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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


If there's one thing I could totally say about QUIK-SNACK, it's the word "unexpected". For a non-Binondo resident like me, I was clueless that such a treasure existed within their alleys even if we have been to Ongpin always for the Chinese New Year. Good thing that for our BINONDO FOOD TRIP organized by THE FOOD ALPHABET, he included QUIK-SNACK because, why shouldn't he? QUIK-SNACK is like a classical movie for them that just got better through the years. It is the place to go to for some Binondo eats which may be unfamiliar from outsiders like us but one bite and we'll get enchanted.

So for the 3rd stop of our BINONDO FOOD TRIP, our KAIN TULOG GANG squeezed ourselves into the sought after QUIK-SNACK. You might roll your eyes on me but it was actually my first time to have some of the dishes ordered by THE FOOD ALPHABET. The result made us suddenly feel more part of the everyday life in BINONDO.

And with delicious and authentic Chinese food so nearby to feed us at every whim, I will certainly NOT mind!!!!! :)  


You will find QUIK-SNACK in the famous alley way in BINONDO that sells fruits and vegetables!

Inside, it was soooo crowded at QUIK-SNACK as we were caught in the lunch crowd.

Even if there were a lot of other restaurants in BINONDO, many still opt to wait it out outside for a table in QUIK-SNACK.

Finally our group (with THE FOOD ALPHABET and FOOD IN THE BAG) got a table in QUIK-SNACK!!!

Though it is not the most desirable of area of the restaurant, we didn't mind because there are a lot of things to look at to keep ourselves busy.

Uy! The Art of Chinese Catering!

Uy! The Art of Looking Somewhere far!!!

He he he he he!

Time to order!

QUIK-SNACK menu 1...

QUIK-SNACK menu 2...

Like in our other BINONDO FOOD STOPS (TASTY DUMPLINGS and SINCERITY RESTAURANT), we only ordered a few dishes to share so that we still have tummy space for our other stops. But at the pace we are eating, I doubt if we'll complete our itinerary.

Like in most BINONDO and Chinese restaurants, their utensils are served in a glass with hot water. He he he he he he!

Our first dish on the table is an order of QUIK-SNACK KuChayAh (P45.00)!

The empanada was served warm and toasted. I'm not really a fan of empanada but THE FOOD ALPHABET swears by its goodness.

And you know what? He was right!!!

To think I'm not a fan of empanadas and I was already quite full from the other restaurants but this KuChayAh is one DELICIOUS KuChayAh!!!!!

Inside the flaky and buttery crust, the KuChayAh is packed with braised chopped pork with vegetables. The filling is savory and so appetizing, and it matched so well with the soft crust.

This was so perfect with the chili sauce!!! Yummers!

THE FOOD ALPHABET also ordered QUIK-SNACK's Fried Lumpia (P75.00) that was served with vinegar.

I loved their lumpia too because it reminded me of my family's favorite snack in Green Patio, an old restaurant in Greenhill's arcade. The fillings are a mix of pork, tofu, cabbage, carrots, and much more. So tasty and a must try in QUIK-SNACK!!!!

For our QUIK-SNACK piece de resistance, we had the Sate Beef Chami (P140.00) which was on the spicy side.

The vegetables were crunchy and the beef was chewable. If you're a fan of Chinese 5-spice with soft noodles, then you'll love this.

Hmmmm... I wonder if this goes well with rice too???


The Chinese Dimpol does not eat lumpia, empanada, or spicy noodles (weird right??). So he just ordered a glass of QUIK-SNACK almond jelly (P60.00)!

Even if he didn't eat anything, he was already so happy with his refreshing drink.

Later on Joko of ABS-CBN and THE DAILY SPANKS joined us!

Yay! Now our group is complete for the BINONDO FOOD TRIP!!!

Burp!!!! Egad! I'm not sure though if the Chinese Dimpol and I could go on. We have been eating more than we should have in our first two stops. We did it again in QUIK-SNACK!!!!

"Is that an alka-seltzer???"

Good luck to us and our tummies. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It's okay. It's YOLO-ing in gastronomic proportions anyway. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Carvajal St, Binondo, 
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 242 9572

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