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Monday, December 7, 2020


Saturday is fast becoming our BGC day because it's somewhere we could all go to have a change in scenery, enjoy food-trippings, and have some good ol' family quality time.

That day though we were on a mission to eat at ITALIANNI'S. We read that Citibank had a promo where the total bill is cut down to 50%. You know naman us, always on a budget so we couldn't (and wouldn't) let a deal this good pass us by.

Plus, we love Italian food so this is PERFEK!!!!! 


All shielded up and ready to go!

We went to BGC extra early to avoid their usual crowds. 

And we're here!!!

Sige, hikab pa Andrei!

ITALIANNI'S promoted contactless service so for ordering, we were referred to their online system. 

We originally wanted to stay outside but it was so malangaw that we requested to go inside instead. 

My baby Andrei said -- HAAAYYYY SALAMAT!!!!!!!!!

Andrei was so fine to go inside because besides the airconditioning, he was happy to watch the NBA play-offs.  Syempre I don't need to point out how happy the Yub is too.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!

The Yub....

Baby Andrei.

Master Mati opted out for this outing and said he wanted to stay at home. 

E DI WAG. He he he he!

Syempre walang nagpicture sakin.

For appetizers, we got the complimentary ITALIANNI'S bread basket.

We always love their bread (especially the Tuscan) because it's freshly baked and goes so well with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I would also order extra parmesan cheese for more flavor. 

Yeheyyy! Food is here!

First on the table is ITALIANNI'S Calamares (P445.00)!

Light breading with soft meat. Sarap!!!!!!

ITALIANNI'S Spinach Artichoke (P395.00)!

This will always be an ITALIANNI'S favorite. 

We also got Andrei's favorite ITALIANNI'S Mozzarella Sticks (P545.00)!

Naku... He really enjoyed this and craving that he wanted to go back to ITALIANNI'S just to have more of its cheesy goodness.

He ordered pa a side of Caesar's Salad dressing as his dipping sauce. 

ITALIANNI'S Margerita Pizza (P 645.00)!

This one was thick crust. Cheesy and tomatoey!

ITALIANNI'S Fra Diablo (P595.00)!

This used to be my favorite pasta in ITALIANNI'S. Dunnow why but it's not as good and enchanting as it was for me before.

It's just MEH.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the bunso Andrei in ITALIANNI'S!!!!

NOM... NOM... NOM...

Happy Andrei!


We loved the food but had leftovers. Ha ha ha ha! It's ok. We took it home for dear Mati!

Le bill!!


We went to SEATTLE'S BEST for some coffee and dessert.

There, we met with Team Campo! If we were there to eat, they were there for picture taking. He he he he!

Grabe! Long time no see!

Andrei and the girls!

He played many games of Among Us with them. Ha ha ha ha!

After saying good-bye to Team Campo, we went around.

Andrei asked to check out this car display.

Hay naku! The bunso loves autos talaga.

He's like my Dad and Yub. They love looking and talking about cars.

Go Andrei!

He's very careful naman and would ask permission first if he could go in.

My wheels loving baby boy!

The weather was nice and cool so we felt like doing some walking pa.

Empty streets means photo opportunity. Ha ha ha ha!

Me and my bunsoy boy!


Another great family outing with my favorite boys. Too bad Mati didn't join us. HOWEVER, he got so inggit with our food that he'll go with us next week daw to ITALIANNI'S AGAIN!



B5, Bonifacio High Street, 
9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig City
+63288563890 /+639358604544/ +639615070015



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