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Thursday, July 5, 2018


My husband is the "anything goes" type of guy who doesn't need much to be happy. He doesn't complain, he never objects, he never expects -- he's always just game for anything.

That's why when it came to his birthday celebrations, I didn't need to scratch my big forehead too hard.-- he's happy with whatever. Kahit nga maglagay lang ako ng isang candle sa cupcake on his actual day, masaya na siya.

Pero who would want to do that for a very loving husband and father right? Just because somebody is fine with anything, you won't leave it at that. An important person is worth MORE!!!

Even if he did not celebrate his birthday much while growing up and got used to it, we still want to make him happy and feel special as he turns 41. Of course the celebrations were not as extravagant nor outrageous as our gimmicks like last year, but we still put in A for "eyfort"!! I guess we all did a good job because the birthday boy had fun.

In the end, that's what really matters!

(Belated) Happy Birthday Chinese Adonis!

Tanda mo na! Yuck!!!! May-December affair galore!!!!


We all had work during the Chinese Dimpol's birthday (Yup! He didn't take a VL) that's why we  just went out for dinner to have, you guess it, Chinese food! His favorite!

And when it's Chinese food for the family, we always go to our favorite MR. SUN MOON!!!!!!!!!!!


Mommy and bunsoy Andrei!

Huy! Put down your foot!

Anthony and Ate Jowjits!!!

Master Mati and Kuya Jon!

Me and the birthday guy!!!!!!

Even if they already started with dinner, Andrei said grace and thanked God for his Daddy.


We ordered our usuals in our favorite Chinese restaurant....

Century Eggs and Seaweed!

Sorry for the food pics. The Yub and I arrived late (from work) so my family started dinner without us. They didn't want to sana but we insisted that they go ahead because we know they're hungry. Mahirap na baka walang bonus. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding.

Yang Chow fried rice!

Spicy Squid!

Sizzling Beef!

Egg Foo Yong!

Brocolli in Oyster Sauce!

YUMMMM... Let's EAT!

My plate! My very full Chinese food plate!!!!

Yep! I wiped that out!

Time to bring out the kek!

The Androse volunteered to light it up.

Happy Birthday Yubhub!!!!

We all sang loudly to the birthday boy which made Master Mati slap his forehead in embarassment. He he he he he he!

When we got home, the Yub opened his gifts. The most memorable one was from Ate Jojit and her TWG sosy gift set.

Uhhh... You REALLY don't know Eric pa din no?

He also got some Braso de Mercedes from my officemate Tita Florie!

We may be so full from dinner but the pot of super hot Chicken Tinola was so inviting!

In our family, we always buy a live chicken and cook it up for the birthday lunch. My Dad believed in "pamalit buhay" and we practiced it for as long as I could remember.

It's a nice Filipino tradition but it's something I'm not sure if I could do for my family because I don't think I could slaughter a chicken. Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry.... 

It was exam week for the little lords so it was just me and the birthday guy for my treat for him.

And he chose 8 CUTS BURGERS!

We don't normally order drinks on a weekday because it's fattening.

But since it's his birthday, GO LANG!!!!!!!!!!!!


We both had the same Cheeseburgers with matching Onion Rings and French Fries!

Happy 41st Birthday Yubskers! 

Now you see it....

Now you don't!


We saw Mark, our former server the first time we went to 8 CUTS in their SM Megamall branch (see blog HERE), we were so happy to learn that's now the restaurant Manager! 

Wow! Congratulations!!! So happy for you! Hard work really pays off!!!

We'll see you soon again!!!!

The next day, we took out Andrei and friends as Yub's birthday treat for them.

You could just imagine how crazy it was in the car. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I treated the boys to an hour of trampoline fun.

The Yub and I are the guards! He he he he he!

Then it's Yub's blow out in PIZZA HUT, Andrei's request!

This is what bunsoy Andrei was craving for!

All eyes on the prize...

You might wonder why we included this in his celebrations. The Yub considered it to be part of his birthday because Andrei's happiness makes him so happy daw.


The next day we heard mass at the new church in Powerplant Mall.

And for our Sunday lunch, the request of the birthday boy was....

Our new Yappy favorite!!!!

I said I was going to treat the Yub at his restaurant of choice and he asked for KAMAMESHI HOUSE!!!

We are here FOR THIS!!!!

The Chicken KAMAMESHI (P165.00) !!!!!

Check out our blog post HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

For dinner that Sunday, the Chinese Dimpol wanted to stay at home. But we still prepared something that will give him joy!

Chicken Joy!

I also whipped up this delicious Beef and Brocolli Lo Mein that used spaghetti for noodles. It was sooooo delicious!

The ingredients are simple and cooking this is so simple!

Check out video and recipe here!

I'm craving to cook this again for my family. It's really good!

The Yub and the boys really enjoyed it! Try it for your family too!!!!!!

And on another night....

The Yub's ultra favorite dinner is Turbo Chicken so we reserved a night to have it for dinner.

Now you see it...

Now you don't!

HA HA HA HA HA HA! Yup! He loved it!

The last of Yub's birthday celebrations is availing his free bowl from Ramen Nagi!

RAMEN NAGI treats birthday celebrants during their birth month with a free bowl of their Butao King as long as their date will pay for one. It's like a buy one get one for free!

Look at his happy smile! Libre his favorite e!!!

Told you mababaw lang kaligayahan niya!

Now this is my bowl!

I don't normally get the Butao King but after pimping it up, I really enjoyed this.

He he he he he! LOADED!

This officially ends my husband's Birthday Celebrations. Yup! It's not as eventful as last years but based on his happy smiles and exclamations of "Alriighttt!!!", he enjoyed it.

People may remark that we tend to get overboard or OA with our birthdays, but that is our way showing happiness, appreciation, and love to the VIP of the month. With Yub, he always say that he's fine with whatever and could do away with birthday songs (which we followed... he he he) but that doesn't mean that we will not fuss over him for turning a year older. He has been doing that for us for thousands of years (AY OO!!!) that's why it's only fitting that we treat him like the King he deserves.


Di muna siya maglalaba.


We love Yub!!! (Belated) Happy Birthday! AY! AY!

Check out our text exchange during his birthday. Yuck! Yung TWG Tea na lang sa yo. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Mwah! Mwah!






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