted -- Calamares, Buffalo Wings, and Chicken Crispers!

When we're in CHILI'S, we always get the same thing over and over again. I decided to order something new -- the CHILI'S Grilled Pork Chops (P460.00)! This was good especially with a serving of their white pepper gravy. He he he he he he!

For dessert, we had the CHILI'S Molten Chocolate Cake (P395.00)!

One order is enough for the 4 of us because it was so rich and decadent! We definitely had our sweet quota for the night!

Belated VALENTIMES day from the YAPPY BUNCH!!!!

VALENTINE'S DAY may be about getting all mushy mushy and doing all the romantic nauseating things with your sweetheart. But growing up with my ever loving Dad (aka Roger aka Secret Admirer) and especially now that I have my family, VALENTIMES should just be making more time with the special people in your life and adding a bit of romance into it. Though of course, everyday should be VALENTIMES day but this is the day (the week even) where we are encouraged to be MORE mushy mushy and nauseatingly romantic with the people who matter.... Be it your friends... your parents... your annoying husband... and your handsome kiddies.

Let's just be encouraged to celebrate love MORE during this season...

And, it may be far fetched but I'll still say it from LES MISERABLES.... To love another person is to see the face of God!



  1. Awwwww, ang saya ng Valentines niyo :) Diba Ms. Jaz, gusto mo ng baby girl? Open ka ba to adopting an almost 30-year-old girl? Ampunin niyo ko please. Hahaha :D

    1. Hiya dear Yanna!!!!!! Thank you!!! Ikaw how was your Valentimes?? Yes!!! I want another baby!!! Go go go! Sure ka? I'm sure papayag boys ko kasi they want somebody to take their place. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!!!!! Would you believe that when I ask them if I could go out, they say "Sige mommy go out lang. We're okay here." I'm sort of strict kasi when I'm home. Ayan tuloy.... Huhuhu!!!! Would love to meet and getogether with you sometime Yanna!!! Riot and super fun yun I'm sure! Mmmmwaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

    2. Ay nako Ms. Jaz, kahit saan mo ko kaladkarin, okay lang :) Hahaha! Sa meet and greet ng EricJaz Foodies tayo mapapa-riot :) I'd love to meet you soon too; kaso baka ma-starstruck na lang ako't di makapagsalita. Hahaha! I hope to bump into you guys soon sa mga foodie events :)

    3. Inangku dear Yanna hindi ko ata macomprehend why ka mastarstruck sa isang hamak na ako. Ngeeee! Anu beh! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Yes! I hope nga we bump into each other soon!!! Picture tayo promise ha tapos include ko sa blog. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Yayyyy!!!!!

      Hindi pwede meet and greet baka nanay ko lang magpunta. I'm sure kahit si Eric di pupunta. Che. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mmmwaaaah!

    4. Haha eh kasi I've been following you for so long, parang artista lang hahaha... I think I've read almost 3/4 of all your posts :)

      Isiscreenshot ko yun, celebrity moment :) Hahaha :)

    5. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Sinabi mo yan ah!!!! Sana sa 50th birthday ko, 100% na! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Thanks again dear Yanna! Napahalakhak mo naman ako bigla sa hatinggabi. Mmwmaaaaah! H ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah haa!


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