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Friday, March 9, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having an ultra fun weekend in BAGUIO while staying at the brand new GRAND SIERRA PINES HOTEL. We had a cozy room and the little lords found fun activities to do here and there.

I have to admit though that what seals the deal for me in hotels are the food. If breakfast was MEH, it would give me enough reason not to book there again.

I'm glad though that in GRAND SIERRA PINES, we had a delicious breakfast that made me excited to get up the next day (which is rare, I promise).

Check out how our mornings were made better (and more delicious) by GRAND SIERRA PINES!  

Wohoo! Let's EAT!

Going down for brekky.

Look at Mati with his bedhead. He he he he he!

Normally, breakfast would be al fresco. But since they had a lot of guests that morning, they set it up in one of their function rooms. 

GRAND SIERRA PINES gave breakfast coupon that should be presented at the reception.

Hotel breakfast rules and regulations. 

Luck was with us that morning because we had a table near the buffet.


Master Mati and our Mr. Bosconian 2017-2018!!!!

Me and the Chinese Ogre.

Master Mati immediately checked out the goods.

Appetizers and Salads!

Bread Station!

Egg Station!

Main entrees!

Bacon and Beef Tapa!

Meatloaf and Chicken Longganisa!

Crispy Tinapa and Palabok!

Arroz Caldo!

Fresh fruits!

Juices and hot drinks!

Oooh! They even have hot chocolate aka batirol!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords having breakfast in GRAND SIERRA PINES!

Awwww... Even the fried egg is happy.

My breakfast spread!

The Yub said the Arroz Caldo was good so I got a bowl.

My master Mati is happy!

Andrei please eat na!

Master Mati loved his cheese omelette so much that he had a second serving. 

They served Strawberry Taho in GRAND SIERRA PINES. I hesitated trying this at first because I remembered how I disliked the one in BURNHAM PARK.

But this one had the right amount of fruity sweetness. Sarap! So glad I got this.

It may be simple for some but we really enjoyed it. Nothing gets me going than breakfast food!!!!!!!


Since it was a Monday, the breakfast set-up was al fresco!

We're definitely not complaining here!

Egg Station!

I was overjoyed at first to discover that there's batirol again. However, the servers informed me they ran out na so they just had milo.

Bread station....

Bacon and Longganisa.

Chicken Barbecue and Bangus!

Ensalada Station!

Arroz Caldo!

Too bad, they don't have the strawberry taho this time.

Time to fill our plates up!

My grub!!!!

Breakfast was better the day before but I still finished everything on my plate.

Food morning!

The bunsoy and the Chinese Ogre!

Me and my Master Mati!

Hala! Ang dami ko na wrinkles. I should stop smiling na.

Done.... with feelings.


For "dessert", I had some more of the arroz caldo since it was perfect for the cold morning.

Then, since I wanted another cup of coffee (my 3rd... ha ha ha ha) I thought of having a slice of bread with strawberry jam and peanut butter.

Haaaaaaay.... Happy mornings with the things you love....

And then there's the Chinese Ogre. 

Har de har har!

The Yub and I took so long with breakfast that the little lords deserted us to go to the playground.

Our tummies were happy with breakfast in GRAND SIERRA PINES!

No. 43 North Outlook Drive. 
Brgy. Gibraltar, Baguio City 2600
 (074) 619 0488



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