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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in Manila Hotel to celebrate Andrei's win of Best Talent in Mr. BOSCONIAN and we are all having a blast. Many may think this is unlikely because public perception is that MANILA HOTEL is old and stuffy. But really, it was as majestic and historic as we dreamed it would be.


When asked why he chose this classic Manila institution, he answered that it's the hotel where his idol, the BEATLES stayed in when they were in the Philippines.

Awwwww.... The little Ringo talaga!!

I was actually very proud of that reason and kept on mentioning it to everyone who'll listen (kulang na lang mangalabit ako ha ha ha ha ha).

We already checked out the MANILA HOTEL museum and had a tour of the Macarthur suite. And since we're here because of my bunsoy, we cannot leave without checking out THE BEATLES suite! Our guide told us that we had to go down of the old building. 


And here we are! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to the concierge, the BEATLES stayed in this type of suite. They got about 6 of these.

The bunsoy was so happy!!! He really wished to see the room the BEATLES stayed in and now he did!!!

Yayy! Goal accomplished!!!!

Thank you so much MANILA HOTEL for satisfying this ultra BEATLES fan!

For dinner, we went to our favorite KAMAMESHI!!!!

Then, we checked out the light show in Luneta.

We also said hi to our hero, Dr. Jose Rizal!

I think it's our first time to see this historical structure at night.

When we returned to MANILA HOTEL, the little lords saw this tablet and asked that I take a picture of it so that it will always be remembered.

Could you tell me where to find it in MANILA HOTEL grounds? He he he he!

When we returned to the hotel, we had a nightcap of coffee,  hot chocolate, and ice cream!

Check out the blog post HERE!!!!!!!!

As we got ready to go back to our rooms, I was again enchanted by the warmth and exceptional beauty of the MANILA HOTEL lobby!

There is no going to bed for us yet. We had a pictorial around the lobby because everywhere we looked, it had that je n'ais se quoi kodak moments!!!! He he he he he!

Andrei and his golden arches.

Us and the vast hallways going to the function rooms.

Isn't it beautiful?

O kami naman!

Thanks for the pic Master Mati!

The Yub and BEATLES Andrei!

Me and my big guy Master Mati!

While we were in MANILA HOTEL, we also got to talk with some guests who told us ghostly tales in the popular establishment.

One of which is this "disappearing lady" whose portrait is found near the function rooms. Some guests swore that there were times when the lady's piercing eyes will follow you around and give you a wicked smile. There were even times when she would leave and all you see is an empty portrait!


These stories may just be "tales" but I have to admit that there is something eerie about her. I don't know if it's just my wild imagination but I certainly don't want this old picture in my house anytime soon.

He he he he he he he!

As we were walking around, we saw some pilots lining chatting up in the lobby area. The bunsoy shyly told me that he wants to have a picture with them (he also wants to be a pilot when he grows up).

I approached these fine gentlemen who were so game with having a photo with their future associate (he he he he).

Wanting to impress them (because Andrei knows many models and types of planes) I asked my boy what kind of airplane he wanted to fly when he grows up (like what kind of Boeing).

He confidently answered "LUFTANSA AIRLINES!!!"

Hala! These guys were from Qatar Airways! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

They were gracious naman and made jokes so that I won't feel too embarrassed. He he he he he! Ayan, I want to fly Qatar tuloy!

Andrei talaga.

When we arrived in our room, MANILA HOTEL provided turn down service and left behind these delicious chocolates!

The chocolates were just scrumptious and I can't get enough of it (I zoinked everything ha ha ha ha). It was so perfect with coffee for my good night snack.

It was so good that I bought a box the next day to take home to my Mommy!

While I was having coffee, the bunsoy played on his cel while it was charging.

Tsk tsk tsk!!! 

Huy! That's my spot Androse!



The next day....

Good morning Manila Bay!

We were all up and early for breakfast!

The place was packed but good thing we were still able to get seats near the buffet table.

After eating, you know the routine....

There wasn't too many swimmers that morning and we almost had the pool area to ourselves.

Yehesss!!!! Swimming galore for us!!!!

I guess this is one of the reasons why we had an (almost) empty pool this morning.

This made the little lords happy!

Ayun lumalayo pa samin.

Taking loads of pics before I wet my hair and have a satellite dish on my forehead.

My little lords!

Thanks dear Andrei for thinking of MANILA HOTEL for a staycation!

Time to swim for the Jazzybelle!!!

That was a very fun hour long swim!

Time to go back to our rooms.

One of the reasons why we went up agad is the bunsoy wanted to try out the bathtub.

I know what you're thinking and no it's still different because the tub had bubbles!

For post swimming snacks, the Master Mati and I had some Cheesy Samyang!

Since we're getting ready for check out, it's time to do the pictures around the room tradition!

Our drunk shot....

On the bed shot...

By the entrance shot....

Feeling like a boss shot...

Room shot....

Hall way shot!

Now it's really time to go.

Bye room 1415!!!!!!

Hampy was sad that it's time to go. H eh ehe he he!

MANILA HOTEL elevator!

As usual, when we got to the MANILA HOTEL lobby, it was filled with guests who were doing the following:

1) Checking out...
2) Admirning the chandeliers...
3) Having coffee...
4) Listening to music...
5) Taking pictures....

Guess what?

WE DID ALL OF THAT too! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Checking out was fast for us because there were not too many people at the counter that time.

I know it was time to go but we still didn't feel like leaving the grandeur of MANILA HOTEL!

Besides that, somebody didn't want to leave without saying good-bye to the lady in the portrait.

Me thinks he's also making sure that she's still there. He he he he he he!

Well she was!!!

Wait Andrei, I hope this is not like a "Somewhere in Time" moment for you. Inangkupushness. Magkakkaheart attack ako niyan. Mamili ka naman ng kasing ganda ni Jane Seymour and not somebody who looks like she's going to morph into the Wicked Witch of the East soon!

I've mentioned in my previous blog how I have been wanting to have a weekend in MANILA HOTEL since I was a kid. That's why I'm thankful that Andrei's wish made this dream a reality for all of us. Some may dismiss THE MANILA HOTEL as old, stuffy, and "minumulto". But really, when you appreciate the simple things in life, you would love the history behind this Philippine landmark and the splendor of how they celebrated the beauty of old Philippines. 

The moomoo is a welcome addition too! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We really had an awesome staycation in THE MANILA HOTEL and I want to go back soon. And based from all the smiles that I saw from my guys, I'm sure they feel the same.





Bonifacio Dr, Ermita, Manila, 
0913 Metro Manila
(02) 527 0011




  1. Hi Ms. Jaz,

    I agree with the old & stuffy look comment but you're right about being historic & majestic. Good thing I got 2 see it before booking an overnight stay. At least I wont be shocked when I see it with my own eyes haha.

    Cguro I would stay for the stories behind it & da experience but when it comes to amenities I prefer the newer posh hotels.

    I had no idea that The Beatles had a bad impression of da hotel. Too bad though but what a cool fact haha.

    Regards 2 ur family & always take care!!!


    1. Hiya Kyle!!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes even the new wing had that stuffy feel to it pero apart from the used pillow (that I requested to be changed) we didn't mind. Ang laki lang ng space tapos the beds were small ha ha ha ha ha ha! Tamang tama for an extra mattress sana!!!!!!

      Yup! You you have a point!!

      Ay did I put that the Beatles had a bad impression of the hotel? I don't remember sorry. Could you please point out to me where para I'll edit? Baka mali na naman inglis ko ha ha ha ha ha ha! The Beatles didnt have a bad experience naman but they did stay at 6 rooms. Sayang lang their memorabilia was destroyed following their scandal before. He he he he he! Andrei would have loved to see it all sana.

      Thanks again! Regards also to your family. Mwaaaah! Cheers!


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