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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Chicken lovers rejoice!! There's a new hub where you could converge and splurge to celebrate your favorite bird!


POULTRY STACK is the new restaurant in Tomas Morato that doesn't look anything like your favorite chicken place!

POULTRY STACK was vibrant, sunny, and cheerful. In fact, it reminded me of a popular Japanese French fusion restaurant which flashed a lot of yellow in their interiors. 

And when I say that they're serious about chicken, I mean it!!!!

Celebrity Chefs Gino and Gene Gonzalez were the consultants of POULTY STACK and I cannot be more excited. If fashionistas have their Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel, or Carolina Herrera, foodies like me would go for Chef Nora Daza, Chef Jessie, and yes, Chef Gene Gonzalez!

This guy was already in the industry long before foodies became fashionable!!!! Yep! He's like one of the pioneers of the celebrity chefs and I was just giddy to finally meet him.

And woah! What I adored about him more is how he was still very enthusiastic and passionate about food. He told us about his most memorable meals and we were all hanging by every word. Chef Gonzalez was also very down to earth even if he's made a mountain of accomplishments in the food industry.

Woah!!! I'm not worthy!

But I AM hungry!!!!!!!

Now what's on the menu???



Now it's time to brace ourselves because...


First on the table is this long plate of Salted Egg Bucheron (P229.00)!

Bucheron is fried up chopped Chicken Crop that is similar to Chicharon Bulaklak but not as deadly.

Each morsel is just crunchy and very appetizing especially with the tanginess of the Salted Egg flavoring. 

So perfect with (or even without) the Sinamak dip.


POULTRY STACK Chicken Skin Longganisa (P195.00) got my Chinese Yubhub VERY excited.

I've got to admit, it may look dry and meh but once you take a bite, you guessed it...


The meat was moist and packed with garlic and seasoning. Sarap!!!! You won't stop munching at just one piece. IPAGDADAMOT MO PA!

POULTRY STACK Tuna Ceviche (P229.00)!

For a restaurant that boasts of their chicken menu, you might be surprised with the inclusion of this raw fish.

But hey, I'm not complainin'!!!!

I love Tuna and with POULTRY STACK's version in citrus dressing and herbs, I love it even more.

He he he he he....

I am trying my best to cut my carb intake but a bowl of POULTRY STACK Carbonara (P225.00) will just stomp that goal.

Al dente noodles tossed in creamy salted egg and cheese sauce then topped with chopped Bucheron and sous vide egg.


This was just crazy good.

And now it's time for the main chicken dinner!

When you're in POULTRY STACK, thou shalt not forget to order their Chicken platters all priced at P235.00 (quarter with two sides) and P360.00 (half with 2 sides)!!!!

An early favorite for the group was the POULTRY STACK Filipino Chicken Barbecue!

Dive into the sticky and messy grilled quarter chicken with the sweet tangy sauce that goes so well with the nutty java rice. Then, add more bite to your meal with dips (or sips?) in the spicy vinegar and green mango salsa.

Sarap! I wouldn't mind having another big platter of this!  

The POULTRY STACK Peri Peri Chicken is the one I found most unique. Besides the "herby" pesto dip, the roasted chicken is then topped with homemade sambal sprinkle for more spice.

Enjoy this juicy spiced chicken with mouthfuls of their turmeric rice and creamy coleslaw. 


A different but delightful chicken experience!!!!

If you're craving for something on the Oriental side, try out the POULTRY STACK Teriyaki Chicken!

Fire roasted chicken dripping with sweet Japanese Teriyaki glaze!

Yep! Extra Japanese rice please!

The sweet addicting sauce goes so well with the Kani Crab Salad and Fried Nori Chips!

Even after the many choices of the chicken platters, you might still find yourself craving for more chicken.

Well then, POULTRY STACK accepts your craving and answers it with this must order...

These are 2 orders!
POULTRY STACK Garlic Overload Chicken (P490.00)!!!  

Crunchy fried chicken served with fried peppers and loads of soft garlic. You should really give this a try when you're in POULTRY STACK!


My plate! My beautiful winner of a plate!

And now it's time for dessert!!!!

We started off our sweet journey with the Cheese Caramel Awesome Shake (P175.00)!

The toppings were already something. I haven't attacked the shake yet but I'm already happy with the sweet munchies!

POULTRY STACK Dulce De Leche Creme (P69.00)!

POULTRY STACK Coconut Pandan Panna Cotta (left P59.00)!

And Calamansi Cheesecake (P149.00)!

The Banana Cake with Ice Cream was something too.

Sweet Bananas on top of fried sweet bread then drizzled with caramel. Yummers!

My favorite would have to be the POULTRY STACK BROOKIE (P299.00)! This perfect for sharing dessert is a layer by layer of chocolate cookie and brownie then topped with ice cream. So decadent!!!!!

I loved it so much that I forgot to take its solo picture. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

I finished that delicious meal with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Aaaaahhhh... This is the life. 

Dinner was extended with more chatter. He he he he he he!

What a fun night with delicious food and great company. Would love to go back to POULTRY STACK this time with the boys.

24-C Scout Tuason Street 
Tomas Morato, Quezon City
02 4105050

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