Tuesday, December 8, 2015


The Chinese Adonis may be one of the most "deadma" guys that was ever created but I would still declare loud and proud that he could still be very thoughtful.

Hold your horses, hell is not freezing over. Those who know him will agree that he is my emotional opposite and that there is not an ounce of romance in his cutie little blood. But whenever I need him the most, you could count on him to be always there.

Cue in: "God gave me youuu... To shohow me huwats reaallll...."

Yup! Like lining up for our dinner in HALAL GUYS.


(Duh. This is a foodie blog. What were you thinking? A knight in shining armor? Puhleeez. If that Knight was delivering a gooey pizza to my doorstep then, that's the only time "Lancelot" will be my savior. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

Seriously though, I was very grateful one time during this mad night where everyone seems to be going out shopping, I told the Chinese Adonis that I needed to buy something in SM Megamall. My husband knows how much I hated shopping (unless there's a sale) so when I told him that I'll be there to make a purchase, he knows its important.

Since I'll come from work in Quezon City and he's in Mandaluyong, we decided to just meet halfway in SM Megamall since we wanted the stores to be still open by the time we get there. We do this often and many times, my husband will arrive earlier in the destination. With that, he suddenly remembered how much I wanted to try HALAL GUYS and that we would always go home disappointed because the lines could be just horrendous.

My husband then sweetly offered "Why don't I line up in HALAL GUYS for you since I'm there early and so that you could shop?"

At first I didn't want to let him because I heard that it could be an hour or more wait. Of course, I didn't want to subject him to THAT. But then I really, really, really, really, really, really, wanted to try this new talk of the town even if it has already closed shop on me many times.

So then I agreed. Yohoooo!!! Thanks Yub!

Cue in again with extra emotion: "DALINAY.... willll... be lohoving you... tiiiilll.... we're SEVENTY!!!"



As the Chinese Adonis predicted, there was a very looooong line in HALAL GUYS. 

But at least this time, we were able to make the cut unlike the other nights when we went home defeated.

I saw that there were other seats and a HALAL GUYS cart outside. I wonder when they would open that up?

HALAL GUYS was located in the new food court of SM Fashion Hall (near the skating rink). There were many chairs and enjoy to help you our meal!

HALAL GUYS menu!!!

I apologize that we didn't get more pics of the assembly line and the stall of HALAL GUYS. My husband was all alone (wawa) and service was very fast with the orders.

I asked Yub to get the combo small of HALAL GUYS since I was trying to diet. But he went ahead to get the New York size so that he would share with me.

Just so I could get a taste of their meats, I got the Gyro.... 

... and the grilled chicken. 

Each order comes with two wedges of Pita bread.

Plus tomatoes and lettuce. 

You could order onions for an extra price!

Our HALAL GUYS plate!

Don't forget to get loads of the yoghurt and hot sauce.  Usually I would ask them to pour it over my HALAL GUYS plate but since I'm sharing with the Chinese Adonis, I just requested it to be on the side.

I'm here now. So let's eat!!!!

Wow Yub! What deep dimples you have!

Blech! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I love all things creamy so I put A LOT of yoghurt and hot sauce!

Oh me so happy!

Besides savoring every spoonful of my HALAL GUYS dinner, I also used the pita bread to mop up all the extra sauce and veggies!

My husband loved the gyro and the yellow rice.

Yup! It was already so fine with him even without the sauce.

Since we're getting old and not eating as much as we did before, the New York serving of HALAL GUYS was more than enough for us.

Auuughhh... We were so full already but there were STILL leftovers!

Our HALAL GUYS bill!

Our verdict?

The HALAL GUYS rice meals were certainly delicious but I doubt if we would line up again for it for an hour. We would certainly go back to pig out on the gyro doused with a lot of the yoghurt sauce but most probably when the lines have died down. He he he he he he he he he!!!


5the level SM Mega Food Hall, 
SM Megamall
+632 858-7080


  1. Lugi talaga kami sa order naming New York size last time. Ang konti talaga ng meat na nalagay sa amin.

    1. I read in other reviews na medyo nga and that sayang lang ipinila nila. As for our serving, let's just say umapaw ang kanin pagkatapos. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Will try to eat there again soon to compare!

    2. Kami siguro pag wala na lang talagang ibang makainan sa MegaFashion Hall. We got so turned off talaga.

  2. you didn't get charged for the extra sauce?

    1. Hiya Stacy! Yes we were! We were charged P25.00 but it was an additional order that's why it didn't reflect on the first receipt. He he he he h ehe!


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