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Thursday, November 5, 2020


Once upon a time nearing the pandemic...

When we learned that PANDA EXPRESS was going to open in the Philippines, we got so excited because it's one of our favorite restaurants in the US. Even if we should be savoring burgers, steaks, pies, etc, there, we would always make room for this fast-food Chinese giant because not only were the prices affordable but the food was really good! It's a big plus too that it was everywhere! Ha ha ha ha ha!

After it opened, we were not able to go to PANDA EXPRESS in SM Megamall yet because we saw the torturous long lines. Normally we're fine with lining up, but these days, we're just not in the mood. Ha ha ha ha ha! Doesn't help too that there's that covid-19 looming about.

For one weekend however, we got word that classes were suspended that Monday (as schools were disinfecting their rooms). The Yub and I then thought of going to SM Mega to finally have a taste of PANDA EXPRESS here in the Philippines. And even if it somehow tasted different from its US counterpart, we still enjoyed our Sunday family outing to savor one of our favorites!!!!

(Little did we know that our gimik days were "numbered" with the upcoming virus!)


Here we are!

There was still a long line when we arrived but it helped that they made separate lines for couples, families, and seniors.

The line was fast moving too!

(Haaaaay... I miss the days when we go to malls without wearing masks!!!! -- Jaz now)

Inside, the restaurant was packed but turnover was fast since diners were not likely to stay and chat. They just eat!

While waiting, we studied the menu!



Happy and hungry!!!!!!!!!

Andrei didn't go with us because he wanted to stay with his lola (and play PS4 I'm sure).

The PANDA EXPRESS attendant by the door was kinda snobbish and tired (I guess it was a long day for him). This one was very nice and really attended to us who were lining up.

YAYYY! After about 30 minutes we're inside!

Mati went to our table while the Yub and I lined up.

Our table numbah!

(PANDA EXPRESS had that cafeteria style of self service).

Oooh.... There were loads to choose from.....

Sayang that they don't offer our favorite Shrimp and Walnuts.

But I guess what they have here would make up for it.

The staff manning the food at the counter were all upbeat and helpful.

YEHESSSS.... The famous Orange Chicken of PANDA EXPRESS. I'll eat YOU later.

Our total!!

My handsome guy waiting for us.

Finally seated!


Grrrr... Si Yub beautiful eyes na naman!

Yohooo! LET'S EAT!

We decided to get the plates to taste more food!

My PANDA EXPRESS plate (P245.00)!

I got the Orange Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, and Chow Mien!

I chose the Chow Mien but I'll also get fried rice from the others. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Yub got the same plate and had the Shanghai Steak (plus P40), Asian Grilled Chicken (P40, meh), and the Fried Rice!

Our big guy Mati naman got the Savory Shrimp and Beijing Beef with Fried Rice!

The big guy was SO rarin' to eat!

I also tried out the PANDA EXPRESS Hot and Sour Soup (P45.00) which was a bit starchy but still ok.

Also got the PANDA EXPRESS Chicken Egg Roll (P75.00) and my new favorite Cheese Wantons (P75.00 for 3 pcs). I wasn't able to try the fried wantons in the US so I don't really have anything to compare it with. 

All I know is I love crispy things with cheese in them! So this is pasado for me! He he he he he!

Yohoo! I really love family night outs!

Missing Andrei though. That little panget. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I thought I will be able to finish my plate but I can't pala. So I just asked an extra plate.

After eating we all got our fortune cookies.

Yub's fortune... 

Here's mine.


Kidding! He he he he he!


Of course we tidied up our table. We should all help out whenever we can. 

Also, it's really a habit already for us to clean up after eating.

So how did we find PANDA EXPRESS Philippines?

Some of our favorites were missing (most notably the Shrimp and Walnuts PLUS those hot sauce packets that we loved so much ha ha ha ha ha ha). Everything was quite good but the Orange Chicken tasted different. It lacked that savory yet light fruity taste that we're familiar with. I remember not liking anything orangey or lemony on my meats but with PANDA EXPRESS' Orange Chicken, I got hooked! The one they have here had a more sweet and instant taste to it that won't get me craving ASAP. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Overall we enjoyed the food (except the grilled chicken because it's dry and meh) that we wouldn't mind going back again and again. 

(Yun lang because of the covid, we were not able to for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time -- Jaz now)



Upper Ground Floor, SM Megamall, 
Building A, Ortigas Center, 
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila



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