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Monday, May 29, 2017


ERICJAZ FOODIES are having a different kind of weekend date by joining our favorite KAIN TULOG GANG peeps do a BINONDO FOOD TRIP.  We had about 12 restaurants in the itinerary but we already loved the first restaurant so much (TASTY DUMPLINGS) that I wonder how the next stop would equal it.

Now when the organizer of our food trip, THE FOOD ALPHABET said that the next one on the list was SINCERITY RESTAURANT, I was honestly not too optimistic about it because it already invaded some stalls in the food court scene.

"I promise you, the food at SINCERITY RESTAURANT in BINONDO tastes MORE delicious than what they have in the malls. You just gotta try it."

Hmmmm... Now THAT definitely piqued the curiosity of my big forehead. So even if I had the mall version of SINCERITY RESTAURANT, I suddenly became excited to taste how they serve it in magical BINONDO.

And for our BINONDO FOOD stop 2... it's now SINCERITY RESTAURANT!

Our group was now joined by FOOD IN THE BAG!!! YAY!

Like most of the old restaurants in BINONDO, SINCERITY RESTAURANT hasn't changed their signage. Ha ha ha ha ha!


We arrived in SINCERITY RESTAURANT before 11:00am and there was already quite a number of diners.

Brunchin' in BINONDO?

He he he he he!


Menu 1...

Menu 2!

Excited to eat!!




Yup! The Chinese Dimpol was SO in love with the champoy he bought while walking that he wants to marry it.

Wohooo! Our food is here!

SINCERITY had a lot of raved about dishes but THE FOOD ALPHABET just ordered the most popular ones because we still had many more stops after this.

But EGAD. This is already A LOT!!!!!! How could we manage afterwards???

FOOD ALPHABET ordered a small serving of the SINCERITY Oyster Cake (P200.00) but it already seemed large to me!!

Wow! Look at the fat oysters!

Another specialty of SINCERITY RESTAURANT is their Chicken (P160.00 half).

So crispy crunchy with a light breading.

Hmmmm.... This is another kind of "finger lickin' good!"

We were not really planning to order rice but the food in front of us was just screaming for it. So we had the SINCERITY Kiampong Rice (P80.00 -- small).


The Chinese Dimpol got a bit excited upon seeing this because it's like his favorite Moriquita rice in CAFE ANTIQUA in Lucena.

I can't tell you how many times he said "ANG SARAP NG FRIED RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

My plate!!! My SINCERITY plate!

We all excitedly dug into the Oyster Cake. I've heard a lot about this specialty and it was my first time to try it!!!

I got so excited that I got a big spoonful and shoved it all in my mouth. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Oyster Cake was AWESOME!!!! It was as yum as I dreamed it would be. BUT, you may have to remove some of the sticky cornstarch they use to thicken up the batter because it almost choked me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

But other than that, I couldn't have enough of it. ME WANT MORE!!!

And in no time...

Inangku! We finished everything and we're now full!!! What will happen to our supposed to be 12 stops???

But you know what? IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!! The FOOD ALPHABET was right. The food at SINCERITY RESTAURANT in BINONDO was more delicious and flavorful!!! For me it had that certain authentic taste unique to Binondo. I don't know if it's because of the atmosphere or if they different chefs in this branch but most definitely THIS is the SINCERITY that I will rather go to even if it's farther from where we live. Sarap!!!!

Yep. What THE FOOD ALPHABET said is true. All of it.


And now BINONDO suddenly became a more enticing place for ERICJAZ FOODIES. Yup food really does that to us.

SINCERE yun ah!

(Sorry I just had to do it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

 497 Yuchengco St, Binondo, Manila, 
1006 Metro Manila
 (02) 241 9990


  1. I beg to differ. This is my first time to try Sincerity. We ordered shanghai fried rice, chicken, sincerity lomi, and oyster cake. Final verdict: average taste. Chicken is ordinary tasting but I like the crispiness. Lomi is swimming in thick soy sauce, fried rice is okay, oyster cake is not worth it. I have eayen better oyster cake at other restaurant. If you're easily wowed by food, then this is good for you especially with their inexpensive menu.

    1. Yeah.... Taste is subjective so I'm open to all views as long as it's respectful. My point here too is that I'm stressing how the original Binondo branch serves better dishes than their other branch in food courts.

      ANYWAYSSS.... Yeah, we just love food. Period. Ha ha ha! Big plus of course is that it's inexpensive. (Come to think of it I'm easily wowed by everything... ha ha aha!) I'm sure there are other more delicious Oyster Cakes out there but for the price, the one they serve in Sincerity is satisfying to a hunger diner. Except of course, that I almost gagged with the loads of cornstarch so I'll be careful next time.

      Thanks for checking out the blog!!! I hope that our tastes will match in other restaurants soon... He he he he! Take care!! :)

    2. It's 2020 and I'm with you! I faked pretending that it's delicious so my gf won't be guilty recommending the place. Almost puked. A bad way to start your day

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Yes, it's better to be truthful than fake the suffering. Thanks for sharing your honest but still nice views!!! Hope to hear from you more soon!


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