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Monday, April 24, 2017


Remember how Master Mati cancelled our Fridate plans the last minute that little Andrei took me out instead? Well he got guilty when he discovered that I was going to be lonely on Saturday. He then remembered how his Daddy told him to take care of me while he was away for a business trip in Indonesia.

Chinese Dimpol (mahangin hangin pa): "Mati.... tek ker op your Mommy....."

My first born declared that we would go out for a Saturdate and I was so happy.  Besides my husband, I cannot imagine going out with anyone else! And his choice venue for tonight? Greenbelt!

Where in Greenbelt? RAMEN NAGI!

Because we were both craving for some noodles!!!

It was a packed night that Saturday in RAMEN NAGI. I guess the chilly weather made everyone craving for some noodles and hot soup!

We waited for a while but it was not long.


Check out how serious my dearest is about ordering! He he he he he!

My was so excited to have the Red King, but to his utter disappointment, it was not available tonight. With that, we will just get the Ebi Ramen, their Limited King Special.

My Mati placing his order.

Yohoo! Me and my favorite New Teenager in the WORLD!

RAMEN NAGI condiments which is always never enough for us.

We especially loved the spicy bean sprouts and the mustard leaves. Yum!

My date and I ordered at RAMEN NAGI Gyoza to share (P220.00).

The Gyoza was served on a sizzling plate atop MORE beansprouts!!!

I have always loved RAMEN NAGI's Gyoza because the wrapping is not too thick and had that perfect crusty fried bottom.

When I bite into it, the Gyoza is always filled with juicy meat and veggies. So addicting if you ask me.

And our Ramen for tonight... 

The RAMEN NAGI Ebi King (P450.00) with Level 5 spiciness!!!!

The soup had that intense flavors of shrimp fat.

It was thick, rich, and super malinamnam!!!! Mati and Mommy approved! He he he he he!

And, we both agreed that we cannot have Ramen without an order of their gooey Tamago (P70.00)!

I told Master Mati that I will just be sharing with him. Just to be sure that he won't get "bitin" with his noodles, I just ordered an extra serving (P70.00), and just get about half of it.

Me and my super handsome date, dear Mati!!!

My very happy date!

Mommy! Stop taking pictures already!

My small bowl! I loaded this with crushed garlic, sesame seeds, pickled bean sprouts, and spicy mustard leaves!

I may love the RAMEN GYOZA but my date loves it more. Ha ha ha ha ha! Normally he would zoink everything before I could get one but this time, he was being gentlemanly and gave me my equal share. 


And we're done!!!!

I'm training my boys to take charge so it was Mati who asked for the bill.

Our bill!!!!!

He also "paid" for it! He he he he he!

After dinner, my New Teenager and I went to Timezone!

This time, he really treated me by using his own money for the games.

First up is a Transformers game!

Hmmmm... The girl here looks like Black Widow.

Die everyone!!!!!!

Being with Mati in Timezone made me remember this guy who had a crush on me when I was still in High School. The "Thin Tisoy" invited me out for a "date" and while having lunch, he said excuse me for a while. So after 10 minutes, I searched for him and lo and behold...

I saw him PLAYING at a game similar to this in an arcade!!!!!!!!!

Tsk tsk tsk! The typical clueless guy! To think he was already in College then!

Needless to say, he immediately got... BASTED.

Hmmmm... I should tell Mati not to do this on a date.

Up next for Mati was a game of Pac-Man!

Yup! You gotta love the classics.

As for me, I tried out my favorite!

Aughhh! Why do I always lose here???

Mati wanted to impress me and tried this out.


The two of us then fought it off with Tekken!!!

After I (expectedly) lost to him, he ran off to play ALIENS.

Seeing Master Mati play this game made me nostalgic because it was his favorite when he was about 3 years old.

For our nightcap, we went to our favorite SERENITEA!!!!

I'm all for saving the planet but paper tumblers just don't work for me with drinks. It gets soggy later on. 


I'm loving hanging out with my New Teenager Mati because we have the same taste in food, in movies, in trivias, in music and in TV shows! I'm not saying this because I'm his Mom. I could actually see myself being best friends with him a million times MORE than the "Thin Tisoy". He is really a great guy to be with!! 

Just be cautious that he won't zoink your food. He he he he he he! 

Thanks for staying with Mommy for a Saturdate dearest Mati!!! I love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 2, Greenbelt 3, 
Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City
02 7505616


  1. Binata na talaga si Mati! <3 I can't wait til my son's old enough to go on dates din. I mean, we do go out on dates pero we usually have typical fastfood kasi nakakapanghinayang if he doesn't like the food in slightly more expensive places. Haha.

    1. Hi Dear Yanna! How are you? :) Naku don't worry that'll come. And when he becomes a binata na, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! But promise you could still do it naman in a fastfood restaurant or somewhere that has meaning for both of you. Promise your boy will remember it that he got a special one on one time with Mommy. Let's do it agad until iba na gusto nila ka-date! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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