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Thursday, October 1, 2020


Once upon a time before the pandemic....

Every year, the little guys' school would arrange a "Repertory" family day where they invite families to watch their kid-friendly shows.

The Yub and I used to go every year with the little guys making it a Saturday "gimik" for us. I love theatre that's why I appreciate that the boys' school promotes this activity for the family.

For 2019 though, our family wasn't able to watch that year's Repertory Show of "THE QUEST FOR THE IBON ADARNA" with their classmates because we were in Japan that weekend. There were other shows but the boys have other school schedules that did not match up for the whole family.

Finally we just decided to split and as per Andrei's request, I went with him. It would have been better if the Yub and Master Mati were with us but my big guy had a school interaction that day and opted to watch on another weekend ALONE (yep ayaw na niya kami kasama... ha ha ha).

As for the Yub, any chance that he could escape watching musical theatre, he'll do so. That's why he just waited for us. Okay lang. I don't want to hear his loud snoring in the middle of the show anyways.

In the end, the bunsoy and I enjoyed it all and were so glad to have seen it. I appreciate that besides the catchy songs and the flashy costumes, we were able to have a refresher of this Filipino classic story.

We don't know if we'll still be able to watch Repertory Musical theatre shows in the future (especially that the boys are growing up and the pandemic might prohibit the school for organizing it). That's why it's a good thing that the bunsoy and I had a great time watching "THE QUEST FOR THE IBON ADARNA" because we don't know when's the next magical theatre experience for us is going to be.

So for now, ENJOY! 


Dan! Dan! Daaaannn!

As usual we're early (he he he he) but it's a good thing because there were only a few seats available for Andrei's school (since the overall school event was last December). 

My bunsoy doesn't like taking pictures. And when he does....

This was the best available seats for Andrei's school because the lower area was already reserved by another school (BOOOOOOOOO!).

Our ticket!!!!!!!!!!!

And the show is about to start!

We were not allowed to take pictures during the show but at the end, I can't help but honor the lead star because we he was so good!

Of course, let's not forget THE Ibon Adarna. She was very convincing as well. GALENG!

Before, we would rush towards the stage to have pictures with the cast. But this time, Andrei put his foot down and said "No Mommy!"

Awwwwww... KJ!!!!

Sabagay it's good na din siguro because I didn't want to squeeze my way into that crowd. Yes I'm suplada! He he he he! It would have been different if Andrei said "Yes" at the start and we made a quick dash to be the first ones in front! He he he he he!

Done with the show!!!!!!

We really enjoyed it that we got a copy of the program. 

The Yub was outside waiting for us and the bunsoy requested for some Potato Corner!

While waiting for Andrei's fries, we saw "Prince Juan" himself, Neo Rivera!

He's nice and friendly! He went to the restroom and we waited for him to come out (syempre we made sure first that he washed his hands. Kidding!).

We were supposed to go home but we thought, why not make a complete "family date" for our theatre day by including our favorite thing -- food! Since we're on a budget that weekend (and we still plan on going out tonight with the Mat-ster) we just went for something practical yet deliciously filling.


I remember how I would always enjoy their stall in Glorietta. And the last time we ate here, Andrei finished his whole platter.


WORLD OF PLATTER menu and steps!


We got 2 sets of the Chicken with 2 Side Dishes (P158.00)!

I had the Roasted Chicken with Rosemary Gravy with Pesto Fettucine and Yang Chow Rice!

The Yub and I will just share because I don't think I could finish the whole thing. 

As for the Androse, he got the Chicken Inasal with Japanese Rice and Mixed Veggies!

Veggies were a bit on the salty side but it was still good. 

I was really craving for some Pesto Pasta and this hit the spot.


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the bunsoy Andrei in WORLD OF CHICKEN!

My happy and hungry bunsoy!

Our kids are not choosy and are okay wherever. They have their favorites yes, but these could be too costly if we go there everyday. Good thing about the boys is that they're still fine if we go to fast food restaurants. When we say that "Mommy and Daddy are saving so we'll just eat somewhere affordable..." they're still very cool about it too. Kahit nga turo turo restaurant e. 

Basta kami we're honest! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm thankful that they're quick to understand and not too snooty for their own good. They know naman that their Mommy and Daddy don't shop expensive clothes (or focus on our personal items) but rather we spend our extra money on our family gimiks.  So when we say that we're saving up and we need to go somewhere na cheap, they know that it's true (and not because we zeroed our wallets on shopping). 

DONE!! Burp!!!

O di ba? A very satisfying meal for about P500.00! 

That night we had a family gimik, this time with Master Mati, in the food court of Glorietta!

I remember eating in Glorietta's foodcourt back in college and also while the Yub and I were still going out. The place was clean and the stalls were from popular franchises. We decided to go there for our Saturday gimik because it was another practical choice. 

I got the Kebab Rice from Shawamama!!!!

Andrei naman had Curry Rice!

The Yub super enjoyed his Beef Wanton Noodles, and Siopa.

As for Mati, he had Bibimbap from Kaya Express (sorry wasn't able to take a picture).

After dinner, we went to the arcade (as per the kiddies request).

They played a LOT of games.

Most of it were the sporty games.

Virtual reality pa! He he he he he!

I suggested the scary video games and they tried naman. He he he he!

That's Yub at the back. Tee hee!

Andrei's having a zombie killing spree! Yayyyy!

And they had another round at basketball.

Plus soccer.

Race cars.

And tennis!!!

I asked the boys if they wanted to play with me the horror thingy and they don't want daw.


The Yub went with me na lang.


Tee hee... I'm Minnie Mouse!

Afterwards Master Mati and I bought our drinks and pastries from Starbucks.

We had it to go because the Yub wanted Wendy's Ice Cream while the bunsoy craved for Dairy Queen!

It's not Andrei's first time to have Dairy Queen (he would have it in school) but I guess they didn't show him that stunt where their ice cream was soooo thick that it will not fall off the cup.

Andrei kept on doing it while we were at the table and I told him that it's starting to melt. True enough after one more "bottoms up," his ice cream fell. Good thing that it did so on the tissue paper we placed on the table. Ha ha ha ha ha!

BUTI NGA. Told you!

It was indeed a fun-filled Saturday with boys where it started strong and ended awesome (because we were with Mati na).

Great thing too was that the Yub and I were still able to stay within our budget but without exchanging the fun!

Proof of that is when we asked what they wanted to do next week, the boys unanimously yelled "Let's do this again and again!!!!"


He he he he he he!!!!!



Level 1, Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, 
Greenbelt, Makati City



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