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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


You know how it is during the Christmas season:

Frantic shopping for the most practical gifts.
More traffic.
Joining the millions of people in malls to get the best sale items.
Christmas Parties or whatever parties.
Super Kaduper traffic.

The point is I'm sure the holidays are upon us and we should be feeling the Christmas spirit. But let's face it, the season is busier NOW compared to the days of yore when the cavemen only had to worry about not being the Christmas meal of some hungry dinosaur. And yes, we are all only human. As much as we are all giddy and excited for December 25, the holidays could take its toll on our utterly beautiful selves that sometimes we just need to take a short break from it all.

And THAT is where F1 HOTEL MANILA comes in.

Because what better way to recharge than by having a Christmas staycation at your "home of happy experiences", right?


It was a full day for THE YAPPY BUNCH!

In the morning, Andrei was blessed to receive his First Communion. Then for lunch, we hurried over to Makati City as I was going to be the godmother of my friend's super handsome baby.

As much as we were having fun in both events,  we were all getting tired since we have been staying up late and waking up early for many days already. Plus, the sight of the traffic jam from outside of the restaurant is disheartening.

To go someplace to just stretch out, relax, and just get away from it all may be my wish tonight for this Christmas.

And it was granted. WOHOOO! 

We arrived in F1 HOTEL MANILA to check in at the Premiere Lounge way in the afternoon. 

We got the Premiere Lounge all to ourselves and it was very cold and quiet. We decided to hang out a bit and have some light snacks before going up to our room.

Besides, the fudgy brownies that the pogi Guest Officer offered was too decadent to turn away.

Then suddenly, these little snacks just sprang out of nowhere to further tempt us!

Those shots of creamed potato leek soup were good!

After having our fill of coffee and cold fruit juices, we proceeded to go to our room.

YEHESSS!!!!! We got the Fort Suite of F1 HOTEL MANILA!

Christmas arrived early for THE YAPPY BUNCH!

The little lords were so happy with all that space!!!!!

Yep! We could definitely do the tango in here!

As usual, when it comes to F1 HOTEL MANILA, you are well taken cared for. There's the free drinks by the fridge and the hot water pot.

Closets that could fit the little lords!

A work area. 

Just in case you felt like doing something horrid this vacation. Tee hee!



And happy ME!

Since the boys were pretty tired for the whole day, they asked to have a short nappie. We called room service and immediately they set up the couch into a bed for the boys.

A TV all to themselves!

While the little lords were relaxing, I was organizing our clothes into the closets. It's this OC habit of mine when we have a staycation. He he he he!

Look! It's yellow hampie!

And while I was doing THAT somebody was in deep slumber. 

Oh he was snoring like a tractor stuck in mud!!!!!

For dinner, we went down to meet up with my favorite food bloggers, THE KAIN TULOG GANG.

We were supposed to have dinner al fresco at the poolside. But when it rained, we transferred to one of their available function rooms.


And believe me, that was such a blessing in disguise!

Why? Because we had such an awesome night!!!!

More on that on our next blog post!

After a hilarious night with my blogger friends, we retired back to our sweet ol' comfy room! 

The little lords changed into their jammies and drank milk while snuggled under the soft sheets of their bed. 

But of course, we cannot just go to bed JUST YET.

Mati remembered that we had a tradition of eating noodles for our "goodnight" snack whenever we had a staycation. So I took out our usual "suspects" and poured boiling hot water on it until it became chewy and springy!

YUM! My favorite "goodnight" snack EVER.

After a few minutes, F1 HOTEL MANILA's attendant from their spa arrived for Yub's 1 hour massage session. 

Last year, it was Andrei and the Chinese Adonis who had the couples massage. Too bad that Andrei was wiped out for tonight and was already snoozing in bed. This was the same nice lady who took care of my baby Andrei. I'm sure he would've loved to see her again!

So the Yubsker got the one hour all to himself!

In no time, he was snoozing like crazy! Such a tell tale sign of his own happy experience by way of relaxation!

Good thing the little lords were all lost in dreamland and were not awakened by the thunderous snores from the next room! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Good nighters! Till tomorrow my little lords!!!

You know what? You may wonder why I still feature my F1 HOTEL MANILA staycations in detail even if it has already been our umpteenth time to be in here. I am actually wondering myself. Before I started this entry I was like, I'm sure this is going to be a short one. But after reviewing all the fun that we had, all the laughs, all the bonding moments, I never want to omit any of them from my memory EVER.  So hence, the part one and two.

And yes, believe me when I say that, even if we already had numerous weekends in F1 HOTEL MANILA, we still discovered something new to love and had a different kind of enjoyment. 


Truly a place of HAPPY HOLIDAY experiences for us!!!


Watch out for our Day two! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

 32nd St, Taguig City 1634
(02) 928 9888




Then book F1 HOTEL MANILA's Christmas Splendor package!!!

For only P6,200.00 nett you get a Deluxe Room with buffet breakfast for two! PLUS, not only will you get the awesome room (pictured), but you also have complimentary use of the gym and pool, AND unlimited wifi! What a way to recharge this Christmas season!

This holiday deal is available from December 5 to 30, 2015!!!


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