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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a family staycation at MARCO POLO HOTEL in Ortigas and after sleeping really late last night, we woke up frantic....

We're going to miss breakfast!!!!

We all dressed up hurriedly and rushed downstairs to CUCINA for MARCO POLO HOTEL's breakfast buffet. We're grateful to discover that we were still on time! Yey!!! Now that's an early reason to rejoice!!!!

If you've enjoyed the food at CUCINA, you will certainly know why we're doing the happy dance!


We didn't notice that CUCINA had a guide on table occupancy during breakfast. It's great that even if we were a bit late, it was not during peak hours!

CUCINA crowd!

It's great how CUCINA was able to fix their tables in order to maximize space for their breakfast crowd.

We sat on our reserved table and immediately attacked the buffet. We don't want to waste time of course!

CUCINA Salad Station!

Here, you'll also find some sushi bites and pickled appetizers.

CUCINA Pastry Station!

CUCINA Bread Station!

More bread galore!

You've been warned.

At the other side, you'll find the cheese to go with your bread!



I think this is Parmesan?

Cold cuts!!!

Across it was a table filled with cereals, dry fruits, and liquids!

CUCINA Pancake, Waffle, and Donut Station!

This is just in case you're feeling more carbs in your system! He he he he he he!

Everything's hot, fluffy, and made on site!


Pancakes and Donuts!

CUCINA Healthy Station!

Low calorie breads and pastries!

Of course, there a lot of fruits too.

CUCINA Asian Soup Station!

Now what should we get?

Here, you'll not just choose from a long array of toppings, you'll also choose what kind of noodles you want into your hot bowl!

CUCINA Hot Foods Station!

It's always a delight to see an Egg station where you could have the kind of eggs you like and jam it with your choice of fillings.

These eggs looked like they came from the chickens themselves!

Oooh lala! Veal, Pork, and Chicken sausages!!!

While I was checking out the Hot Dishes station, I saw a familiar face!!!

The chef at this station knows me and I know him! Yey!! Great seeing you in CUCINA again!

Among all the hot dishes in CUCINA, Andrei's favorite would have to be the Taho. He had 2 bowls of it complete with the sugary syrup and sago.

CUCINA Filipino Station!

Personally, I think Filipino breakfasts are the best! I mean you could give me the most expensive omelette, cereal, pancakes, etc.... But nothing could beat a big platter of Tapsilog, Tocilog, Corn Beef Silog... OH I could go on and on, and I would NEVER stop eating it!!!!

I guess the only thing that could somehow be at par with a good Filipino breakfast is steak and eggs. BUT I would still eat it with garlic rice!!!

YUP! Garlic rice is LOVE.

Sweet Longganisa!

Fried Bangus!

Oooh! Chicken Afritada!

Egad! That Pork Menudo looks so oily, fatty, meaty, and so red! 

I LIKE!!!!!

Pork Tocino! YUM!!!

And Christmas was not yet over because we still have ham in CUCINA!

Sweet... juicy... and meaty! 

CUCINA Vegetarian Station!

They only had a few dishes for the Vegetarian station but this Masala is more than enough for me.

Pancit Canton in the morning?

Why not???

CUCINA Juice's Station!

And these are not your ordinary orange, mango, apple juice!!!

We got back to our tables with full plates and hungry appetites.


Our birthday boy Master Mati and the Chinese Dimpol!

Me and the bunsoy Andrei!

Yup! We're here in MARCO POLO to celebrate Master Mati's birthday.

The Yub's crispy bacon!

No rice for him though.

My plate! My Filipino-breakfast plate!!!!

Of course, breakfast will not be complete without coffee!

I think I had 2 cups of it!

Master Mati enjoyed very much his hot bowl of noodles!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords to celebrate Master Mati's birthday!



My second messy and weird plate.

That Masala was so yum!!! It was spicy and just addicting!

I also had taho to go with it!

What a delicious breakfast with the family in CUCINA!!! It definitely made our staycation a more delightful one. 

Many thanks to MARCO POLO HOTEL's Ms. Judith and dear Roan for arranging this special meal. Our birthday staycation for Master Mati is now complete with a breakfast at CUCINA!!!


Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Road
Ortigas Center, Pasig City



  1. How much is their breakfast buffet?

    1. Hullooo! I'm sorry but our breakfast was included in the booking of the room so I don't know exactly how much. You could call CUCINA to inquire about their prices.

      Have a great day!!!!!!! :) Cheers!


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