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Monday, June 26, 2017


I think it's no secret how much we love HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL. For us, it's the "BESTEST" and "ULTIMATE-EST" steak place in Manila. That's why when they had a promo in some of their Wagyu sets, we immediately sped off to Greenhills like how the Roadrunner would with a matching "Meep! Meep!" Their steaks are just so darn good and the service, superkaduper impeccable.

That's why there's no question why during my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, we included HOUSE OF WAGYU in the list.

BUT.... There's also another reason for it.

What it is? Find out below.

Dan! Dan! Daaaaan! 


I have already eaten in HOUSE OF WAGYU Greenhills when I treated my parents and friend. But this is the first time for the little lords that's why I'm extra excited for them.

We made reservations the day before and we loved the table given to us.


Little lords Mati and Andrei!

Me and Matthew Crawley!

Guess what series I'm re-watching right now?

After placing our orders, HOUSE OF WAGYU served us their complimentary bread basket.

We loved their breads because it's always freshly baked! The whipped butter melted to a golden steam of goodness when we gave it a generous spread over the bread.

Yummm!!! Bread pa lang sulit na!!!

I've always had high regard for the serve at HOUSE OF WAGYU because the servers are always very accommodating and respectful. When you're in their Greenhills' branch, do look for Benjie. He's a very prompt, polite, and friendly waiter in the restaurant. Major sa kabaitan!

As always, HOUSE OF WAGYU starts the meal with a bowl of Cream of Mushroom soup!

The soup was rich and definitely made from scratch. 

My picky boy Andrei loved it and was happily slurping on the soup while telling us of his yesterday's adventures.

Our birthday lunch was definitely on to a great start!!!!!

After he finished with his soup, Master Mati was so anticipating for the next course.

He was a bit disappointed to discover though that the next course were chilled plates of salad!!!!

Yay! My favorite! Caesar's salad!

Unlike with the bread and soup, the boys lovingly turned over the salad to me.

Yayyyy!! This is ALL mine!

And later on it arrives...

Our WAGYU steak on a stone grill!

This was just beautiful.

If I didn't want to have my meats medium rare, I could stare at this thick cut of WAGYU sizzling the whole day!

But why waste a generous chunk of beef right????

My boys were so excited!!! It was their first time to see steak served this way in a steak house. Definitely a different kind of sizzling experience.

Each steak was served with grilled vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes.

Wohoo!!! HOUSE OF WAGYU for MY birthday win!

Uuuuy behaved pa kunwari.

The steak would be so perfect with red wine. But for now, the boys will be having iced tea!

My bunsoy Andrei is not much a steak eater (since he's lazy to chew... ha ha ha ha!). But he ate his Wagyu steak with so much gusto.

I got about 3 or 4 slices of the steak and was already full!!!!! 

My tummy was already bulging at this point. When you're a Senior Citizen like me (he he he he he) you'll get full easily. 

My bunsoy requested for a Mango shake when he's halfway done with his food.


My set came with freshly brewed coffee!

And dessert of Creme Brulee!

Andrei's favorite is Leche Flan so I'm sure he'll have no trouble finishing this.

The sugar topping was torched just right!

While having coffee and dessert, the Chinese D arranged for the servers to sing me a (belated) birthday song!


Thank you Yub and HOUSE OF WAGYU!

Woah! I got a birthday cheesecake pa!

I have celebrated my birthday for 2 weeks in the past but for this year, I was already very happy with my 1 week full of getogethers and food trips.

However, for this Saturday, even if we're not really supposed to celebrate my birthday, I told Yub that HOUSE OF WAGYU should be part of my celebrations. The Yub agreed since, like I said, it has happened in the past. 

The real reason however is that later tonight, his childhood friends and I are throwing him a surprise birthday party. And since I don't want him to suspect ANYTHING, I maintained that this lunch was all about me. 

I thought that to make his surprise birthday that night more unexpected and special, he should think we're not thinking about or doing anything for his upcoming birthday. He he he he he he he!

But of course, in reality, we are. And we have been doing so for many weeks!!!!

So this birthday cake is ACTUALLY for my dear husband as part of his early birthday celebrations.

My little lords didn't know anything about the surprise but since they saw me covering up my name, they wasted no time in eating chocolate "Jazmin".



Our bill! 

Yep! We shared. He treated me while I treated the boys. Ha ha ha ha ha! Joint celebration nga!

By the way, our real total was 50% of the amount above so our final bill was about P4,000.00 only. See? Super sulit! I love their promos!!!!!!

What a great joint birthday celebration with THE YAPPY BUNCH in HOUSE OF WAGYU (even if my husband didn't have a clue... He he he he he he!)

We will SURELY be back VERY soon!

Club Filipino Avenue, 
San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila
(02) 725 2811


  1. Happy belated birthday Ms. Jaz! You really had a bunch of celebrations. You rock! Wagyu is LIFE!...

    1. Hi Dave! Thank you. Sorry for late reply. Yes ha ha ha! I think basta kainan, I'll count it as celebration. Noticed too that my Dad really celebrated my birthday the whole day. He recently passed. :( Sorry nagdrama ako. ha ha ha.

      Thanks :) Take care.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. That explains why you're not updating this blog that much! I hope you're okay!

    1. Hi Dave! I don't think I will ever be :( Haaaay.... :( Anyway, we'll be in hiatus for a while. We'll just be back siguro after his 40 days. Sorry if I suddenly became all depressed on you. Pero thanks for always being there for us. God bless.

      Don't forget to call your parents tonight and tell them you love them. I'd do anything to do that with my Dad.

    2. I wish I could do that but both of my parents already passed away years ago. It still hurts though! Yeah, I could really feel you Ms. Jaz!~

    3. So sorry Dave :( Didn't know.

      Haaaay. Sana talaga time will stop at the time when we're all together no? Oh well someday. :(

  3. So Sorry for your loss Ms. Jaz. Our deepest sympathy to you and your family.

    Everyday I check your blog, and clueless lang ako bakit walang update, and now I know kung bakit.

    Actually, I follow your blog not only for the restaurant and foods, but also what is current in the Philippines, your wittiness, and especially your closeness and love to your family.

    I really missed my family in the Philippines, because we are living now here in Michigan. You don't know, but you help a lot of people, especially OFW to reconnect again with their families. And you always show to us that love for family is always priority for us, Filipino.

    Please keep up what you started and the good works.

    God bless you and your family!


    P.S. Whew!! Ang hirap talagang mag english, kahit nasa US na ko baluktot pa rin, Di pa rin marunong hehehe! He is in good mighty Hands.

  4. Pinapa smile lang kita sa PS (Pahabol Sulat) ko ha. :)


    1. Hi Nanding!

      How are you? Thanks. We appreciate your kind sympathy during this very hard time.

      I know. Sorry. I actually have about 30plus blogs already done and ready for publishing. But I just can't bear to do it muna. I'm sure my Dad would like us to be happy and go on with our lives pero I don't think I can yet. Parang di ko kayang magpost ng happy happy about food when inside I'm just crushed. I can't just fake it. Sayang. He's the original foodie pa naman in the family. He was the one who would always celebrate everything with food. Now meals will not be the same ever again. :(

      Thank you. I'm glad that somehow my weirdness is appreciated (ha ha) but really thank you. I love my blog so much and it's my online diary. What I share is something from the heart talaga. I'm honored that you're taking time to read it and letting us into your lives. I wonder lang if I'll be the same weirdo pa din? :(

      Thank you thank you thank you. I never thought that my posts (na super nobela minsan.. ha ha ha) would be looked at that way. I'll keep that in mind that somehow I'm bringing you a taste of home. Thank you for letting me see that. Perhaps it will be my push when we're ready.

      Thanks I will keep on reading this comment. You certainly cheered me up today. God bless you and your family too.

      He he he he... Ako din nahirapan ah! Sanay ako jejemon.




  5. That's the exact words of your blog "A Taste of Home".

    "However long the night... The Dawn Will Break" - African Proverb

    At kakain na tayong lahat ng masarap na Breakfast!! :)

    Keep smiling :)


    1. Thank you dear Nanding.

      Your comments somehow cheered me up. Thanks again. :)


  6. My depest condolences Ms. Jaz and to your whole family. My father passed away in 2006 and I still miss him so much. I pray that our good Lord comfort you and your family with his peace and love.

    Your readers, including myself, will be waiting when you are ready to put up posts again.

    God bless!


    1. Thank you so much Cel for your kind words. And I'm sorry to hear about your Dad also. When did you stop crying? Me I would cry when I remember something about him. One minute I'm happy and the next I'm sobbing. But life went on for us -- we're working, we're just going about our old routine. Pero this weekend was the worst. We were having a great day as a family then after our dinner in powerplant mall, I suddenly had a breakdown. I was looking around and everywhere reminded me of my Dad. I was like "Stop this joke and just get back to us na Dad. Stop hiding!" I was crying for 2 days. I think the reality that he's not coming back finally set in and it really hurt. I was angry, frustrated and just in pain. Haaaaay!!!! After praying the rosary for him, I apologized and said that he should still be at peace and not to think about us. We just miss him so much.

      Sorry I rambled. It really helps din kasi to let it out.

      Thank you again. :(

    2. Actually, there are still moments until now, especially when I watch a touching video about a father and his daughter, that my tears will just fall. :( Although I don't sob na unlike before but the heartache is still here. It's okay to cry Jaz, it's because you really miss him...just think about the wonderful times you had together and in God's perfect time you will be healed.

      P.S. when I read your comment kanina that your dad passed away, I really felt sad too :( because it's like I knew him na from reading your blog these past few years... I'm so sorry again for your loss Jaz.

    3. Thank you dear Cel. Your words are so comforting. I'm sorry for the late reply. Honestly, I'm not up for my blog muna. Seeing my many posts ready for publishing would just remind me that these were the times that he was still with us. Maybe I'll be able to publish them soon but not now. Grabe. I feel like he left us for over a year na. Parang ang tagal tagal. In reality, less than a month pa lang pala.


      When people ask me if I'm doing okay, I answer that I'm never going to be okay BUT, we're all getting by. Yun lang, people should realize that crying and missing somebody is not a weakness. It just shows how much we loved him. Life is going on for us -- were working and still accomplishing what needs to be done.

      Naku you should've met him. He is so kalog and such a charmer. Sobra. Ha ha ha ha!

      Thank you :) You cheered me up a today. Take care always and God bless you.

      Jaz :)

  7. My deepest condolences, Ms. Jaz, for your loss. We, your fans, will be waiting for the time that you're ready to blog again. Take care and always pray! Missing the Yappy bunch!

    1. Hi dear Shyra! Thank you. I really don't feel like it pa talaga but I have a lot of finished posts that should be published. Ganun pala yun right? :( I might be posting one na tonight and see how it goes from there.

      Thank you :) I'm not a prayerful person before pero now, my family and I do the rosary for him everyday. For me parang it's how I connect with him. :( Thank you again. And correction, you're not fans, you're friends. Thank you. :) mwah!!!!

    2. I totally feel how hard it is to lose someone. My hubby passed away 10 months after our wedding and 4 months before our baby was born. It literally crushed me to pieces. But we always have a reason to go on and live and smile and laugh..even if it hurts us so much. In your case, your family. In mine, my dear daughter. :) When we lose someone, nagiging eye opener sya, na we should never forget to treat each day like it's our last and live life to the fullest! Kaya eto, kahit single mommy, I still have a gazillion reasons to go on. :)

      Wherever your dad is, I'm sure he's happy and at peace. He lived a good life and had a wonderful family :) God bless you!

    3. I'm so sorry to learn that Shyra. I could just imagine the pain and suffering you felt during that time. And yes, whoever it was, the experience will serve as eye-openers to the people they left behind. I admire you for your strength and love for your child. God is still blessing you.

      Thank you. We are praying that he is too. God bless you also and thank you for the messages. It really helped a lot. Thank you again.


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