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Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Remember the time when I won loads of Robinson's GCs in our EAT BULAGA Christmas party?

Well I haven't used a peso from it because I don't really go to Robinson's malls that much.

One night however, enough was enough. I told the Yub that we have been putting off buying him "brips" because we wanted to save money by using the GCs. So we braved the Saturday traffic in Ortigas to go to Robinson's Galleria and shop our brains out.

You should have seen us in the department store -- gone were the faces that would mentally calculate the total and subtract it from our budget, we got everything we wanted.

If Andrei liked this black polo, put it in the basket.
If the Mati asked for socks, put it in the basket.
Remembering that we needed new pans, put it in the basket.
There's 50% off in granny knickers, put it the basket.
There's extra extra small brips for the Yub, PUT IT IN THE BASKET.

Whatever my guys fancied, they could get. The sky was their frikkin limit (below P24,000 of course). 

He he he he he he he he!!!!

All that shopping made us all hungry. With that, we marched over to the restaurant that we've been wanting to try in Robinson's -- NONNA'S PASTA AND PIZZERIA.

I have actually been to NONNA'S before when I gave the Yub a surprise birthday party for his 40th birthday. We all loved the food and promised to return but their Nuvali branch was just so far from where we lived.

Good thing that NONNA'S opened in Robinson's Galleria because the Yub and I wanted the boys to try it out. You know us, when we had an enjoyable experience, we'd immediately share it with our boys.

Come to think of it, our dinner at NONNA'S motivated me more to go to Robinsons than the GCs because that was the night when I was craving for some pasta! He he he he he he!!!!

Oh well. Everybody happy. It's great too that we had a lot of GCs left so that means we have another excuse to go to Robinsons Galleria..... and NONNA'S!


Like their Nuvali branch, NONNA'S in Robinson's Galleria was bright, colorful, and had that homey rustic feel.

Personally, I found decors to be a cross between a cafe that you would like to stay in for a looooong time, and your loving Tita's home where you'll get spoiled rotten. He he he he he he he!

Did that make sense? I surely hope not!

The Andrei and I went ahead because my GCs were taking too long to process (ha ha ha ha ha ha). 

NONNA'S condiments!

Yay! Everyone's here na!!!!


Master Mati and Kuya Jon Jon!!!

Number 5 and Dolores!!!!

(Guess what series I'm watching now??)

Wait... I forgot to take a picture of me and the Yub! He he he he. MEH. Just refer to top picture.

Ordering up!

I love how when ordering, I look like I'm giving the server the plot line to the  new Avenger's movie. He he he he he!


Check out my Kuya's face. He's like "Egad. Stop it already!!"

Kidding! He's super bait and kind. Promise. That's why we all love him. :)

First on the table is NONNA'S Mozzarella Sticks (P180.00)!

These were gone in no time. He he he he he! Yep! We're hungry.

Kuya Jon suggested we get the NONNA'S Chicken Fingers (P180.00) for extra munchies.

These were nice and crunchy but it would have been better if they had creamy dips instead of just the Marinara and Barbecue sauces.


Carbo loading rules!!!!

I was in the mood for something creamy so we got the NONNA'S Carbonara (P245.00)!

It was good but not mind-blowingly awesome. I think it just needs a dash of salt or something.

We also ordered the NONNA'S Vongole Spaghetti (P285.00) because it would be a good match with our other cheesy grub.

We all liked this more than the Carbonara. The oils were extra flavorful too that we mopped our bread in it.

For pizzas, we got the combination of 4-Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (P350.00).

We wanted to try both but we might not be able to finish it.

The Yub requested for the NONNA'S Marghareta Pizza (P295.00) because he just wanted a plain pizza but didn't like the blue cheese in the 4-Cheese.

When we have this, my guys always pick out the basil leaves. I usually zoink it for my own eating purposes. He he he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Kuya Jon!


For dessert, the NONNA'S manager gave us this complimentary Strawberry Panna Cotta because we were cute. He he he he he he he!

The Yub loved this and scraped it clean.


Le bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For dessert, the bunsoy baby requested for some Coldstone Ice Cream. We also hung out there to chat some more.

Great dinner with my boys and Kuya Jon!!!! 

Isn't it great that our motivation to shop is for PIZZAS and BRIPS??

He he he he he he!!!!

Level 3, Robinsons Galleria, 
Ortigas, Quezon City
02 6381728


Huhuhu!!!! My dress got caught in the Robinson's escalator!!!!! I immediately yanked it off because I was afraid that like in cartoons, it would get all sucked in and I'll be bold. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Oh well.... I wonder if I could still have it repaired???




  1. Were you sitting on the steps? How could it have gotten caught that high?

    1. HEY BAPSTER!!!!


      I just got surprised when suddenly it was getting sucked into the escalator!!!!

      My theory is, Im on my way down and was standing so close to the "escalator stair" behind me that the bottom of my dress got caught in it (could you picture that?)

      This is actually the third time that it happened. Once in Powerplant Mall, the second in Japan,... Third time's a charm!!!! Kainis no I never learn! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's why when I'm wearing long dress I hold it up a bit na when using the escalator.

      He he he he he!

  2. Wahahaha ms jaz sobrang tawa po ako sa PS mo na you will be bold kapag naipit lahat sa escalator yung dress ������

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Tinemon di ba nasa movies usually yun or in cartoons??? Naku buti sana if sexy ako and nakalingerie e naka granny knickers lang ako na singlaki ng tent. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

  3. I really love your site and your posts!!!! but I've learned my lesson not to browse when I'm hungry kse nakakagutom ang mga foods!!! aside from that you are so so so funny! I love you and your whole fam and friends who I've gotten to know through years of going through your blog. Keep it up! keep the fun! and best of love to everyone!

    1. Hiya dear Lucy A!!!!

      Wow thank you soooo much!!!! I got kilig and very happy with your comment! Alam mo ba, kahit ako nagugutom minsan while writing it. Kaya tuloy, Yub! Sa ganito tayo kumain. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Yayyyyy thanks!!! Alam mo kindred spirits na tayo niyan. Before I was tempted to just be "normal" and write "safe" so that everyone would get it. Kaso in the end, wala my personality shone through. ha ha ha ha ha! Apologies na lang for those who cannot get my weird humor (which would consist of my favorite shows, movies, and kaweirduhan). Ha ha ha ha ha! Kaya yay!!! I'm always glad to meet somebody who appreciates it. mwah mwah!

      Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!! I hope to hear from you more din and sana meet you soon. Take care always!!! Mwah mwah tsup tsup!!!!!

    2. Just be your kalog silly self that definitely reflects into your blogs. Who doesn't love a site where you learn and get great tips but best of all makes you happy and gives you a smile :) Your adventures are so down to earth and so relatable. Plus you're so close to your family (hello kuya Jon) and friends (si manong Fred nasasanay na khet papano sa cam at si mareng Gail ganda na laging sinasabi ang totoo mong edad tuwing bday mo). As trivial perhaps to you and to them, We do get to know even the people you are with and it adds up to the fun and yes it shows how much you truly value and love them. I am sure there are lots more who are fond of your stories baka tahimik lang sila or busy para mag comment. Para kmeng nagbabasa ng foodserye + sino na naman kasama nya sa kaganapan. Keep it up! We are reading and smiling!

    3. Hi dear Lucy A!!!!

      Alam mo I think I read your comment about 3-4 times... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Sorry ha but it really made me smile today. It just gives me a different kind of high learning how some people would appreciate something I really, really love. Because promise, that's how my blog is, it's really my online diary. Before, I would accept product posts but now I don't anymore because I want this blog to be as personal as possible. Kaya I'm really happy that you're finding joy from my stories, memories, or, foodserye. He he he he he he!!!!! More will come and with the usual gang (friends and family). Hope to really meet you soon dear Lucy A! Picture picture tayo ah???

      Mwah mwah!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for your Nonna's review! We're planning to dine there with the kiddos next week. Also grabe, wasn't expecting your P.S. lakas ng tawa ko!

    1. OMG!!! I'm your biggest fan too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He he he he he he!!!!

      You'll surely love it dear mareng Frannywanny. We love the food especially the pizzas!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm not sure if you'll still laugh if you saw me get bold in the mall. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! You'll be traumatized I'm sure. Kidding! Mwah mwah!!!!!!!!!!

    2. you write so well Mare thus me being your biggest fan! you never fail to make me laugh :P haha can't wait to try Nonna's next week!

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Right back atya but ten times more!!! Mwah mwah mwah!!!! He he he he he!


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