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Wednesday, August 14, 2019


WAAAAAAAAAH it's our last day!!!! And though nothing much happened here, I still want to document it in this silly little blogations of mine.

This is my online diary after all.

Ay you should see my actual kiddie diary, SOBRANG detalyado. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


So it's our last day and we slept extra late last night to fix all of our things. I'm thankful that my little guys now know how to pack their bags so it's a big help for me (before I used to do it all for them). Yun lang unlike our out of town trips, the Yub and I have to fix all luggage afterwards to distribute the weight and to cushion fragile items. The last thing we want is to have an explosion of my... ahem... forehead cream. He he he he!!!!!

As much as we were sad to pack and leave Korea, we missed my Mom SOOOOOOOOOOOO much and wanted to see her ASAP (I'll tell you why later).

Check out our last few hours in Korea and our return to the wonderful land of the Philippinnnnnnnnnnnnnesssssss!!! He he he he!


Bye crummy breakfast!!!

I swear, I never thought the day would come where I'd get tired of scrambled eggs but ding ding ding, it did!!!!!!!!!!

Checking out!!

Unlike in the Philippines where they just let you keep your keycards (collection!!!), in Korea, they really required you to return it. While on our way to the airport our tour guide received a call that one of us haven't returned the keycards yet and was asking us to come back for it.

Good thing they made a mistake.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Akala ko kami na!

Waiting... waiting.

Is it just me or did the weather suddenly become perfect in Korea? He he he he he!

We don't wanna gooooo!


Inside our big bus!

There was A LOT of space but the boys wanted to try out how it felt like sitting at the back. 

I wonder when we'll be back in Korea again?


We passed by this Korean grocery for some last minute pasalubong shopping and we're happy to get a good haul for our family back home.

Many of us initially whined why we needed to pass by the grocery. When we got there naman parang kaming mga asong naulol with all the Korean goodies. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Cool thing in Korea is that they'll ask if you want to check in your goodies. When we said yes, they packed and sealed it off so tight! Galing!

Wohow! Check out our driver wearing a full uniform complete with white gloves! Ang galeng!

I really like it when people show dignity in their jobs by dressing professionally. Nothing peeves me more when seeing jeepney or taxi drivers in sandos and slippers, then reason out that "Driver lang naman kami." Hay naku!

Here at the airport!!!!!

Our agent made our online confirmations but we were all seated separately at the farthest of rows! When I complained about it, agent said that's just how it is. I dunnow but we've made many online confirmations in the past and since we did it early, we all got seats together. Oh well....

We just requested for the kind airline lady to change our seats and voila, we all got seated next to each other AND farther up the rows pa! Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

We said goodbye to dear Judy, our tour guide. She was nice, funny, and so game with pictures. We love her!!!!!

Korea has a BIIIIIG airport.

We were able to shop for awhile. He he he he he!

Got separated with Team Virrey because I needed to buy something. Since we had more than an hour before our flight, we thought of having a snack.



I see our plane!

The bunsoy asked for a picture saying it will be his last steps in Korea for this year (yep we're a sentimental family I know).

Going to our plane!!!!!!!!!

Yep! We ALWAYS sit together!!!!!!

Si Yub lang nahihiwalay... Ha ha ha ha!

Whenever we fly, Andrei always requests to be by the window seat because loved watching the view during take-off.

He's going to be a pilot someday you knows.

Getting ready....

So is my bunsoy!

Yay!!! Manila!!!!!!!!!!

Andrei will be a pilot someday that's why when we fly, he would always request to meet the pilots of the flight.

We're happy that the Air Asia pilots were very nice, friendly, and accommodating to Andrei.

They let him inside the cockpit pa!

Co-pilot Pogi said that he studied flying in Cebu while Captain Pogi mentioned that he studied in the US naman. They asked Andrei what he wanted to fly and my bunsoy baby said he likes a certain model of Boeing. He he he he he!

They let him pull some levers and push buttons. 

Good thing that the Androse did not accidentally press the seat eject button! Hala! Wawa Co-Pilot Pogi!


Andrei got happy because he said that he could already reach the pedals and the buttons overhead. That means his height is "pilot" ready. He he he he he he!

Thank you once again Co-pilot Pogi (left) and Pilot Captain Pogi (right). Sorry wasn't able to get your names... He he he he! Na-shy ako aysus.

It is gentlemen like you who inspire children to go after their dreams. Thanks again for giving Andrei your time and giving him encouraging words. 

We got our bags so it's time to say good bye to Team Virrey!

Wohooo!!! Till our next trip guysh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you Aning and family!

I asked my little guys if they wanted to pass by Powerplant Mall or go out with Team Virrey for our early dinner. 

Nope, they both said. They all wanted to go home to their Lola. Andrei even added that he missed his Lola so much that the first thing he'll do is to run and hug her.

Awwww.. Yes it's true.

Though they really love their Lola and they would still do it on usual occasions, there is another reason why they suddenly want to be with their Lola ASAP.

While we were in Korea, the hardware store, SABILE BUILDERS,  started a strong fire. I was hundreds of miles away FB chatting my sister and we were all worried because our office and house were just beside it. The fire was getting high by the minute. 

This was the view up front...

This was at the back!

 See the room where a light is on? THAT'S OUR HOUSE! See how the firewall was preventing the fire from invading that room????

Yep! We were just beside that very strong fire caused by paint, wood, wires, I don't know. It IS a construction supply shop after all. Huhuhu!!!!!

I don’t want to go into details but we were so grateful for the prompt service of the Plainview fire department along with the other barangays. One of the problems encountered by the firemen was that there was no water at that hour (yep thank you Manila Waters) so they relied on their portable tanks. We all prayed hard to God then lo and behold, we got rain!! It really helped in cooling off the firemen and wetting the surroundings.

The fire was still ongoing at 2:30am and I decided to pray the novena of Padre Pio. I felt so helpless because we were all in Korea and I didn't wake up the Yub and the boys because I didn't want them to worry. I relied on the updates of my sister.

Then a few minutes later my sister messaged saying the fire was finally contained! Fire out was declared at 430am. When my Mom went back to the house to return the things that was misplaced, she suddenly found the portrait of Padre Pio that was missing for many months. (Goosebombs right??? Hehehe)

Besides prayers to God and Padre Pio, we have a LOT to be thankful to our Dad. Yep! He also "saved" us!!!!!

In the 80’s we were already living for years in our house when he got word that a hardware store will set up shop beside us. With that, he thought it was best to construct a big firewall because hardware shops most probably have storage and supplies that are “takaw apoy” He got complaints from the Barangay and my Kuya Nap was discouraging him with the firewall (because it cost a lot and was unnecessary at that time).  But he was SO right. He’s been in heaven for 2 years now and he’s still taking care of us (if you’ll look closely on the first SABILI picture, you’ll see an image all in white. Yes, I believe it’s him guarding the office). Yep. His “advanced firewall” saved our office and house that night.

Hayyy! Thank God, Padre Pio (Happy Birthday), and Daddy for everything!

When I told the little guys what happened they got so worried for their Lola. They kept asking everyday how she was and they can't wait to go home and see her.

That's why right after our vehicle parked, my little guys immediately ran inside the house....

Andrei got to his Lola first...

Then Master Mati.... (uy extra si Daddy... ha ha ha ah ha)

The boys and my Mom were in such a tight hug for a looooong time. It's like they suddenly forgot that I was there too (huhuhu... ha ha ha ha!) But really, it was such a sweet sight.  And I'm so thankful that my little guys love their Lola (my Mom) SOOOO MUCH. They were very happy to see her all safe.

And in her true always loving Lola/Mommy form, she said dinner was ready -- it was our favorites!!! Yohoo! KFC (our traditional after flight food) and Sinigang na Hipon (Mati's wish).


Thank you and we love you so much Mommers!!!!!

The next day, we treated the family to a "welcome back" dinner to our favorite THE GRID FOOD MARKET in Powerplant Mall!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!

Mommy and Andrei!

Master Mati and Kuya Jon!

Me and the constipated Panget!

My Mommers and I shared the Lechon Gourmet Manok Set (P299.00) from LE CHON!

The Androse got his favorite Tonkotsu Ramen (P390.00) from TSUKE-MEN!

He said that this was the best Ramen of all (he he he). My bunsoy baby got to finish all of it!

I also ordered my favorite Tuna Tostada (P135.00 each) from LA CHINESCA!

Master Mati tried out the Classic Laksa (P375.00) from BABU!!!

As for the Yub he got this Fried Chicken and Twister Fries from the stall beside Flower Boy. I forgot the name.

I think my brother got a bowl of Ramen too....


So that is that!

I'm happy that we all decided to push through with our Korea trip as one of Andrei's graduation gifts. 

We actually invited my Mom to go with us (my treat!!) but since she already went here, she didn't want me to overspend. He he he he he!

We normally plan the whole trip ourselves but since we wanted to try out joining a group tour, we jammed with Team Virrey's family.

Being with friends who are also like family certainly made the trip more memorable and wild!!!!!

We will surely miss Korea for all the culture, history, beauty, and FOOD!!!!!!!

But of course, as much as we had an awesome time in Korea, our departure was made more bearable with the thought of coming home to our loving and wonderful family. 

As they say, "It doesn't matter where you roam, it's always nice to be back home!"

But of course, our trip to Korea will have A SUPER KADUPER place in our hearts!!!!!


Till next time!!!


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!




  1. From Bucky's(fried chicken and twister fries)

    Omg goosebumps youre kwento about your house! Thank God hindi kayo naapektuhan!

    Balik kayo Korea! Nabitin ako sa trip nyo haha!


    1. Hulooooo ERIKA (or Bucky's Fried Chicken and Twister Fries)... HA HA HA HA HAH A!

      DI BAAAAAAAAAAA? Yep! Major goosebumps! (BTW, I love saying GOOSEBOMBS kasi I saw somebody making the mistake online and I found it so funny I've been using it ever since... BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!)

      OO thank God talaga! I told myself before that I wouldn't share it but then I wanted to stress on the power of praying to God and Padre Pio, and also to convey how strong my Daddy's love is kaya I would now always include it in my kwentos. Hay galing talaga ni God. For me I think it's a blessing to be more mindful of our house and be careful with appliances. I'm sure the incident saved us from something bigger if ever (knock on wood).

      YES! BITIN! And nakakapagod! Hay nako! We'll really go back for a longer vacay and WITH NO TRAVEL AGENT. Ha ha ha ha ha! This is so that we're free to follow our own sked. Yay!!!

      Thanks again! MWAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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