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Monday, November 9, 2020


Once upon a time before the pandemic....

It was the Yub's birthday week and as much as we wanted to have loads of celebrations (like what we would do before), we didn't have a choice but to end it after a week because the Covid-19 situation was making everyone nervous.

For the last official celebration though, the Yub and I decided that since it's most likely that we'll not go out in a LOOOOONG time, we should go somewhere that is best eaten at the actual restaurant and not just via take out. So burgers or anything fast food is out of the question (Drats! It's going to be my treat pa naman). Ha ha ha ha!

With that, the obvious choice was RAMEN because soup and noodles were always best consumed as soon as it was served. Also, even if they have all of the Ramen kits in the market, it's still not the same as when you have the actual chefs cook it for you. 

And of course if there was one place where we'll have Ramen it's going to be our favorite  -- MENDOKORO RAMENBA!!!

To think that our dinner there would be our last family outing in a loooooooooooooong time (like 4 months and counting).


WOHOO! We're out for some Ramen!!!!

There was no parking area in MENDOKORO RAMENBA so the Yub dropped us off first.

Seats were limited to their curved counter table. Good thing that lines were not as horrendous as their Makati branch (or maybe it had to do something with the virus scare too) that we're only assured of a 10-15 minute wait.

After ordering, the baby Andrei and I settled ourselves at the seats by the window.

And finally we're seated!

I somehow hate the open kitchen setting of MENDOKORO RAMENBA because it just makes the wait more agonizing. You could see the bowls upon bowls of noodles being prepared. Ha ha ha ha ha!

First on the table is my order of Gyoza (P130.00 for 3 pieces).

We always enjoy biting into the juicy Gyoza's of MENDOKORO at the start of dinner. 

We regret it afterwards though because we get so bondat from the ramen. Ha ha ha ha!

We saw our ramen being prepared so I requested na for my usual "reinforcements": chili powder, sili, and garlic!

Whenever I'm at a Ramen house, I never fail to order the Tamago (P80.00) because it just makes that whole ramen experience more awesome. 



My order for that night is my favorite MENDOKORO RAMENBA Tantanmen (P450.00)!

That rich spicy, nutty, and fatty broth always gets my mouth dribble like rabid dog's.

The bunsoy and Yub each got the MENDOKORO RAMENBA Shoyu (P430.00)!

Creamy pork fat soup with that soy seasoning. The grilled pork meat also completes this whole masterpiece. 

If you're not sure yet what to get in MENDOKORO RAMENBA, this should be it!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the bunsoy Andrei in MENDOKORO RAMENBA!!!!


This is how I pimp my Ramen -- with lots of chili oil, siling labuyo, sesame seeds, and garlic!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's start the slurpfest!

The happy birthday boy!


Grabe we got so bondat after this.

My bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sayang that Mati didn't join us (he wanted to stay home with his Lola) but we're glad that we did this because MENDOKORO RAMENBA is just too good to pass up!

After dinner, we saw that the streets were empty and the night was just beautiful that we felt like walking around.

We love walking as long as it's safe and not too hot. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We thought of having dessert in Mcdo because we suddenly craved for some ice cream and apple pie.

Ordering up!

Our dessert for the night...

Mcdonald's Milk Tea with Ice Cream, Coffee, and apple pie!

The Yub mixing up Andrei's ice cream drink. 


This needs another swig...

Going home, we saw this beerhaus...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Didn't know that beerhauses still existed!!!!!!


Super fun night! Too bad that it also signified cutting short Yub's birthday gimiks because of the pandemic. Still, we're thankful that we're able to do this for him (and for us too because we LOVE Ramen). Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hopefully soon we could come back here with the boys to slurp on their fatty and chewy noodles again!!!!!!!


Icon Plaza, 26th Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City




  1. Hello Ms. Jaz,

    waahh how are you po. i missed reading your blogs..and i miss mendokoro ramenba too huhuhu whenever I eat at mendokoro, i always expect the long lines hahaha miss you ms jaz <3

    1. Huloooooooooooooooo dear Tinemoncorpuz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How are you???? Naku me naman I miss your comments!!! I hope everything is fine with you and your family. Grabe this pandemic changed our lives right??? I pray you're all safe and healthy pa din.

      Naku ako din. H aha ha ha ha ha ha! This was waaaaaay back in March and while writing it, I want to eat there too. Kaso closed ang resto ng Mendokoro and we prefer sana open spaces. Siguro pag konti lang tao like kami lang we'll go in. I miss ramen! I love noodles talaga.

      Take care and miss you too!!!! Mwah mwah!!!! Sending you a virtual hug. God bless you!


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