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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Happy memories could be experienced even at the most unlikely places. And that is exactly what we discovered when we attended the wedding of our dear KTG friends Joko and Jeeves sometime last year. 

It was a rainy and traffic Saturday when set out for Tagaytay.

Good thing that amidst the weather and traffic situation, we were all dry and pretty (hi hi hi) inside our helicopter. 

Later on, we arrived at the wedding venue in San Antonio De Padua Parish, Silang, Cavite.

We saw out front our KTG bossman dear Spanky and right there and then, the "party" already started for us. He he he he he!

In some of the weddings that I attended, usually the church is empty because most of the guests would go straight for the reception (ngeh).

But for Jeeves and Joko's wedding, the church was full! Yep! They're so well loved!!!


We immediately settled besides our kumare and kumpareng THE FOOD ALPHABET!

Plus the rest of our KAIN TULOG GANG.

The blessing of the couple by their Ninongs and Ninangs.

Selfie time!!! He he he he he!

And we now present to you, Mr. and Mrs. De Veyra!!!

Uuuuuy mareng THE FOOD ALPHABET and I remembered when we got married (kuno). 

So cute ni Mrs. Koppe!!!!

Here's when the couple gave their personal messages and promises to each other.

I'm really happy for these two because we (somehow) saw their romance unfold. I first met them together in THE BURGER PROJECT and they were just friends hanging out together then. I remember them planning to watch a movie that night and I thought "Ano kaya maging sila?"

After 4 years, IT CAME TRUE!!!!!

While the newly married couple were taking pictures at the altar, the Yub and I had a mini-pictorial at the back. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Uuuuy ang sweet namin kuno!

Of course, the mini-pictorial won't be complete without the KTG!

After the beautiful wedding, we proceeded to the reception in Los Arboles!

There were table assignments and saw our cool mates!!

Hello "ERICK!!"" Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Here's Table Number 5!!!!

The lovely Bob and Laine Vallar!!!

Cutie NINES VS FOOD and Tita Millie!

Also (on the left) there's ORANGE MAGAZINE TV!!!!

Plus Mike Ehrmentraut and Gus Fring!

(Guess what show we just finished while I was making this blog? -- Jaz)

He he he! Go Nines! (I asked permission to post this by the way...he he he he he)

It was a garden reception and since it was raining most of the day, the place got a little muddy. The coordinators gave out plastic bags for the guests to use as their "flooring".  Our dear NINES VS. FOOD smartly used it as a sack bag. O di ba? Paraan paraan lang at least her footwear was all spic and span!!!! Go NINES!!!!!! He he he he!!!

But you know what, I didn't hear any violent complaints or reactions. Everyone was just laughing and having fun. Some of us were making wacky scenarios and joking that the De Veyra's should just wrestle in the mud instead of a first dance. It was really a NEW experience for me and the Yub, and we were LOVING IT! This is something that we will NEVER forget. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The program is about to start with our dear KTG Bossman as host!

The bride and groom are here!


Time to eat na din!

(Sorry I'm so PG... ha ha ha ha ha! But you'll know later on why I'm so excited for dinner).

YUP! It's because The PLAZA catered the wedding and this made all of us more excited for the food. I think we have a mouth-watering picture of what will come next!

Pritchon and THE PLAZA HAM!!! WOAH!!!!!!!


I munched on a lot of this while waiting for the program to start!

Since we had difficulty walking around, Tita Millie said we should just stay in our seats and we will be given food by THE PLAZA servers.

As much as I also wanted to take pictures of the food dishes, I was worried, I will fall flat on my fat pwet since I was wearing platforms. I'm thankful that Karla asked one of the servers to take pictures of the buffet!

Ang cute ni Nines! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

THE PLAZA Fried Rice!

Macaroni and Cheese!

Mashed Potatoes!


THE PLAZA Seafood with Cream Sauce!

Sorry I'm not sure what this is called but it was mighty good!

Chicken Inasal!

THE PLAZA Kielbasa!

It's not everyday that you'll see a Kielbasa in your buffet line. So THIS certainly made us all "walking in sunshine" on that rainy night!

THE PLAZA Pastrami!

Egad! So big and meaty (that's what she said he he he he)! This dish dropped the mic on the others! He he he he he!

Roasted Vegetables with Feta Cheese!

For dessert, they had make (or roast) your own S'mores....

And Apple Pie!!!!

Something REALLY tells me that each dish had a special meaning or story for the new couple!

After munching on cheese, ham, and pritchon, dinner officially started with a cup of Nacho soup!

I loved this! The soup was hot, creamy, and tomatoey. The fried nacho strips added a delightful crunch in every spoonful.

In between slurping of soup, I also took huge bites of oven baked pizza!!!!

Our very full THE PLAZA wedding grub!

Dessert and coffee!

OMG that apple pie! It was so good I wanted to marry it and have lots of apple tart babies and then those apple tart babies would have their own offspring and I'll be an apple pie grandma!!!!!!!!!

After eating, we were called onstage for a picture with the new Mr. and Mrs. De Veyra!!!!

Our crazy group occupied the stage at a longer time than usual. He he he he he he! 

We were really so happy for them!!!!!

I think another group was waiting for us to have a picture but we can't stop taking selfies. Mga pasaway talaga. He he he he he he!!!

When we finally went back to our table, we chatted some more with the KTG!

I caught Mr. EN ROUTE having a Johnson and Johnson moment with his pogi bunsoy.


And then it was time for us to go!

The drive going back to Manila was foggy!!!!

But there was no going home yet for us. Don't worry hindi kami nag-biglang liko, we just had coffee!!!! Yayy!

Like I said, you could find happiness in the most unexpected of places: Jeeves and Joko I'm sure never thought that they will end up together when they first met. But after a fun and nerdy friendship (nerds rule!!!), true love suddenly blossomed.

In our case, some may get turned off with the sight of watery mud. But since we always have a great time everywhere as long as the Yub and I are together, mud not only made the night more exciting -- it just made it all memorable for us. Everywhere we look we kept laughing and thinking up of possible "dirty" scenes. And the great thing is, the people around us felt the same. Maybe, like the couple, we were all there to celebrate happiness, good times, and love at the most unexpected of circumstances. The event made mud not a downer but a highlight for all of us! And since we really care for our dear Jeeves and Joko, we didn't mind getting dirty as long as we were all together... 


(Belated) Congratulations dear Jeeves and Joko!!!

#JTAKESJ FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Jaz, you and the ktg are <3 I have no words, Love you all!

    1. And we love you two right back Mr. and Mrs. de Veyra!!! :)


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