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Thursday, April 27, 2017


It's the second month of 2017 and THE YAPPY BUNCH are at our second staycation already!

And this time, we're at BELMONTHOTEL WITH FRIENDS!!!!!

WOHOO! Staycation galore at BELMONT HOTEL!!!!

That morning, even if we're so excited to head on Pasay City, we still did our usual routine of basketball and taekwondo.

After lunch, we drove out for BELMONT HOTEL!

WOHOO! We're here!

It was already 3:00pm in the afternoon but there were still people doing a late check out like us.

Our stay at BELMONT HOTEL was courtesy of dear Jojie and Gem Navarro because her birthday is coming up!

The Navarros are one of the most generous couples I know! Thank you very much for this family treat!

The kiddies immediately huddled together. I doubt if they'll stay with us this weekend. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

BELMONT elevator hall!

Check out some rooms!

We passed by Team Virrey's first before going to our crib.

They had the 1 Queen-sized bed for their room.


Now let's go to OUR room!

Room 3026!!!

We got the twin beds!!!

Our work station....(as ef we'll werk!!!!)

Mati's bed...

Our TV!

Our see-through restroom! He he he he he!

Our sink!

My usual bathroom mirror selfie!

THE YAPPY BUNCH with little Johans in BELMONT HOTEL!

We lost no time in meeting with the girls. While the little kiddies played, we met up with dear Chel, Jun, Jojie, and Gem for some Japanese Sake and chomps!

The Chinese Dimpol didn't want to drink and instead, volunteered to watch over Andrei swim with his friends.

The BELMONT HOTEL pool was at the rooftop.

Master Mati and Johans stayed in the room to watch something while Andrei and the others swam their hearts out!

Later on, we joined the gang at poolside!

Of course, we never missed an opportunity to have pictures!


The boys may be having a lot of fun with their friends but we still grabbed them for a family photo!

OH MATI!!!!!!!!!!!


When the kiddies finished with swimming, we dressed up to go out for dinner. The kiddies didn't want to separate and went with us down to the lobby. 

THE BP Group are out to celebrate dear Gem's birthday!!!!!!

Since it's nearby we went to Resort's World via foot!

Dinner that night was at the birthday girl's wish... JAPANESE ICHIBAN MARKET!!!

Then we had coffee at CAFE CREOLE!!!

Blogposts coming soon!

When we got back to the hotel, the little lords immediately changed into their jammies and had their milks.

So are we going to sleep na?


Team Navarro invited us all for a nightcap in their room. 

The kiddies stayed on their side with cookies and drinks...

While we had chips, wine, and coffee at our side!!!

Yay! Dear Gem loved the recipe book I gave her!!! I remembered kasi she's so into cooking now.

This was one loooooong, crazy, but super fun night cap!

Upon Team Navarro's invitation, Andrei slept in their room to be with his buddy Fritz! Little Jelo was supposed to sleep beside him too!


It was indeed a great day for everyone in this weekend birthday staycation for dear Gem! We may have had a full day today but more will come TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Thank you again birthday girl Gem for this wonderful family treat!!!!!!!!

Another blog post soon to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Newport Boulevard, Newport City, 
Pasay City, 1309 Metro Manila
(02) 318 8888

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