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Thursday, December 10, 2020


The Yub and I enjoyed our last dinner in our new favorite TONG YANG EXPRESS that we excitedly told our big guy that the next time we go out, it's going to be for lunch there. True enough even if we didn't really need to do groceries we set our minds that we needed to just so that we could have our much craved for hot pot experience.

Suddenly however, a little bunso heard us talking.

Andrei: I WANNA JOIN TOO!!!!

Of course, he's not allowed to go out but my heart just breaks at the thought that we'll be having fun while he's doing the same old thing at home.

To that, he remembered that his buddy Jelo invited him to their house to play.

So calls were made and we're all set. Andrei will have a play day with Jelo while Yub, Mati, and I will have lunch in TONG YANG!!

Don't you just love it when the food gods work everything out just so that you'd get your craving????


We're at TONG YANG!!!!!

We went to TONG YANG early to avoid the usual crowds.


Social distancing!

Me and the Yub (because we're going to share one).

And dear Mati on the other side.

(Me thinks that he likes it more that he's alone. No Mom to bug him. Ha ha ha ha ha).

The plates and bowls were served all wrapped in plastic.

YOWHOO! The food arrived!

The Yub and I shared an order of TONG YANG Beef Karubi Shabu Shabu (P280.00)!

The first time we ate here we each had one order and wasn't able to finish it. That's why from them on, we'll just share and just get extra balls.

We would always get cheeseballs, mushroom balls, and fishcakes!

Our meat!

I'm not much of a meat-eater. I just love the veggies, soup, balls, and noodles in hotpots.

Dear Mati ordered the same. 

Too bad that today, there was no Sate Soup available so we just both went for the Laksa broth.


Ay wait I have shield!

Ooops I have mask!


He he he he!

Let's eat!!!

The TONG YANG sets were super good but I just personally didn't like vermicelli noodles. They always give a hefty serving that the Yub and I get so bondat already from it. 

My big guy also got some Enoki Mushrooms that were too much for us. 

My happy binata!!! 

He's such a foodie (and a movie fanatic) that he's my perfect date!

Our bubbling hot pot!

After a few minutes... 


Syempre we helped clean up.

Le bill!

While we were eating, the bunso sent pictures of him and Jelo playing.

I don't think he'll ever want to go home. Ha ha ha ha!

After eating, we bought some groceries.

And had dessert in Krispy Kreme.

We had dessert mainly because the bunso asked for an extension in his playtime.

Sya pa nagpaextend no???

My big guy didn't mind. As long as there's internet, he's more than fine. 


Then it's time to go.

While on our way to fetch Andrei, saw this closed branch of Jollibee.

Awwww.... This was where the boys regularly have their birthday parties. :( We had loads of happy memories here.

Cmown Andrei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ang saya saya o!

Yep! TONG YANG EXPRESS will be a restaurant that we'll definitely go back to again and again. Hopefully the pandemic will be over so that we'll have more chances to do so!

Bertday ko kaya pwidi na???





SM Hypermarket, Frontera Verde Drive,
Ugong, Pasig City





  1. Hi Bestfriend!

    Hefty nga serving sa Tong Yang so sulit & masarap! Love Krispy Kreme da original glazed donut it never gets old 4 me. Eh coffee addict ako so it works well with desserts every after meal.

    Hope ur well Bestie. Stay safe & regards sa family.

    PS.. Im right now in my Laundromat Business & a customer mentioned KTG.I suddenly remembered Kain Tulog Gang which led me 2 u. Decided 2 check ur blog as I havent drop by in a while haha.


    1. Hulooooo dear Kyle!!! How are you bespren?!?!?!?

      Hey first of all, I made a reply in your other comments. Did you see it? Ang haba din ng nobela na yun. Hahaha!

      Second of all, mishooo na!!! How are you??? Im glad your laundry business is doing well pa din despite pandemic. Ang galing siguro ng manager! Naks!

      Nakow kung di mo pa nadinig ang KTG di ka pa nakaalala hmp! Hahaha!

      Hay me too!!! Super coffee addict! I take it black on weekdays (to control sugar) and normal on weekens (cheat days).

      Oo there’s somethjng still so comforting with the original glazed. Kaya ko ata 3 non in one sitting. Si Eric nung first time nya, nakaisang dosena! Hahahaah!

      Hope youre doing so well too dear Bestie. Always looking forward to your comments.

      God bless you and your fam!

      PS wala na yung korean at San Francisco Steakhouse near you. booooo

  2. Bestie!

    Nag reply ako sa bookish reply mo haha you didnt get it? Im sure I did as I always reply kasi ako mismo naiinis pag unanswered message ko khit text LOL.

    Hahaha pa salamat nga ako na mention kasi nag catchup ako ng mga ganap mo khit yung iba eh pre pandemic lakads. It was a fun read.

    Hindi ko kaya ang black coffee too strong it saves me time & tasting pag mag 3 in 1.

    Naranasan ko din ma closan lahat ng 5 business for 1 month tapos meron ako 1 business na I had 2 close for good too bad. Siguro mga 1 week ako hindi nka tulog kasi business ko sya for 4 years tapos kailangan isara.

    Wala na yung Korean & San Francisco Steakhouse? I didnt know last time nandun la ah. I was thinking nga dun kita i invite first pra home turf haha para mabilis agad ako maka uwi LOL.


    1. Huloooo Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ay tingnan mo syempre I answered nobela sa 45TH Birthday post and the Greenhills COD ata? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Pero it's ok that you don't answer kasi magiging eternity ang sagutan I'm sure. I just wanted to know if you got it. H ah aha h aha h aha!

      Oo I could post what we do at home pero it might be boring you for you guys. Breakfast.... clean-up.... lunch... syesta.... dinner.... netflix... sleep. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That is, pag walang work.

      Awwww... so sorry to hear that. I'm glad though you still have some open. At least di ba it's due to the pandemic and not because humina siya basta on its own. Kumbaga there's a reason behind it that everyone experienced. I'm sure it'll all pick up again since marunong ka in business.

      I think so. Nawala na si Korean pero the San Francisco steakhouse, nandon pa but with another name na.


      Kiddings!!!!!! We would really love to meet you.

      Take caressssssssssss!!!!!

  3. Bestfriend! Done replying 2 both of ur replies sa 45th Bday & COD blog entries mo. Basahin mo ah I took my time haha.

    Dito ako nag de deliver gadgets sa Store. While waiting for tge paperworks 2 be done J answered all ur replies including dis one LOL.

    Sige Spiral make sure mkaka 6 rounds ka para hindi sayang bayad ko haha.


    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Naman no!!! Ok lang if you didn't reply basta I'm happy nabasa mo ang aking makapagdamdamin na message! Naks! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Enge gadget. Like PS5??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Nakow hanggang round 5 lang ako... Sashimi... Steak... Pasta... Salad... Dessert... Oh noes.....


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