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Tuesday, November 24, 2020


One morning, the Yub and I had this deep craving for ramen that we mustered up all our courage to go out. Though we understand and follow all rules with regards to the quarantine, we felt that this is the time to go out. We're just going to be extra careful and since some venues allowed in-store dining, we're going.

With our big guy Mati!

Though the streets were not entirely empty, it was still a straight and smooth drive to BGC.

Masks and shields ON!!!!

And we're walking and walking...

The Yub and I decided to go to BGC because we find the open air more safe than the enclosed malls. I know that establishments like Powerplant Mall, etc take extra precautionary measures for everyone's safety but we prefer the al fresco setting for our family date!

It's great that in BGC they post many reminders to for visitors.

To which my boy and I followed!

More reminders!

We went a LOOOOONG way from the parking to our ramen choice that day -- RAMEN NAGI. The Yub kept on saying, "Malapit na! Malapit na!"


We came upon ONE BONIFACIO HIGH STREET which was waaaaaaaaaay far from where we parked. Good thing the guys and I enjoyed the walk.

At first I was questioning Yub because the reason we chose RAMEN NAGI that day was because he thought the BGC branch was al fresco. He assured me that it's inside the mall but like Greenbelt, it's in their wing.


One Bonifacio High Street guards took our temperatures and made us sign for their records.

Woah... There's nobody here!!!!!!!

We went around the mall enjoying our airconditioned solitude. He he he he he!

And then we arrived.... RAMEN NAGI!

Al fresco nga Yub no???

TSK TSK TSK! Typical!!!!!!

In RAMEN NAGI, we were asked again to sign declarations of good health.


Save for that one lady, we were the only diners.

We were immediately given the order pad.

Hmmmm... What should I get?

Social distancing!!!


The Yub to my left....

The big guy to my right.


We used the extra space for our bags and masks. He he he he!

What I really don't like about the new set up is that we cannot order service water or tea anymore. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh well! We ordered additional drinks pa.

He's far enough for me not to see who he's chatting with. 

HOWEVER. I'm near enough to get his phone from him. He he he he!

No phones during family times!

We asked for our usual battle gear.

Yep. We just LOVE garlic! As in MADAMI. He he he he he!

We also asked for some of their beansprouts and pickled greens. This used to be readily available at the table. It's okay because it's easy to ask for it naman.


First on the table is a sizzling skillet of RAMEN NAGI Gyoza (P235.00)!

The Gyoza was served on a bed of beansprouts which Mati happily ate with his noodles.

Dear Mati ordered the RAMEN NAGI Red King (P450.00)!

My guy was so excited to eat because this is his first real Ramen in MONTHS!!!!

He had such a deep craving for it pa that he got the spiciest. Ha ha ha ha!

As for the Yub, he got his trusty old RAMEN NAGI Butao King (P395.00)!

Like Mati, he was mucho excited to slurp his noodles.

Me I got the RAMEN NAGI Chicken Paitan Ramen!

It was free if your bill reached P999. Thankful for this because the Chicken Paitan Ramen is now my new favorite! SUPER SARAP!

My only complaint about this is their soup spoons were SMALL! Ha ha ha ha ha! I was impatient and wanted to swallow the whole bowl of rich soup.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our big guy Mati in RAMEN NAGI!

I pimped up my Ramen with loads of Garlic and Sesame seeds! I think I added pa more chili after this.

Soooo good but I got so full at this point. My tummy was not as big as before (although my puson begs to differ).

The Yub was DONE.

Same with ME!

Le bill!

We went around a bit to check out some stores. We only entered if there only a few people in it.

Most of the gimik was spent outside walking under the sun. He he he he he!

I'M WALKING HERE! I'M WALKING HERE!!!!!!!!!!! He he he he!

After a LOT of walking we cooled off in STARBUCKS!

Our grub!!!!

My baduy self would always browse in Tiktok and I saw this IT drink. Sarap sya!!!!

Screencap this and show it to your barista.

Fruity and sweet!!! The Yub said he'll get this next time.

As for the Mati, he got his new favorite the "Ariana Grande" frap.

Before going home, we got one more Frappuccino and gave it to the bunsoy as pasalubong. We saw many kids in BGC and are thinking of having him join us next time.

We really miss having these gimiks with the boys but of course, we have to be very cautious during these times. Don't worry, we're always being careful and would only go somewhere al fresco and/or with no people. 

Super thankful for this day! Sana next time kasama na Andrei. He he he he he he!



L223 2nd Level, 
One Bonifacio High Street Mall, 
5 Avenue cor, 28th St, Taguig
(02) 7946 3900



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