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Friday, November 20, 2020


With the current pandemic that's going on, let me ask you this:

How did you cope?

Of course others would give the noblest of answers by answering "with prayer", or "with my family" or "by sharing our blessings." As for me, I'm sure you know that besides that, my quick (and very trivial) answer would be:

WITH FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

You guys all know that my family's love language is FOOD. When there is a special event, "LET'S EAT TO CELEBRATE!" is our usual battlecry. The place doesn't have be fine-dining or expensive. As long as the food is delicious and we were able to create wonderful memories with it, we'll go back to the place again and again.

So during this pandemic, since we're not able to go out and do our usual gimiks, we would just order food for delivery. And woah, I hope you don't mind me saying this but FOOD REALLY SAVED US.

My family and I love going out! As in, date night, family night, movie night, celebration night, etc etc, not to mention the getaways. So to be confined suddenly in one place seemed so nerve racking for us. We then resorted to just ordering food for delivery (even if my Mom cooks regularly at home) to have that feel of "going out." Alas, many stores were closed and it was hard to get a rider to accept our delivery services. I swear when somebody receive our orders I couldn't help but gush my thanks to the rider. Kulang na nga lang e yakapin ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sharing with your the restaurants that "saved us" during the quarantine period. I would also like to give my utmost appreciation and salute to the delivery guys who answered our needs during that hungry time!!!!!!


Mention to me the PANDEMIC and the first that I would remember would always be ANGEL'S PIZZA. 

Almost all stores were closed at the height of it! Good thing that we saw ANGELS PIZZA in Facebook and decided to try it out. HALLELUJAH! THEY'RE OPEN!!!!

While looking for a rider in Grabfood and Lalamove, not one rider accepted us. So with that, we just resorted to calling their main office. The very kind attendant said that their own rider could deliver before 5:00pm and she offered a promo which we may want to avail. 

She offered us this membership card which cost nothing but if we mention the number over the phone, we'll get buy 1 take 1!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Now yata you have to pay P300 additional for it. Isn't it great how they gave it for free during the ECQ?

(These are actually 4 pizzas. The fourth one is under one box... He he he)

As in thank you talaga kami ng thank you ni Yub! ANGEL'S PIZZA were such life savers!

Voila! Our faves are the 4 cheese, the Spinach and Cheese Pizza, and the Pepperoni!

Place your orders at (02) 8922-2222

The other restaurant that we were soooo thankful for accepting orders is BURGER KING!

Even if our usual Fast Food bigwigs like Jollibee or Mcdonalds were open, they only had limited branches which unluckily didn't deliver to our house.

When we call naman Grab or Food, no rider would accept our orders.

We're so thankful that BURGER KING had this online website that took our orders and scheduled our food to our preferred delivery. After 30 minutes somebody called to confirm our orders.

During that strict quarantine month if we wanted take out, it was always ANGEL'S PIZZA and BURGER KING. Even if we wanted other food, we didn't have a choice because they cannot deliver to us.

Great thing that ANGEL'S PIZZA and BURGER KING never failed to satisfy us. Their pizzas and burgers were sooooo good that we never got tired of having it again and again. I think it's one of our true favorites now!!!



Even if I already got my quarantine pass, I still didn't want to go out!!!!! DELIVERIES always and forever.

Here are the other grubs that made us happy during the pandemic when the situation was not so strict anymore.

During the ECQ, we craved for Milk Tea sooooo much but our usual favorites were not open!!!!!! Good thing that SHARETEA took orders and was able to answer our milk tea needs!

Another ECQ favorite for us was KHALEB!

The restaurant had a promo that time that for only P600, you'll get 1 kilo of Shawarma beef, 20 pcs of Pita, vegetables, and an insane amount of Garlic Cream sauce that's SOOOO good!

That was a GREAT dinner! We ordered many times after that.

I would usually have 2 or 3 Shawarma wraps! 

The garlic sauce was so deliriously good that I would also add it to our bacsilog! He he he!

Who would have thought that the day will come where we will be rejoicing so much to the high heavens because of MCDONALD's???

OH YEP. That day is here.

After a month of quarantine, we were finally able to order MCDONALDS!

I remember one time where our laundrywoman wasn't able to report for work because it's quarantine. So I decided to help out and wash our clothes. 

I kept imitating our labandera's voice and saying "Mam..... Pa-Jollibee ka naman Mam...."

Ha ha ha ha ha!

It worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's always something very comforting about JOLLIBEE that we'll never stop ordering it.

Besides BURGER KING, it's the bunsoy's favorite.

JOLLIBEE never fails! Ha ha ha ha!

Ay naku! When we got KFC, that was such a great and memorable day too!!!!!

Since it takes like 1 or 2 hours to get a GRAB driver back then, we decided to order it on Sunday at about 10:00am! Come 11:00am, somebody accepted our request and delivered it all by 11:30am!

EARLY and delicious lunch for us!

OH KFC, we missed you so. I think we haven't had KFC for more than a month!!!!

To make our lunch extra special, we had some Ichiran Instant Noodles pa. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The big guy HATED KFC, but he didn't have a choice. We were all so ravenous over it. Sarap kaya!

YEHESS.... My plate!

Our favorite milk tea then was MACAO IMPERIAL tea and we were so happy that finally it was available for deliver in GRAB.

That was another great day.

After ordering MACAO IMPERIAL that time, it was unavailable again for delivery in GRAB. So we had to try something else to answer our milk tea cravings. BLACK SCOOP did that for us and it became our favorite ever since.

YEP! Even if MACAO was available again!!!!

Goes on to show that when something you love is not available, look around and there might one that is a perfect match for you.


Egad. I actually got thin during the pandemic (because I strictly followed this certain diet). HOWEVER, because of BLACK SCOOP, the pounds went back again that my officemates said nothing changed! GRRRRRRRRR!

During one craving, we tried out ARMY NAVY but the naked burritos were not as good compared to when you eat it at the actual restaurant.

Same goes for MARUGAME UDON. It's actually one of our super favorites eating out. When we ordered it for delivery though, the udon was mushy. We tried it two times and got the same results even if we requested it to be al dente. I guess since it's freshly cooked, the hot temperature cooks the noodles even more. Huhuhu.....

I don't know why but during this ECQ we never got around to ordering sushi so much (sashimi yes, but not sushi).

When Andrei got sick though, his "reward" for getting well was his favorite Salmon Poke bowl from SUSHI NORI. It wasn't available at Grab during that time and it was the Yub who went to Powerplant Mall to order. He gave Andrei's specifications to his bowl and would you believe that the server said, "Is this for Andrei Yap?" I swear I'm not kidding you. Andrei always ate at SUSHI NORI and would get it the way he wanted it that the servers know him na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yep! Talk about great service. 

That time too, Mati was rewarded with the food of his choice and he got his favorite Bibimbap from THE GRID!

Since Andrei was sick, Mati did most of the work with me. I know that we don't really need to give him a reward because he didn't ask for anything, but we all just felt that he deserved it. 

One time we were craving Chinese food and decided to have some CHOWKING.

Too oily for us! Ha ha ha ha ha!

I think if we're in the mood for Chinese food, we should just stick with our other favorites like NORTH PARK. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Again, it was not as good compared to when you eat it at the restaurant but still it's better than CHOWKING. He he he he!


When we're craving for pizza on a whim, LOTSA PIZZA answers it all for us!!!! We actually find the simple tastes and less oily crust, more appetizing compared to Pizza Hut and Shakeys!


Finally got some Potato Corner!

This was just near our place so we asked our manong guy to buy for us.

We missed going to Japanese restaurants so much that I wasn't able to control myself and got some of our favorite Salmon and Tuna Sashimi from TWINHEARTS SEAFOOD!

I really find their Sashimi so sulit for the price that we've been regular clients already!

It joined our spread for Mother's Day! He he he he....

For our Korean fix we checked out MEATSUMO!!!!! Their Sushi Bake is our favorite. We also love the high quality meats of their barbecues! Sarap!

I think it's their Sushi Bakes are cheapest priced too! To think that the amount of toppings were equal to the more expensive ones.

For our Korean barbecues we also order from SAMGYUPSALAN UNLI KOREAN BARBECUE! It's cheap, it's so near our place (so bawas sa delivery charge), plus the people there are very friendly. We are definitely sukis!

And last but not the least is that during the quarantine, we were able to savor tender and flavorful steaks that had the right price for the times.

MAD MARK'S Frozen Steaks!!!!!!! For only P530.00, we get 4 pieces of their ready to cook fatty steaks. We don't use the marinades provided and Kuya Jon was one helluva steak connoisseur so he's able to cook these all up as if it's done in a 5-star restaurant.

Wohoo! We've been regular "orderers" of MAD MARK's ever since! Such a great discovery!


So there you go. I'm sure I don't need to say how during this quarantine I was able to cope with the noble answers mentioned above. You know us. We get the happiest of happy with just the simple things in life... FOOD! No home shopping therapy -- we go for the tummy necessities. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yun lang as much as we want to order our other favorites, we are all also on a budget PLUS, we find that it's better to eat at the non-fast food restaurants than having it for delivery. He he he h eh eh he!

So really -- thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the restaurants who made us sane and full during this quarantine period. Looking forward to the time where we'll eat all at our favorites again with the family AND at the actual venue.







  1. hi again ms jaz...we just ate at Mad Marks Glorietta (our first dine out for GCQ...hahaha) last Friday hehehe i super missed their Steaks...and got to read that you ordered their frozen steaks hihi...i also missed their ice cream the Half baked Madagascar and I ordered 2 big scoops ooops...hahaha

    Miss Jaz if you want a super yummy and fresh Spicy Salmon Sashimi and a Special California Maki (with loads of Spicy Tuna Sashimi and mangoes on top), please try Izakaya Kikufuji. It's located at Little Tokyo in Makati...but they are also accepting orders for delivery (you will call them and have to book pick up thru Lala move or Grab)...grabe it's so so sarap..

    Miss you ms jaz..take care and keep safe always...mwah mwah

    1. Hulooooo dear Tine!!!!!

      How are you?????

      How was your first date during the the GCQ? Okay naman right? Basta careful lang and wear masks/shields and follow safety protocols, go na go ha ha ha ha ha!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your favorites! Naku favorite na din namin si frozen steaks nila. It's so sulit and pwedeng pwede na! We're so happy with it. Regular customers na nga kami. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Uyyy sarap! 2 big scoops! Sabagay the last time you had it super tagal na. He he he he he he he! Go lang! YOLO na YOLO!

      Naku baka mahal alam mo naman ako I'm kuripatootie. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pero sige I'll check it out. I'm sure it's great.

      Miss you soooo much too Tine! Thanks for the comment. Promise, your comments always give me a super wide and excited smile.

      Take care! God bless you and your family always! Mwah mwah!


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