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Friday, May 12, 2017


After having a delicious dinner with THE YAPPY BUNCH and friends in ICHIBA JAPANESE MARKET, we felt that we shouldn't all walk back to the hotel yet. Yup, even if we know we're going to have wine and chips in our rooms for our other nightcap, we were all suddenly in the mood for coffee and MORE chika!

With that, our group ended up in CAFE CREOLE!

CAFE CREOLE was a cozy and homey hub reminiscent of what they have in a lazy New Orleans day. 

It was so perfect for our group because while the grownups were chatting, the little ones could run around and play in the big open area in RESORT'S WORLD.

It helped too that the receptionist was very friendly and really accommodated our big group! 

You just GOTTA love great service!


There are other dishes in the restaurant, but since we're only here for dessert, we shall focus on that.


CAFE CREOLE menu 2...

CAFE CREOLE menu 3...

CAFE CREOLE menu 4...


I would have to admit though that because we were so full from ICHIBA JAPANESE MARKET, we did not feel like having desserts already.

But I did enjoy a mug of hot cappuccino (P110.00)

Simple, light, with that comforting cinnamon taste. I tried my best to make this last through the hour that we stayed there. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Since our trip to SERENDIPITY in Las Vegas, I'm now very curious of frozen hot chocolate (P189.00) and got 2 mugs for the boys.

Now this was soooo different from what we saw on the menu (check it above). They said the serving looked like this because they didn't have whipped cream at the moment.

Hmmmm... Portion-wise, I still think what is pictured in the menu is more than this puny mug. But oh well, that's life!

It still tasted nice though. Not hit-the-ball-out-of the park-with-screaming-and-hysterical-fans type of effect. But it was okay.

Little Andrei said he would like to run off and play. With that, he left his mug of Frozen Hot Chocolate to a very willing customer.

The kiddies had a long table to themselves!

While waiting for their other orders, they chatted, laughed, and more!

By "more" I mean, arm-wrestling. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

No fighting afterwards!!!

Good thing that the "oldies" table are more behaved. We laughed, we chatted, and the most that we had on physical contact was playing footsies under the table.



Egad! We stayed till 12:00am???

I'm not sure if we were in CAFE CREOLE for 1 or two hours. All I know is that we all had a great time even if all had coffee and that "smaller than life" frozen hot chocolate. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Second Floor, Newport Mall, 
Resorts World Manila, Newport Boulevard, 
Newport City, Pasay City
02 4038926

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