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Tuesday, September 15, 2020


It's MOTHER'S DAY. And unlike our previous celebrations, we will just cook and stay at home. Come to think of it, how we're going to celebrate this Mommy event is much like the person we're honoring -- simple yet special. She's not one to expect (or require) lavish celebrations. Like my Dad, my Mom is also the "We don't care where we go, we're happy as long as we're together!"

TEKA. Mantra namin yun ah!!!

Yep! I got it from my parents and I'm so thankful that for this day, we didn't feel "stuck" or "wawa" because we'll be staying at home for MOTHER'S DAY. In fact, we enjoyed the privacy, the practicality (tipid kaya), the food, and the company!!! Promise. I'd rather have THIS than celebrating in a 5-Star hotel with other people.

I think everything about that day was perfect.

Syempre, I have the PERFECT Mommy e!

Teka... Ako din pala! He he he he! Okay lang. I would rather honor the "bestest" lady in my life first.

And syempre, how will I do that?


(Belated) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!

When I woke up, I got a bouquet of flowers.

Say what you want how flowers are uncool or impractical. Basta ako, minsan lang ako makatanggap ng flowers so I'll welcome this with open arms. 

Will "recycle" it and give it to Mama Mary din naman afters. Ha ha ha ha!

Before you go AWWWWWWWW at the Yub's flowers for me, nako no. I was the one who suggested that! Rather, I told him to buy flowers for my Mommers. I gave him the store name and number. Told him not to buy na for me (since I want yung para sakin, kay Mommers na lang), pero bumili pa din yung pangit.


I told Mommy that my gift for her is that I'll take care of our family Sunday lunch. She should just rest and let me take care of everything.

We didn't have help because our "stay-out" guy got stuck in his house during the lockdown. So this was really just me!

CHECK OUT WHAT I PREPARED! These are all Mommy's favorites (or what she loved from the dishes I cooked).

Roast Chicken with Garlic Butter!

I got a technique from NATASHA'S KITCHEN on how to make the Roast Chicken meat more juicy and flavorful. Been doing the recipe ever since!!!!!

One Pan Creamy Butter Pork Chops!

(Recipe HERE!)

Juicy pork chops in rich cream sauce that had a hint of curry. Mommy really liked this the first time I cooked it and it had "repeat performances" on our table ever since. 

Garlic Noodles!

Simple but very delicious!!!!

French Green Beans with Oyster Sauce and Garlic.

Regular readers notice that this is our favorite side dish. Ha ha ha ha ha! Madali lang kasi.

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi (that we ordered from TWINHEART SEAFOOD)

Super winner and sulit!

Mommy's favorite cake from CARA MIA! 

This was a gift from Kuya Jon.

The table is already set. Andrei made a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY sign na SOBRA niyang pinaghirapan. Ha ha ha ha ha!

YAYYY!!! Finally finished cooking everything. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!


After praying, LET'S EAT!!!!!

Ate Jit and my older brother were not able to go to our house (because of the situation) but they still sent flowers for the Mommy. We all offered all bouquets to dear Mama Mary. 


After lunch, the boys showed me the special cards they prepared for their Lola.

In it, they wrote the reasons why they love their Lola!


Part two... (Sorry... medyo confi si first part. Ha ha ha ha)

Wawa naman ako. Talagang my Mom is the BEST MOM EVER daw. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well! It's ok. TOTOO naman e!

Here's Mati's card.

Simple yet loving.

(At least no insult aimed towards me).

Part one...

Part two....

The boys went to my Mom's room to read her their cards.

Mati went first...


Andrei's next!

Sige magpasweet kayo at my expense. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Tuwang tuwa si bunso o!!! Grrrrr!

I didn't get a card but dear Mati posted about me. Masaya na ako with that.

That night though I felt sick. Huhu! As usual, my stupid migraine attacked so I just stayed in bed.

Dear Mati went up to check on me. Uy nobody told him to do that! So sweet. He gave me medicine (as advised by my Mom) and water too.

I wasn't able to join the guys for dinner. Thankful that they know house chores so they were able to manage with reheating the food and cleaning up without me.

Now don't pity me that I didn't get my own celebration for MOTHER'S DAY. Seeing the boys take care of me and are growing up into these hardworking gentlemen are such blessings already. Promise that I'm already so thankful with them and happy to be able to do this for my Mommers.

Happy Mother’s Day to the most dedicated, loving, selfless, kind, mabango, and basta lahat na, na kabaitan words I know. Syempre, maganda pa! Hahaha! Thank you for ALWAYS being there for us, for teaching us to be gentle and kind (although absent ako nung nagturo ka ng “gentle”) and for making sure that we are forever well-fed and happy! Basta thank you for making us your forever number one!!

(Belated) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Syempre HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY also to dear MAMA MARY!!






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