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Monday, December 28, 2020


It's Saturday and THE YAPPY BUNCH are doubly excited!

Yes, we always go out on weekends in BGC...

Yes, we always have our usual special lunches...

Yes, we always go around afterwards then have coffee in our favorite SEATTLES' BEST....

This time though we're out with TEAM VIRREY and as expected, we all had awesome time!


Just parked! Woooh! Ang hangin!

We're bright and early for TGIFRIDAYS!

Before going in, TGIFRIDAYS requires diners to sign up their contact form, take temperature, and antibac up!

Waiting for our table to get ready.

We were early so as to check out the place.

We were so surprised when we saw the dividers on the long table!

Cool!!!!!! I appreciate restaurants that go the extra mile in caring for their diners. 

Sanitizers were placed at the border "breaks"!

WOHOOO! Team Virrey is here!!!!

Sige! We'll try our best.

Ayan busy na! It's either we're chatting (softly) or the boys are playing COD with each other. 


Pogi Buddies Johans and Mati!!!!

Cute Buddies/Enemies (ha ha ha ha ha ha), Andrei and Jelo!

Yep! Our boys are also great friends kaya when Aning and I have meet ups talagang kasama na din sila! Ha ha ha ha!

I would always tell Aning, when we were in College, who would have thought that our kids would also be great friends??? Such a blessing!

Aning and Dani!

Yub and Pareng Jonas divided by love... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Me and Aning!!!!!

This is the first time that we saw each other in months! I think the last time pa nga was during my birthday celebration last February!!!

Missed these guys soooooooooooo much! Of course we chat in facebook daily but being in actual presence of the person is still the best!

As soon as we got seated, TGIFRIDAYS served us with complimentary baskets of Nachos and Salsa!


Ordering up!!!!!!

The masks and the glass borders made it a bit difficult to communicate with our server but she did a good job in listing everything down. 

Yohooo! Food is here!

First on the table is our order of TGIFRIDAYS' Ball Park Nachos (P595.00)!

They used the same nachos for the appetizers and it was topped with melted cheese, sour cream, ground pork, tomatoes, and onions.


I got an order of Side Salad (P145.00) because I always need to have my veggies!

We also got some TGIFRIDAYS Mozzarella Sticks (P495.00) because it's Andrei's favorite. 

TGIFRIDAYS Calamares (P495.00) because fried squid is the whole family's favorite appetizer/ulam.


Mati was in the mood for meat and got the TGIFRIDAYS Pacific Pork Chop (P595.00)!

The flavors and the sidings were all good except that Mati found the pork chop a bit tough. 

The bunsoy Andrei was in the mood for some noodles and got the TGIFRIDAYS Alfredo (P575.00).

It was creamy and cheesy -- just the way he loved it. I thought though that the Grilled Chicken was already included. It was an add-on pala for P95.00!

The Yub and I ordered a TGIFRIDAYS Jack Daniels Pork Chops (P595.00) but he got bitin with it and had the Liempo (P650.00)!

This was sooo sulit! At P650, we got 3 pieces of tender and tasty liempo with rice and veggies! Yummm!!!!!!

For Team Virrey, pareng Jonas got the TGIFRIDAYS French Onion Soup (P295.00)!

TGIFRIDAYS Signature Jack Daniels Chicken and Shrimp (P795.00)! 

Hmmm... This looks good but servings are small for the price!

Little Jelo craved for steak and got the TGIFRIDAYS New York Strip (P1,750.00). Like Mati's pork chop, it was good and all but he also found it hard and chewy. 

Wasn't able to take a picture of Anings 2pc Pork Chops, Johans Pork Chops (because it took too long to be delivered... like tapos na kami ha ha ha ha), and Dani's Mozzarella Sticks. 


When we were in College, FRIDAYS just opened and it was the place to be for kids our age. That's why it became the favorite resto for me and my college buddies from that time till now because not only for the delicious food but there's also something very nostalgic about it.

Who would have thought that many years later Aning and I would eat here with OUR gang???  

For dessert, Ann ordered the Mocha Mud Pie!

She shared it with us!

Tee hee..... Seeing her cut the "cake" was epic because when she cut the cake for my Dad's birthday before, it fell apart. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!



Our bills!!!!

We paid using Citibank and got a 50% discount!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now, it's time to ikot ikot!!!!!

We passed by this mall to check out something in Muji.

Then it's going around time again!

They look like a K-Pop group. He he he he he!

I guess they're extra happy to be with friends today because they're so game for the pics. 

Syempre kami din! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Couples naman!

With photobombers at the back. 

While walking around, we saw some cats of BGC.

They're actually more clean and fat than our kitty at home, GBF.

They as snobby as GBF though. 

Or maybe they don't like annoying guys like Yub? He he he he he!

Kasi naman, harap-harapan ang "PSPSPSHSHSPSHSPSHSPSH..."

The boys trying to make a friend. He's too busy though to notice them. 

Boys of the Metro, 2020!

Picture picture before crossing the street! He he he he he!

Not really Abbey road but it IS a kodak moment. Ha ha ha ha!

When we passed by this other mall, we saw there's a Christmas set-up.

Team Virrey!

And us!!!!!

We got a tall tumbler of Mango Shake to cool off!

The kulit buddies.

They got out drinks in the end. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And we're walking again!

The 2 buddies requested for us to go waaaaaaaaay at the other side to check out something. 

First they went to Porsche showroom!

Before entering, they were given gloves and had a temperature check.

Our 2 bunsos are SOOOO alike in many ways.

One of their similarities is that they both love checking out luxury cars!

Oooh! A Bentley!!!

Would you guys believe that this is P38million and it was sold just yesterday????

SAYANG! Na-late kami! He he he he he!

Now for Lamborghini!

Woahhh.... Now this one is only P42m!!!!

Sayang I only have P41 million and 900t!!!!!

The boys checking what's under.

Tee hee... The others patiently waited outside.

The boys were having waaaay too much fun and asked to stay longer. I told the others to go ahead and we'll just follow. 

The boys finally finished!! Yep! We're the BUNSO BUNCH! He he he heh e!

We met up with the others in Seattles Best for coffee and more kwentuhan. 


And even if we still wanted to stay, we had to go because it's time to go home. 

Photo op near the parking building. He he he he he!!!

BGC got some great metro views kasi!

Super fun time with the Virreys!! Missed them so! Hopefully our next kitakits won't take months again!!!



B3 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig, 
1634 Metro Manila
 (02) 8856 2997



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