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Friday, November 27, 2020


One weekend, the boys needed to go to St. Lukes hospital for a consultation. After their much needed check-up, the guys got hungry and asked for some lunch PRONTO.

We thought... hmmmm... where should we eat in BGC that we cannot have for delivery (since it might be a long while before we go out again)?

The bunsoy Andrei suggested GENKI SUSHI. It was after all one of their favorite restaurants and Japanese food was not the same if it was not dine-in. 

So to GENKIE SUSHI we go. We also realized that since the bunsoy NEVER goes out. His wish is our command this time.

And we're (sorta) glad that we did!!!

Find out why!!!!! 


Finally... THE YAPPY BUNCH is out!


After St. Lukes, we proceeded to BGC Stopover for our lunch!


They had a lot of reminders at the entrance.

We were the only ones in the restaurant!!!!

If it was full, we would have gone somewhere else. 

Safety protocols called for social distancing that we were only 2 to a table. 

To Andrei's mild disappointed, we cannot order using the digital menu anymore.  At least delivery of the food was still via the conveyor belt. 

Thanks Kuya for taking our orders! Medyo madami dami yan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and the Yub in table 1....

Mati and Andrei in table 2!

Hay naku! Somebody got grumpy that he's stuck with his little brother daw.

No more condiments at the side of our table. We requested all of these from the server.

The wasabi looked like poo. Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry!

GENKI SUSHI Tuna Maki Roll (P110.00)!

Hmmm.... There was more rice in the maki now compared to our meals before. I also found that the rice were not as soft and chewy.

Still we happily ate it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

GENKI Squid Sushi (P110.00)!

GENKI Spicy Salmon (P110.00). My favorite!!!!!

GENKI Hana Sushi (P160.00)!

Because my bunsoy loved Salmon.

GENKI Salmon Maki Roll (P90.00)!

Still had a LOT of rice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

GENKI Spicy Tuna (P20.00)!

This was good but a second only to the salmon. He he he he!

GENKI Squid Taberu (P130.00)!

Mati always gets this when we're in GENKI SUSHI!

GENKI Chicken Teriyaki Don (P230.00)!

Yub's order because he doesn't eat sushi.

GENKI Fried Chicken (P130.00)!

Another regular order for Andrei!

GENKI Kake Udon (P190.00)!

We always get the Genki Udon because it might be simple but sooooo satisfying. The clear soup was always flavorful and the udon, chewy! We feel like we're eating the Kung Fu Panda secret ingredient noodles ha ha ha ha ha (even if that's Chinese... He he he he). 

Andrei's "dessert" was always the GENKI Cheese Fries (P120.00). My bunsoy requested for extra cheese!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys in GENKI SUSHI!

When we finished, I glanced over at the boys' table and saw Andrei proudly showing off his "work." Awwww! He arranged the plates to help out the server without us telling him to do so!

Syempre gumaya na din kami. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Le bill!!! Total was P2,300.00!

We ordered pa drinks because free water and our favorite house tea were not available. 

Mind the human traffic flow. He he he he he!

It was nice in BGC Stopover but we were in the mood for some dessert. 

So we went to BGC!

We wanted to go somewhere that's al fresco. I remember the last time we were in BGC there were also a lot of kiddies and even babies going around.

And we're walking....

The bunso asked if he could check out some speakers.


He also checked out the pet store.

The Yub and Mati naman just stayed outside.

Bonifacio Hi Street imposed this clockwise direction for human traffic. We followed that even if there were only a few people in the park.

Andrei finally got to try the free alcohol dispenser of Food Panda. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Crossing the street!

Syempre, Mati asked to have his picture taken for his profile pic. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The cats of BGC! We saw a lot of them sleeping around. They're all quite friendly too.

Check out this guy sleeping on the disinfecting mat. Ayan napakalinis na nya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Social distancing rules on the park benches.

Awwwww... Sorry Mati!

Andrei was bummed too!

Unlike before, people cannot go around the grassy areas.

Awwww... I remember how as little kiddies, Mati and Andrei loved to jump on the top side of this display.

There were some people in Starbucks so we just went to SEATTLE'S BEST COFFEE! 

We had the place to ourselves.

The boys liked it pa because they gave free wifi.

We got coffee....

And iced drinks. I forgot to take the pics of what the others had.


I sent our picture to our friend Manong Fred. Look what he did!


When we got home, we were welcomed by our doggie Cable. Andrei took a bath agad.

I hope you enjoyed our munting gimik Andrei because it'll be a looooong time till our next family outing. Maybe on your next check up????  Till then, get your appetite ready for GENKI SUSHI!

Let's just hope that they'll lessen the rice. He he he he he!


Second Floor, BGC Stopover Pavilion, 
Rizal Drive Corner 31st Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+639173155671 / +63277536248



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