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Monday, May 22, 2017


I'm sure all Mothers would agree when I say that when our children arrived, our lives suddenly had more meaning, more purpose, and more happiness!

It's SO true! Don't deny it kapeng mainit.

Even if it was fun going out with friends...
Even if you and your significant other could stay out everyday till morning...
Even if you could join family trips and spend only for one...
Even if all your salary could be spent on personal clothes and gimiks...

Admit it. You experienced a different kind of joy and awesomeness each day with your kiddies that you wouldn't exchange it for anything before they arrived.

Yu-uh! Even with the stretchmarks!!!! And trust me, I have  A LOT.

On that hideous note ( he he he he), let me share with you my lovely Mother's Day weekend where it gave me more reasons to eat and celebrate. I thought though that being the star of the man-made holiday, I would get to choose where to go. Of course, THAT never happened. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! But it's okay. My boys will always be the reason for my unconditional love and happiness, so quits lang. He he he he he he!

It's my husband naman who'll let me have my way in the end. He he he he he he!



My boys!!!! Every day I feel so blessed for having you (with my pogi husband of course).

To officially start Mother's Day celebration, ERICJAZ FOODIES had a double date with Team Virrey for some dimsum!!!!!

I was deeply craving for some dimsum (AND more) from CAUSEWAY SEAFOOD RESTAURANT and thought it would be a great pre-Mother's Day night with another pretty Mommy!

Take note that I said ANOTHER. He he he he!

(Faux) Shark's Fin Dimsum!

Pork Siomai!

Shrimp Dumplings!!!!

For us, CAUSEWAY SEAFOOD RESTAURANT serves the best dimsum for its very affordable price!!!! Babalik balikan talaga! 

Advance Happy Mother's Day dear Ann!!!!!

We then had some cake, chips, wine, and coffee at their house afterwards. Wohooo!!!! Thanks Team Virrey!!!!!

(If you're looking for my boys, they're staying at my brother's house and will be coming back the next day... :(  )

The next morning, the boys haven't arrived yet so I decided to indulge by my lonesome and have a bowl of Korean Spicy Noodles with Fried egg all to myself !

For that Saturday, the Chinese Dimpol, Mati, and I planned to watch ALIEN COVENANT while little Andrei asked to join his Lolo and Lola. Yub already bought the tickets and we're all set to go. 

Unfortunately, my parents' plans in Powerplant Mall that night got cancelled so Andrei was tearfully asking if he could go with us instead. Upon calling, we discovered that the movie was PG-13 -- poor Andrei cannot watch it with us.

So what are we supposed to do?

I asked the Yub to cancel my ticket so me and my bunsoy could go out on a date. It's okay. I cannot just leave his cuteness behind. 

Is that a white lady at the back?????

After doing groceries, we still had time to pass so my little bunsoy asked if we could have some Salmon Sushi. 

Wish granted of course!

The Androse asked to go to Toys R' Us because he wanted to buy something.

Awwww! When he was going around, he saw a Mommy and Baby Groot and said that was us!

(Of course, it's really an old Groot, but I wouldn't want to spoil it for him.)

Mission accomplished! Using his money saved from allowance, he bought a MONOPOLY EMPIRE for the family to play tonight. 

Yay! Thanks Andrei!

After Toys R' Us, we passed by church to pray. There, Andrei insisted on making a donation using again his own money.

He wanted to wish Mama Mary a Happy Mother's Day!

For dinner, Andrei chose YABU -- one of his favorite restaurants that we haven't been to in a LOOOONG time. 

My sister just finished with work (she's a child psychiatrist who has a clinic in St. Lukes Global City) and joined us that night. Yay! 

As usual, Andrei's first question to my sister was: Where's your Ipad???

I invited my sister to our date ending the text with "KKB ha!"

During dinner, my "kapalmuks" elevated to "Treat us!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! My sister obliged. Yay!!!! Hayyyy! Don't you just love big sisters who make more money than you??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

Andrei's favorite -- Yabu Katsudon!

YABU's Katsu Set!

Thanks Ate Jojit for the treat! She said this was already her Mother's Day gift for me. At first I didn't want to accept it (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!) but then, okay fine!


Ate Jojit must have been thinking "Naimbita na nga lang napabayad pa!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Blog post coming soon!

The Chinese Dimpol and Mati were finally done with their movie. The initial plan was they're supposed to go out for their late dinner because the movie will finish by the mall's closing time.

Good thing Ikkoryu Fukuoka was still accepting diners about 5 minutes till closing. So my hungry boy went for it!

It was around midnight when we got home but we were all still eager to play Andrei's MONOPOLY EMPIRE!!!

This was different from the traditional game we had before.

I don't know if they just let me win but I won 2 times in a row!!!!!!!!! YAY!

The next morning after Sunday mass, Andrei went to the priest to have his statue of Padre Pio blessed.

I'm so proud of my very religious boy!

For our Mother's Day lunch, my Mom preferred to have it at home with some of our favorite dishes!

Pansit Lucban!



Crispy Pata!

Kare Kare!

And cake from Ate Jojit!

My plate! YUMMMM!!!!!!

I know I could never stop stressing how my Mom is the best there is. I actually don't need to because our friends and relatives would say how my Mom is very kind, loving, "mahinhin", cooks delicious food, and is very pretty. Many would also say she's like another Boots Anson Roa or Susan Roces!!!!!

 For that weekend, even if we all offered to take her out and go shopping for Mother's Day, she said it was best if she stayed with Daddy, who did not want to go shopping or do something outside his usual routine. Nge! He he he he he!

With that, Happy Mother's Day to the lovely lady who dedicated her whole life to her family. My Mom is a doctor but she put us all first before her career and we will forever be thankful to her. Your care and love for us will never be equaled! Even if Im old na, I still ask for you when I have fever. Hahahahaha!!! You may be so lady-like and proper but when it comes to your family, you really fight for us. You also showed us that there is real beauty in simplicity. I know I could never be as good as you but I will always try. Happy Mother's Day to my forever beautiful (and mabango hahaha) na Mommy na ninang sa kasal ng lahat. Hahahaha! We love you!!!

Since Mommy and Daddy still preferred to stay in that night, I just cooked up their favorite Sardine Pasta for our Mother's Day dinner!!!!!

That Monday, I invited my Master Mati for a Post Mother's Day dinner celebration and he chose COCO ICHIBANYA!

It was our first time to eat here and we were happy!

Me and my Handsome Teenager for our Mother's Day dinner!!!!

Check out the blog post HERE!

Sayang Ate Jojit's not here to treat us again. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

But she did join us for coffee afterwards!

While in Krispy Kreme, we played around with FaceApp!

Master Mati looked like the old wawa guys from Kung Fu movies. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And our driver is here to pick us up!

If you're looking for Andrei, he stayed with his Lolo and Lola. :)

That night, we still had a game of MONOPOLY EMPIRE... Our new favorite family activity!

I'm sure you're wondering why Andrei was covering his head. Let me tell you why...

Every summer, he would forego trips to the barber and let his hair go long. For our dinner last Saturday, I said his bangs were already stinging his eyes and I pleaded to snip it a bit when we got home. He really didn't want to because he was rocking the "long-hair look." But he finally agreed when I promised that I would only cut the front and it would just be an itty bitty trim above his eyes.

The result???? AUUUGGGGH!!!!

I'm so sorry dear Andrei! Forgive Mama on Mother's Day. Ha ha ha ha ha! At first he got upset but I just assured him (and warned everyone in the house to do so too) that his hair looked good on him.

To be honest though, he still looked darn cute for me and I told him so always. With that, he began to love his new haircut and didn't mind when some of my friends (his daddy included) teased that he looked like Bruce Lee. My brothers and sisters gave him a harder time and said he looked like Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber. CHE!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

He's now owning his haircut and would even give it an extra pat to make it more flat and "hoplay."  Even if I try to comb it to the side, he would still style it like there's a bowl on his head. He he he he he he he!!!!!

Bakit??? Totoo naman na he's still a cutie patootie ah!!!!

We officially ended our Mother's Day celebrations with dinner at my favorite HOUSE OF WAGYU!!!! (The boys again asked to go with their Lolo and Lola).

This is Yub's treat! Yay!!!! Before, he would justify not giving me flowers or anything with a very pilosopo reason that "I'm not his mother."

Tonight, he learned his lesson (or just craved for some really good steak) at our favorite HOUSE OF WAGYU!

Aaaaaah! Now THAT'S a great piece of meat!!! What a way to end my Mother's Day celebrations!

Amidst all the greetings, I would like to express my utmost thanks and gratitude to my 2 boys --- you gave my life so much meaning and love! There may be times that I want to give up but you two would always make me want to go on and be strong. You will never be my accessories, nor will I expect you to be my care givers or bread winners. You will ALWAYS be a part of me and I will forever be your Mommy who'll always be there for you. It's the least I could do because you've made my life so beautiful! It may be cheesy but yes, you made everyday a loving Mother's Day!

At least for the past weekend, we had more reasons to go out and celebrate. Ha ha ha ha!!

Sometime last year, I came across this prayer and I feel that it fully embodied what we Mommies want for our children. Of course, no matter how old they are we should always involve the Lord with our kids. It is because of Him after all that we were blessed with these beings who gave our existence a different kind of significance. 


Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy and to all the loving Mothers out there. I'm sure, being the devoted Mommy that you are, everyday IS already a fulfilling Mother's Day for you, but do try to get spoiled by the hub and your kiddies.

In the end, if they still got their way, I'm positive that you  will STILL feel happy because you were with them. I'm sure loving Mothers know how THAT feels like too. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Till next year!




  1. Belated Happy Mother's Day Ms. Jaz!

    I just resigned from work because no one would look after Nathan na, Dad is turning 70 this Sunday (June 4) and you know he is not getting younger anymore hehehe... and hubby's time at work (he is working in a Hospital) has been extended na din. A few months back I was thinking who would help nathan sa homework nya pagpasok sa school (he will go to Kindergarten na!) sino ang mag aasikaso sa kanya if everyone is not available, so nakita ni Lord na I was thinking of it and our company wasn't doing well these days and I was praying for a job na malapit sa house, yung mag eenjoy pa din ako etc. and God answered my prayer because I don't need to go to work kasi I will work from home soon and same industry pa din ako. Though, it was hard for me to let go of my job kasi sympre bread and butter ko yun of course I love my job but everybody knows that no matter what... A mother would do everything and anything just for her children. Yung ilang araw ko na nandito sa bahay, walang kilay hahaha, walang lipsticks eh worth it sa gabi gabing kisses from my son.

    Pero kuddos talaga sa lahat ng mga working moms kasi naranasan ko din yan at hindi madaling ibalance ang work and pagiging mommy + wifey. kaya superwoman ang tawag sa atin. Hahaha... ang haba ng comment ko! naipon lahat lol!

    Happy Mother's Day po sa Mom mo, sayo and sa mga readers mo na mom na din and sa lahat ng moms out there!

    1. Hi Christine!!!!!!

      Sorry! Somebody played with my page and printed comments without me knowing it. Ang galing no. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Anyway, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwww! I'm so happy for you! Really! I long for the day where I could earn and work from home na din so I could always be with the kids. (Although they don't want me to kasi they know they cannot play PS3 na ha ha ha ha ha!) But really, I'm glad that everything worked out to what's best for you and your family. Nothing comes close talaga to how Mothers value their kids. Talagang top of the priority line sila for us always.

      Happy Mother's Day to you, your relatives, and your friends too!!!! Cheers to us superwomans!!! We may not be as fashionable as Victoria Beckham or a perfect homemaker like Martha Stewart, but we love our kids soooo much lampas sila!

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mwah!

  2. Hiyaaaa mamziii, happy supeeer late and advance mothers day !! hahahahha

    I think Andrei likes the haircut cause he looks like Rock Lee from the anime Naruto XD lolool. :P

    ~ciao - cutie patootie daughter

    1. Hellooo dearest!!!! It's okay!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Getting a comment from you is enough to make me smile the whole day.

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks! He really hated it at first. Later on, natanggap na nya because there's really nothing he could do about it. Teaches me a lesson though na wag na talaga magattempt to cut the bangs of my son. He he he he he he!

      Ciao Bella love!!!!! Have a great weekend. Mmmmwaaaahness!


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