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Monday, June 25, 2018


It was a Sunday so we decided to take out our little dog Penny Lane for our family night. Since we were always in BGC when she's with us, we looked for other pet-friendly parks that we could take her to and we found ourselves in Ayala Triangle! 

Hala my forehead is so big!!!!

Now THAT's much better!!!!

When we got to AYALA TRIANGLE, we took Penny around. She was not as scared in public as she used to be that's why it's a more enjoyable stroll for the boys.

For dinner we ended up in BANAPPLE because we were suddenly craving for their rice platters.

The Yub ordered inside while we settled in the al fresco area because of our little Penny.

When deciding where to tie Penny, the unanimous decision was to strap her leash around my chair because I'm the most heavy.




Master Mati and the Chinese Dimpol!

Papogi pa tong si Mati! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Andrei, Penny, and ME!!!!

Check out Andrei wearing his favorite BEATLES shirt since we have Penny with us.

If you get the connection, we're meant to be friends. He he he he he!

Wohoo! Food is here!

I was trying to cut my carb intake so I got an order of BANAPPLE Caesar's Salad (P190.00)!

It was just your ordinary Caesar salad. Nothing special about it. Still, it was a great veggie dish on the side. 

Master Mati got the BANAPPLE Glazed Tocilo (P245.00)!

This is his favorite in BANAPPLE because found everything about it perfect from the sweet and tender tocino to the creamy scrambled eggs!

For me and the Yub, we shared a platter of our default order, BANAPPLE Chicken with Mushroom Gravy (P250.00)!

This dish has always been sulit for us. Too bad now they omitted the carrots sticks that they usually served with the corn and the chicken is smaller na. He he he he he!

The bunsoy Andrei got his usual order as well of BANAPPLE Pasta Jacinta (P250.00)!

It is very similar to Carbonara but with that more earthy taste. 

My bunsoy, the ever picky eater, is always able to finish his food whenever Penny is with us. It's because he hopes to have another night out with his doggie ASAP if he's a good boy.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and Penny in BANAPPLE!!!!!

While we were eating, an old cat was dozing off at our side. He seemed so harmless and adorable. The server at BANAPPLE said he's a "regular" in Ayala Triangle and they would give him food. We gave the cat some of Penny's food and left him her water.


Since we're all full from dessert, we all just shared a slice of Banoffee Pie (P

Of course, I had some coffee to match my dessert. He he he he....

Whenever you're in BANAPPLE, don't miss ordering a slice of their Banoffee pie. I think it's one of the desserts that made this humble restaurant popular.

Le bill!

After Andre wiped out his food, he asked if he could walk Penny around.

Later on, his Kuya followed.

That night Makati was celebrating earth hour that's why almost all of the lights were turned off.


Andrei and his little Penny.

Master Mati would always complain why we needed to take out Penny. At first he didn't even want to join us! Good thing that later on he seemed to enjoy himself and even agreed to hold Penny's leash.

My handsome teenager talaga!!!!!

While Ayala Triangle, Penny met this friendly doggie who wanted to play with her. Our doggie got shy and ran away. He he he he he.

It's okay. At least she's well behaved and didn't bark at all unlike the other dogs in Banapple.

Time to go home na!

What a fun night with the family and our little doggie. Till our next night out Penny!



Ayala Triangle Gardens, 
Paseo de Roxas, Makati, 1226 Metro Manila
(02) 756 2675



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