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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


THE KAIN TULOG GANG are on our last stop of our BINONDO FOOD TRIP and even if we originally had about 12 restaurants to try out that day, we had no choice but to halt on the 4th one because our tummies were all going to burst.

Some of THE KAIN TULOG GANG in Binondo!!!!

When we told the organizer of the trip, THE FOOD ALPHABET, that we cannot possibly go on any further, he said not to worry. We only had (technically) one stop left...

MR. UBE!!!!

Before going to MR. UBE, we passed by CHUAN KEE, another classic in BINONDO. The two restaurants had the same owner so we just requested for their food to be brought to MR. UBE.

That was a very good idea because CHUAN KEE was packed that day! But of course, we were still able to see my pretty kumare MRS. FOOD ALPHABET who happily stood out! He he he he he he!

CHUAN KEE was like a Chinese "turo turo" with their hot and bubbling dishes on display for the hungry diners.

My husband's favorite fried rice!!!

Hmmmm.... He might asked to be left behind niyan!

MR. UBE!!!!

Rice, noodles, tikoy, and hopia...

Major carbs under one roof!!!

Inside, a lot of people are ordering for take out.

I don't blame them. MR. UBE is like a candy store!!!

This was already about 2:00 in the afternoon that's why we got the place almost to ourselves!

Hmmm... Now what should we get???

Mareng Joan ordering for us.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the KAIN TULOG GANG, ready to eat! Yup. Unbelievable as it may seem, we are!!! 

We got a preview of the food to be served and it got our mouths hungry even if our tummies are ready to throw in the towel. He he he he he he! Mind over matter lang yan!


MR. UBE serves mighty colorful bowls of noodles!!!

First up is the MR. UBE Taiwan Crunchy Meatball (P160.00)!

Light... soothing... and so calming. The soup was simple yet very satisfying already.

The "crunch" will come from the fries green veggies that were tossed over the soup! Noice!

MR. UBE Japanese Shoyu Ramen (P180.00)!

Just to prove to you that MR. UBE has a diverse menu, they also serve ramen!

My favorite would have to be the MR. UBE Shabu Shabu Laksa (P195.00)!!!

The broth was thick, creamy, and nutty. It also had the right spice to it making the dish more appetizing with the noodles!

If balls are not your thing, go for the Singaporean Laksa (P190.00) with the usual meat toppings of this popular dish.

Still satisfying. Still delicious. Still worth it for less than two hundred peyzez!!!!

For those who would go more for the classics, you may opt for MR. UBE Beef Wanton Noodle Soup (P180.00)!

So meaty and fatty!!! My kind of soup! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

To match your hearty noodles, you could have an order of MR. UBE Radish Cake (P90.00) to enjoy. It's packed with radish goodness and still so moist. Very yummmm! Slurp your noodles and finish it off with bites of THIS. It couldn't get any better I promise.

Like I said above, CHUAN KEE and MR. UBE had the same owner so they have some dishes that are offered for both restaurants like Xiao Long Bao (P120.00)! 

Cheap yet very satisfying.

Another must order from both MR. UBE and CHUAN KEE is their Lechon Macau!

Here is the set from MR. UBE which comes with the delicious brown rice, drink, and lava buchi only for P180.00!

The pork was so crunchy and went so well with the seasoned rice. Sarap grabe!

When you're in MR. UBE, don't forget to try their new Lava Pao!

Yup! MR. UBE jumped into the "salted egg" bandwagon!

The bun was soft while the insides were creamy, custardy, with a hint of that beloved salted egg flavor. You won't stop at one. GRABE.


For drinks, we got addicted to the Winter Melon juice. It's not as sweet as iced tea or sago gulaman but it had the hint of those favorite flavors. I think we chugged a lot of bottles that day!

The boys were VERY happy with all of the food!!!!

As for the ladies... Auuughhhh!! Mapapagkamalan na naman akong buntis nito sa laki ng tyan!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


We left MR. UBE so dazed and full. But when it came for our group's "class picture", we were still sane enough not to leave anyone behind.


We only have one tummy to give to Chinatown. He he he he he he!!!!

Sulit sarap naman!!! 



707 Ongpin Street, 
Binondo, Manila
02 2419131 / 02 2419999

650 Ongpin Street, 
Binondo, Manila
02 2888888

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