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Thursday, April 20, 2017


The Chinese Dimpol was on a week-long business trip to Indonesia and that meant I will be by my lonesome for the weekend. My initial plan was to go on a Fridate with Master Mati since I was on moping mode and didn't want to out with anyone else. But on Thursday, he cancelled saying he would like to go with his Lolo instead.

Traitor!!! Grrrrr! :(

Anyway, before I go on an all-out self-pity, temper tantrum, my bunsoy Andrei came to the rescue and said that he would like to go on a date with me. He initially announced that he will go with his Lolo on Friday but after learning that his Kuya made "indian", he dropped all plans and said he'll go out with me.

Yey! And I was so happy again!

And for Andrei, there was no need to ask him where he wanted to go if we we're on a date. It's ALWAYS going to be in this restaurant serving his favorite pasta...


I always knew that CIBO was one of my bunsoy's favorite restaurants. But I never thought that he would resort to THIS in order to prove a point!

Yup! Sometime last year, he zoinked my celphone and his Daddy's. With that, he texted my husband's phone and used it to respond resulting to that cute thread above.

So if you're confused, that's all Andrei having a "convertextion" by himself!!! 

It's funny how he really made me the one to be asking for a date. I guess he knows how kulit I could be. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So after work, I hurried to Powerplant Mall in Cibo where my date was waiting.

(Before you react, he was with my parents first. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Even if it was a Friday, there was a lot of empty tables in CIBO. Yey! Privacy! Privacy! Yup! We could get a bit noisy. Especially when I start singing my song for Andrei: "We are best friends! We are best friends! We are best friends! FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

Andrei would always laugh and make me stop later on because I could be very embarrassing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My bunsoy ordered a can of Coke zero because, according to him, it's like drinking beer.


My boy is such an observer. He's curious even with the soda fizzle!



My CIBO Pomodoro Classico Bruschetta (P215.00)!

I always request to have all toppings on the side because I want my toast bread still crunchy when I eat it with the stewed tomatoes. Sooooo refreshingly good AND filling!!! Maybe I'm already tanders but this appetizer really fills me up.

Andrei was so happy to be served with his favorite...

CIBO's 3 Cheese Spaghetti (P370.00)!

When I wasn't looking, Andrei was sneakily zoinking my shaved parmesan served with the Bruschetta. Why you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask for your own cheese!!!

Even after the server gave him some more, I would still catch him getting from my share. With that, I put my cheese bowl near my bag. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We were laughing so hard that I saw the CIBO chef staring at us from behind the glass. Ha ha ha ha ha! Che!

Me and bunsoy Andrei in CIBO!!!!!!!!!

Andrei mixed his spaghetti so that all the creamy goodness of the cheese will be at every bite.

As for me, I added the garlic oil and a lot of chili flakes to my stewed tomatoes.

Top the chunk of bread with the tomatoes and the sliver of cheese and you've got yourself a bite of Bruschetta heaven!

Don't forget to breathe Andrei! He he he he he he he!

And in no time...


I told Andrei to get the bill and he now knows how to do the rectangle sign.

He was so pleased doing so!

The bill!!!!!!!!

I sneaked the money from under the table to Andrei so he could pay. I'm sure you could tell how "kilig" he was at paying because it made him feel like a grown up.

Yihiii! Thanks for dinner Andrei!

After dinner, we went to TOYS R US because Andrei wanted to check some things.

He wanted to buy another yoyo but I told him that his old one was still working.

After TOYS R' US, we passed by Spin to buy him shirts!!!

Then, we're going to his favorite -- POWERSTATION!!!

But this time, he's going to treat me!!!! He's going to use the money saved from his allowance!

Andrei is so into drumming now so it's no wonder he went for the drums first.

Go Andrei!!!

I was impressed because he really got the beat!

My baby was really concentrated on drumming.

It's not as easy as it looked! I tried afterwards and I missed a lot of points!

While Andrei was drumming, his Daddy called. Yey!!!! We can't hear each other though so we just texted with video. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After the drums, Andrei and I did some wii dancing. I was just not able to take a picture of us.

He then finished the night with this game.

The mall was only up to 10:00pm but we stayed up to 10:30pm! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

While we were going to the car, my bunsoy took a selfie of us and said "That was so fun!!! I think that's our best date forever."

Awwww! I thought he was just teasing me but I overheard him telling his Kuya later on how we had such a great night and that he'd love to have another date with me. Now that truly melted my heart! 

Hay my bunsoy I will ALWAYS invite you to have date nights. I'm sure I'll never get tired of it. Please don't get tired of Mommy okay???

R 3, Power Plant Mall Rockwell, 
Rockwell Drive Cor Strella St, 
Makati, 1210 Metro Manila
(02) 895 2426


  1. Awww... Ms. Jaz, tama ka! remember when you told me to wait til Nathan ask me to marry him? hahaha... Last week he did. Nakakatuwa.

    May nakita sya sa TV na wedding and he said "Mommy, tayo din kakasal!" I asked him "Ako at si daddy?" he said "no! "Ato lang atska itaw (ikaw)" hahaha... nakakatuwa pala talaga.

    1. Ha ha ha ha hiya Christine!!!! di baaaaa?? That just shows how much he loves you. Hindi siya gross e (although it should be) pero it's all so innocent and sweet and loving that you won't ever forget it.

      Sana navideo mo!!! Soooo sweet! Namnamin mo na ikaw ang number one niya!!!!


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