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Sunday, January 23, 2011

HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL (Ladies who lunch Series)

Just in case you want to know (and like I said, only a few usually do), I work at the LONGEST RUNNING and BEST noontime show in the history of Philippine television. 

I am confident in saying THE BEST because hey, we would not be in the airwaves for almost 33 years for nothing! The competition? They all "died" and "bit the dust"! 

Har de har har!!

My job is truly a dream come true and indeed a blessing. I love going to work not just because everybody there is "family" BUT, we also share a love for something that I hold glorious...


Well I guess the show is not named EAT... BULAGA for nothing. Ha ha ha ha!

And that is why, we have formed the wondrous group "Ladies Who Lunch" wherein we eat out to celebrate the birthday of a special gal.

This is the first of the many series of EB'S "Ladies Who Lunch" and I was so thankful to be able to tag along. At least I was able to discover new restaurants that weren't in my book before!

BTW, Eric who? 

Tee hee! Kidding! 

Meet my new best friend, HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL!

The meynuh!

Prices may be a bit steep at HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL but coming from a very "practical" (read: stingy/"kuripot") gal like me, the whole experience was worth it! I do not mind coming back and treating my Yub or family to this!

After ordering, we were served with HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL's soup of the day which came with their steaks.

For today, we had a very rich cream of brocolli soup with sour cream. I finished this in no time and even mopped the remaining soup with the complimentary crusty bread. I did not mind that I was with my bosses, IT... WAS... THAT... GOOD!

I was already in heaven with HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL's soup. But imagine my ecstasy with the meat coming later on...

Oh yes, I used that word... ECSTASY!

And I don't mind using it over and over again as long as it is within the confines of HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL!!!

Presenting... the LADIES WHO LUNCH! In time, you will notice we will have additional gals to the group, but for now we have (l-r) MEH, Ms. Florie Antonio (Finance), Ms. Grace Acojido (Finance), Ms. Josie Tolentino (Admin), and Mrs. Madeleine Tuviera (wife of our President and CEO) :).

It was Ms. Josie's birthday and Mrs. Tuviera invited us to celebrate with this great lunch out!

Service in HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL was impeccable and they attended to our every whim. Besides providing bag holders for our carry ons, they also let us wear these brown bibs to protect our clothes from the meat's splatter upon sizzling...

I did not need this anyway, I just stuck out my tongue and savored the oils! YUM!

Mrs. Tuviera ordered the HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL Rib Eye for each of us (P1,595.00) and this was my share.

Never mind that it came with buttered vegetables and potatoes...

Never mind that it came with the heavenly soup which I finished in 5 minutes...

Never mind that the bread was hot and crusty with their lip smacking butter...

This is what you come for here.

Take note how thick my HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL steak is... believe me... that was so tender that I my knife did not really do anything in slicing it. 

I was so enamored of its sizzling beauty that I deserted all photography rules 101 and took a picture AGAINST THE LIGHT.

(Wilhelm scream!)

In HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL, the slab of Wagyu meat was placed atop a hot stone grill and you leave it to cook to your liking. No gravy or catsup (DUH really?) needed here. Just plain sea salt. The perfectly marbled meat was jampacked already with natural savory flavors, it would be eternal damnation to anyone who adds anything else to it. 

And I assure you, life will never be the same.

I would change my name for this...

Again, Eric who? Ha ha ha ha!

I always like my steaks medium rare (or pink in the middle) for that extra juicy tenderness...

By the way, you do know that you have to let the meat rest for about 5 to 10 minutes after cooking so as to evenly distribute the juices through out the meat. 

Not in my case... I was impatient as a bratty 3 year old in Toys R' us. So I immediately sliced the HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL meat and proceeded to fork it into my hungry mouth...

... and it was as DELICIOUS as I dreamed it would be. The meaty flavor had the delightful mild grill taste with the tender buttery fats. I really closed my eyes in ecstasy...

Sorry Yub, this was the first time I felt it...

Again Eric who? Ha ha ha ha!

Happy Birthday Ms. Josie!!!  

Thank you also to Mrs. Tuviera for pioneering the group, Ladies Who Lunch!!! :)

For dessert we had HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL's very delectable cheesecake which was not too sweet and perfect with coffee!

The HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL creme brulee was also perfect to end such a rich carnivorous meal!

Ms. Josie also got a complimentary cheesecake from HOUSE OF STONE GRILL WAGYU! Yey!

After about a month or so, a lone wolf joined the Ladies Who Lunch for another awesome meal at HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL! (In our future meals, it would be his lovely wife who would join our mini eating club :) )

We had new members as well (l-f) Ms. Grace Acojido (Finance), Mr. Maru Sotto (Sales), MEH!, Ms. Josie Tolentino (Admin), Ms. Florie Antonio (Finance), and Ms. Leslie Dionisio (Admin). 

I sat beside Ms. Zeny Buenavista (Finance) on the pic below :)

Upon taking our seats, we treated ourselves again to our usual favorites...

The hot crusty bread that was crunchy on the outside and chewy in the inside!

The HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL soup of the day... Still rich, creamy, and overall delicious!

The ladies ordered a plate of HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL's Caesar Salad (P245.00). Vegetables were crunchy while dressing was just right and did not overpower the greens. This was a perfect side dish to the succulent steaks!

I sincerely hope Mr. Sotto is thinking when our next meal here would be...

My plate!!! My wonderful plate!!!

... and my beautiful HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL steak....

This is the stuff where dreams are made of...

If I die and go to heaven (take note of the "if"), I will be eating this EVERYDAY will all the bone marrow and crab fat I could find! Oh yeahhhh....

I cannot wait so I took a small slice to take a peek...

I'm a pervert I know... that is why my husband fell in love with me. Tee hee!

Oh that is one heavenly piece of meat...

Beside Thor and Henry Cavill's...

Oh and my husband as well... ha ha ha!

My lovely plate filled with meat juices...

The best thing by the way with eating with the LADIES WHO LUNCH is that they sorta have small appetites that they gave me the Wagyu steaks which they cannot finish.

I think I almost died and went to heaven...

Oh and of course, I love their company. It was a never ending exchange of tales and lessons in life... May I just share that they have been with Tape Inc (producers of EAT BULAGA) for 30 years? That's loyalty for you...

And that is also how long I will stay true to HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL....

 I do...


This meal was just so heavenly that I treated my family and husband afterwards (see that HERE !!!).

See? I did not entirely forget him. I featured this in ERICJAZ FOODIES because it inspired another date night for us! (Snicker snicker).

Post will come up soon!

Wagyu Stone Grill
Eastwood Mall
G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
(02) 706-5385


  1. Oh yeah this is one of our favorite steak house places in the metro :D !

    - Ray

    1. Hiya Ray and Lynne for En Route! Were glad you think so too!! I am now drooling at the sight of the Wagyu meat sizzling on the stone grill... Cannot wait to eat there again :) Thanks for reading! :)

  2. The boyf and I have always wanted to dine at House of Wagyu! :D We're still saving up for it though 'cause we're planning to order their grade 8 and 10 rib eye. We're waiting for a special occasion too.. Hmm.. Although our next birthdays and anniversary will be next year pa >.< But that gives us plenty of time to save up for an ultimate steak meal :D

    1. Hi dear Sumi!!! Wow! My dream is to also have the grade 8 and 10 rib eye! Someday I hope! Will save for it too. Because if it is like the New York strip that we had, I'm sure the whole experience will be worth it! I'm looking forward to your feature of this restaurant in your blog when the time comes! I'm sure, I'll be drooling again to go back to House of Wagyu after reading it! He he he he! :) Thanks for checking us out :)


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