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Thursday, June 7, 2018


After about 2 weeks, I thought it was the end of my birthday celebrations. Then, surprise, surprise! HOTEL JEN MANILA called me up saying they also wanted to join in on the fun and invited my family to dinner at LATITUDE!

WOAAAAH!!!!!! Ika nga ni pareng Michael Corleone, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in"... but with FOOD! He he he he!

I'm happy pa that with HOTEL JEN MANILA extended the invitation to my Mom. Of course, birthday celebrations are MORE fun with her.

Check out our wonderful family Saturday dinner at Latitude to celebrate ME being 33!!! Getting older is indeed better with fun, family and delicious food!

He he he he he!


LATITUDE is located at the lobby floor of HOTEL JEN MANILA. The chic and casual restaurant restaurant had a warm yet classy feel to it. For me, it's a place where the prices are affordable yet it is posh enough for your special events like birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays, and birthdays.


What I also love about LATITUDE BUFFET is the SPACE. See how there is room enough to tango? It's good that they didn't cram up all the tables they can so as to get more diners.

Did I mention something about birthdays?

Yup! You may wanna keep LATITUDE in mind on your next celebration!


Me and the bunsoy boy Andrei!

Mommy and Master Mati!

Me and the Chinese Ogre.

Let's check out the buffet!

LATITUDE Appetizer Station!

Cheeses.... Yummmm...

If I was not in the mood to engorge on some meat tonight, solved na ako dito!

Fresh Fruits!

Hmmmm.... Next year na lang. Ha ha ha ha ha!

LATITUDE Soup Station!

LATITUDE Salad Station!

Don't you just love those big "barrels" of Parmesan Cheese?

Salad toppings and dressings!

LATITUDE Cold Dishes Station!

Get a lot of the clams, and shrimps!

You could have this cooked any way you like!

Since it was a Saturday, LATITUDE also had the barbecue station.

Choose from their fresh meat selection and have it grilled. I'm so excited to try these out!

LATITUDE Pasta Station!

It's a make your own pasta drama with your choice of toppings and sauces.

LATITUDE Hot Dish Station!

Fish Fillet with Orange Dill Sauce!

Piri Piri Chicken!

Seafood with Sweet Chili Sauce!

Beef Caldereta!

I know this doesn't look good but trust me, it was soooo delicious!

The Adobo Fried Rice was soooo appetizing too! It went so well with the other dishes!

LATITUDE Meat Station!

Uuuuy.... The picky eater Andrei is there agad!

Check out that US Prime Rib!!!!

Isn't it beautiful???

Barbecue Beef Brisket!

What's great about this station is that you could have the Prime Rib fried up into thin slices with extra garlic and sauces!

It is also for those who would like to have their meats grilled to their own desired doneness!

I tell you, the aroma at that station is SOOOO mouth-watering!

LATITUDE Dessert Station!

Don't you just love the colors???

Strawberry and Pistachio Panna Cotta! 

Halo Halo ooh la la!

Corn and Rice with Coconut Milk!


Drinks are included in LATITUDE! The same goes with coffee and tea!

After going around and filling up our plates, it's time for us to EAT!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my family for my 33rd (HE HE HE HE) birthday!

Look at my beautiful view!

Haaaay... Just remembering this full plate is making every inch of me drool (if that's possible....).

I also had some Baked Cheesy Mussels!

Plus some Linguine with Clams!

The grilled pork was just so awesome -- the meat had that appetizing grilled flavor and every chunk was just so juicy and tender.

Because of that, I got another helping of raw meat for the barbecue.

Aaaauuugh! These juicy meats were so perfect with rice!

Me and my happy bunsoy chomping on our plates in LATITUDE!!!!

And because I enjoyed my first plate too much, I helped myself to another one!

Yep! That prime rib and rice were just THE BOMBNESS!!!!!

As I was licking clean my pork ribs, the baked cheesy clams arrived!

I was in the mood for MORE carbs so I had the chef cook up some Linguine with Marinara sauce.

As for Andrei, he got some Carbonara naman!!!!

After all that food, I'm finally done!

My dessert!

As for the Yub, he got a halo halo!

The Yub got some fruits too (boring.... ha ha ha ha!).

As we were having our dessert, LATITUDE surprised me with a birthday plate!

I love it!

I'm so thankful to be surrounded by people who truly love me even if I'm already 33 (ahem)....


BURP!!!!! That was a super enjoyable dinner in LATITUDE BUFFET! We were able to savor all of the dishes (as opposed to mile long buffet tables) and pig out to our happy heart's content.

I'm happy too that my Mom was able to join us. Celebrations are of course more fun with your most special people around.


Thank you so much HOTEL JEN MANILA!!! We will surely be back!

3001 Roxas Blvd, Pasay City
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 795 8888





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