Tuesday, March 6, 2018


The last time we were in BAGUIO with friends, we were supposed to eat in this popular steak restaurant that's so friendly in the budget. Plans didn't push through that time because instead, the Yub opted for GOOD TASTE.

For our second trip though, we have made up our minds that we will really include the steak restaurant that we saw in Session road in our itinerary. And on one fine day, we have finally made it....


SIZZLING PLATE is a casual steakhouse with that wooden "cowboyish" vibe.

We went there for our late lunch and it was still full!!! Good thing a table for 4pax got free.

I really love the service in Baguio restaurants because the servers are always so accommodating. Sometimes, even if somebody is already taking our orders, somebody will come to say they'll take care of us.

Like this server guy...

Later on the lady manager said we're good na with her.


Bunsoy Andrei and Master Mati!

MEEEEEEH and the Chinese Adonis!




We're ready for the sizzle!

Every order comes with complimentary mushroom soup. It may not be as thick as others would like it but it was free and served hot. Kaya it's so fine with us!

Mati loved soup and he would always order a bowl to ready his tummy.

Yehessss!!!! Food is here!

My growing boy was hungry and ordered the SIZZLING PLATE Australian Rib Eye (P288.00)!

It was big and tender. Super sarap with the thick gravy!

The Yub had the same thing.

OMG! That's huge!

That's what she said... He he he he he he!

My bunsoy Andrei had the SIZZLING PLATE Chicken Barbecue (P149.00)!

My bunsoy likes it when he gets to order his own dish because it makes him feel like a grown-up. Yun lang, the part he hates is when he has to finish it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In this case though, I'm not imposing the "clean plate" rule muna because the serving is too much!!!! Sulit na sulit!

He just added some of our gravy on his chicken because gravy is life. He he he he he he!

I think I had the SIZZLING PLATE Porterhouse (P285.00) because I'm trying to control my meat intake.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in SIZZLING PLATE!!!!

Go Andrei!!!! You could do it!

My Yub was happy with his big steak!

Since this is the "practical" steak, I drizzled a lot of Worcestershire and Hot sauce to make it more exciting. 

No judgement there!!!

In no time....


For dessert, my bunsoy asked for the Leche Flan Classic (P35.00)!

This too was wiped out.

Our bill!!!!

About P1,200 for all of that? YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!

My little family discovered another hit in BAGUIO CITY!!!! Servings are huge and the taste were little lords approved!!! We'd love to go back here again!!!!



 86 Session Rd, Baguio, Benguet
(074) 442 4219



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