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Monday, December 14, 2020


Once again THE YAPPY BUNCH needed to go to St. Lukes in BGC so we left early morning. After the follow-up checkup, the boys got hungry so we decided to have lunch nearby. It was bad after all for them na "malipasan ng gutom."

So where to eat? 

The last time Mati, the Yub, and I were in BGC, we ate in RAMEN NAGI because this Japanese specialty just doesn't work well for delivery -- it really should be eaten at the restaurant. When we told Andrei about our lunch, he got so inggit that we promised him the next time we're out, we'll eat at RAMEN NAGI.

So then it is THAT day.

Dan... dan... DANNNNNNNNNN!!!!

We were initially worried that security won't allow little Andrei in the mall (where RAMEN NAGI was located). Fortunately, management let the bunso in as long as we follow safety measures. We noticed too that around BGC there were many kids and even babies going around with their families. I guess since the place is like one big open park, it is safer for people to go around. Yep. We were meant to go out today.

So yay! Cravings answered for little Andrei and for us too!!!!! It was another great day for THE YAPPY BUNCH!


THE YAPPY BUNCH are out again!

We love going to BGC particularly in the Bonifacio High Street area because the place is open and not too crowded. If there were people it is also families with kids. The big park also have many reminders in their establishments for our safety.

We're back in Ramen Nagi!

If the restaurant was crowded, we wouldn't go in. Good thing there were only about 4 diners with us.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bunso and Chinese Panget.


We immediately asked for our favorite condiments -- raw garlic, sesame seeds, chili powder, pickled mustard leaves, and beansprouts!

The excited bunsoy making beautiful eyes. Ha ha ha ha!!! One of his favorite foods is ramen that is why he's psyched to be here. 

YOHOO! Our food is here!

RAMEN NAGI's Chicken Paitan!!!

This is now my new favorite in RAMEN NAGI. Unfortunately, it's not a regular item in the menu. That's why I'm taking advantage of its awesomeness while it's available. 

Andrei's order of RAMEN NAGI Butao King with all veggies on the side. Ha ha ha ha! 

He ordered it just the way he liked it. Mati just asked for his "on the sides" instead.

Mati's RAMEN NAGI Red King!

Last time, the server warned him that his desired number 7 was already the spice level of the soup. He enjoyed his Ramen then but complained that it lacked hotness. So this time, he really set his foot down and said he liked his Red King at spice number 7!! He he he he!

My happy big guy. Syempre he already attacked his Ramen before I could take a picture. You could feel the frustration in his face because he really wanted to eat ASAP. Ha ha ha ha!

The Yub did an Andrei and also had all of his veggies on the side. He he he he he!!!! Like father like son!

Could you see the richness from the soup????

We also got Gyoza. Forgot to take a picture of it. I'm you'd understand why based on my son's ravenous face.

Kidding! Pose niya yan.

Yay! My little picky eater slurping happily on his noodles!

It's not everyday that I don't have to force my boy to eat his food. He he he he he!

We were all done when the Yub received a call. Ha ha ha ha! Iwan nga namin.


My happy bunsoy!

We had a bit of window shopping in the mall.

My big guy is not that much into gadgets like the bunso. He still looked around though. 

The bunso saved money to buy new headphones. Here he is shopping what would fit his cash.

Before going out, he asked for some Potato Corner!

We were going to have dessert and since he didn't like anything there, Potato Corner na lang daw siya. 

And we're walking again.

We decided to check out another mall.

Escalator shot!!!!

Our visit was a short one though. 

Now where should we go for coffee?

We went back to our favorite SEATTLE'S BEST. However, there were about 3 tables occupied inside so we decided to just stay in the al fresco area.

Our grub!

Normally I get coffee in cafes. But since it was SO hot outside, I opted for an iced latte with coffee jelly.

Mati liked his lemon soda. He said he'll order this again next time. 

As much as we wanted to sit together, safety measures called for social distancing. The Yub and I were supposed to stay in one table kaso pag ganun, naku I'm sure the boys will just use their gadgets. 

So I stayed with the big guy.

Later on we saw this lazy cat sleeping on one of their electrical fixtures.

Andrei and I wanted to pet her but we're kinda afraid to do so. The Yub told us how to approach it.

The cat didn't mind us playing with it. She was just lazy but game with our "pangungulits."

Cat -- "Thank you for disturbing my sleep!"

We were so surprised when a while later, the cat plopped herself on our table to sleep some more!

Nope she didn't attempt to eat our cookie or lick on our cold drinks. She walked lazily on our table and dozed away. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Talk about entitlement!

Again, she didn't mind that we were taking pictures.

Talagang ginawang picture taking session! He he he he he!

We played with the cat until it started to scratch herself. It was then that it occurred to us na OOPS, she might be durrrtyy! Ha ha ha ha!

I'm such a great Mom I know.

Andrei asked us to accompany him to the pet store. The Yub and I told him that since he's old enough and that the store was within our view, he should go by himself. At first he lost interest in going (probably because we're not going with him) so I told him that he should still go. I insisted! I reminded him that it's better for him to check it than go home and regret wondering what's inside. 

Finally he agreed (nagdadabog pa) and went to the pet store. When he came back he smiled shyly at me. That's his way of understanding and agreeing with what we meant regarding the task. 


As much as we don't like going to the hospital with the boys, we somehow appreciate that this is an opportunity for us to go out and eat in our favorite restos like what we usually did before. Of course, it's still fun at home being the best place to be. However, once in a while it's great to venture for food that should only be eaten where it's meant to be. He he he he he! Syempre, one of our favorite bonding moments is EATING!!!!!!

Oh ramen... Why can't we quit you????? 



2F, One Bonifacio High Street, 
5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig



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