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Wednesday, December 2, 2020


One weekend, the Yub, Mati, and I went to Robinson's Galleria to buy my Mom's birthday gift that was (unfortunately) not available in the malls near us. We went there extra early and that was a good move because not a lot of shoppers were there.

Come eating time, where to? We let Mati choose first (because he's been very patient while I was going around and checking the plates I got for Mommy). He asked for Samgyupsalamat but when we got there, sushmaryosep, punong puno!

Secretly I was craving for Ramen Nagi but since we've been there for 2 weekends already, I just kept quiet. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

With that we just decided to go around and choose the restaurant that only had a few diners.

And so we came to MANN HANN!

Naku the Yub was overjoyed at favorite restaurant niya to.

It was then Mati and I realized that he was with us and forgot to include him in the decision-making. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh well, everything worked in his favor naman. Tee hee. 


After shopping-shopping, we're now hungry!!!

MANN HANN!!!!!!!!!!!

Temperature check!

My hungry and happy boys!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!

Mati na pa-cute kainis. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The giddy Yub!


Hala... My kilay is not pantay. He he he he he he!

Ordering up!

MANN HANN menu 1...

MANN HANN menu 2...


Food is here!!!!

MANN HANN Oyster Cake (P385.00)!

I raved so much about MANN HANN's Oyster Cake because I remembered how good it was when we used to eat in their San Juan branch with Daddy.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said with this one because it's more starchy and just filled with vegetables. Even my hungry guy was disappointed.



MANN HANN Fried Squid (P385.00)!

This is one of our must-orders in MANN HANN because the crunchy breading yet soft meat of the squid is always appetizing.

I love too that they serve this with Bagoong Balayan. Makes it more perfect with rice. 

MANN HANN Hakaw (P170.00)!

This was good. Just sucks that it's only 3 piece per order.

MANN HANN Siomai (P165.00).

Their dimsum was just okay. It's good yeah, but nothing out of the ordinary. 

MANN HANN Fried Squid with Minced Pork (P385.00)!

Egad... The savory saucy vegetable was so perfect with rice.

MANN HANN Lechon Macau (P395.00).

Skin was crunchy and meat was fried to a crisp in glistening fat. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This was yum but if we're not with Andrei, we'll pass the next time. I remember that he's the one who ate a lot of this in our last meal here. 

MANN HANN Yang Chow (P395.00)!

The Yub and I would normally get a cup of plain rice to share but since we're 3 famished adults out for lunch, we'll carbo load as much as we can. 


Nom... Nomm....

Ready to do some serious devouring!

My view! He he he he he!

No diet on Saturdays.




For dessert, the big guy asked to try TIGER Milk Tea.

It was just so so for him.

We went to Krispy Kreme for some donuts and coffee.

While going home, I blurted out "WALA TAYONG PASALUBONG KAY ANDREI!!!!!!!!!"

With that I called him and made him choose what he wanted from what we had at the moment -- donuts or my iced Kaffe Kreme (which I haven't sipped a drop yet).

The bunsoy got the latter.

DRATS. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Kidding! O! That's how much I love you Andrei ah. Isusubo ko na lang ibibigay ko pa sayo.

Sige I promise not to forget you next time (so as not to deprive me of my Kaffe Kreme. Ha ha ha ha)!


Loving our Saturday family habit!!!!! I love too that my diet is nada at this time and I could pig out. He he he he he!


3F Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Center, 
Pasig, Metro Manila
(02) 8256 5356



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