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It's summer time (wohoo!) and while we are all groaning from the intense heat, you may also want to make use of all that suffering to think about where your next family getogether is going to be. Now instead of spending gazillions of pesos planning an out-of-town or out-of-the country getaway, why not stay close to home?  With that, I strongly suggest you crop in F1 HOTEL MANILA in the picture.

Once again, we are in our "Home of the Happy Experiences" right in the heart of Fort, Bonifacio Global City -- F1 HOTEL MANILA! And the kids cannot get more ecstatic! They LOVE F1 HOTEL MANILA with a capital EL (tee hee)!! Now if you think we're going to have another usual staycation that you have seen before, you are so wrong!!! F1 HOTEL MANILA, as always, has something sizzling planned to make you BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT (sorry to say the cliche). 

And were glad to find out that even if THE YAPPY BUNCH had been regular guests of F1 HOTEL MANILA, we were still able to get not just happy but NEW experiences for our memory bank!!!

F1 HOTEL MANILA for summer of 2015!!! WOHOO!!! 

We were very excited for our F1 HOTEL MANILA staycation that we were up and early going to Fort. And wow... even if it was still sleeping time for us the sun was a-blazing already!

We went straight to the F1 HOTEL MANILA Premier Lounge to organize ourselves and to have a bit of snacks.

In the premier lounge we were welcomed by the ever nice Mr. Tony Co, the new appointed General Manager of F1 HOTEL MANILA, and Ms. Twinkle Lacsamana, their new Marketing Manager.

It's great meeting people who are so humble and very friendly no matter how high their status are already in the industry. No wonder F1 HOTEL MANILA has so many happy employees. Their boss certainly knows how to take care them. With that in mind, I'm sure all the more they would know how to take care of their guests!!!!

When you're in the Premiere Lounge you could help yourself to F1 HOTEL MANILA's simple but very tasty snacks! Yub was feeling hot (uy) so he got a glassful of cold Mango juice.


Coffee! Yowza!

I always have a hard time managing these things.

Sorry I'm such a FOB! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Our room card!!

Now let the "Happy Experiencing" begin!!!

The Fort Suite in F1 HOTEL MANILA! 

Our living room!!

Our bed room (enter Marvin Gaye music....)

Our TV with study table.

(Marvin Gaye music stops).

Our side table.

Our bedroom cabinets!

Our thermos plus our complimentary water and hot drinks.

Our fridge!

Our bathroom!

Our favorite shower!

And lastly...

OUR resident cutie!


Oh I'm kidding.

THEY'RE the resident cuties!!!!

My boys obediently stayed at the sides first while Mommy takes pictures around the room. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

I'm a mean Mommy I know!

By the way, it's Mati's choice to stay there!

Panoramic shots! I love these!!!

Instead of the usual welcome drinks, chocolates, or mint, F1 HOTEL MANILA gave such a very Filipino "hello" to us I could almost hear somebody shout "MABUHAY!"

These were SOOOO nummy in my tummy for our midnight snack! He he he he!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES in F1 HOTEL MANILA!!! Always a great place to stay for us!

THE YAPPY BUNCH shot with our favorite JAWS!

Here we are so drunken with excitement!

(The kiddies asked for this picture!)

Let's go F1 HOTEL MANILA!!!

Hmmm... Our picture looks familiar!

For lunch, we had this unique experience of learning how to properly plate and make Chinese noodles taught by Executive Chef  Eugene San Jose.

You could check out the very fun interactive buffet deal of F1 HOTEL MANILA and see our delicious time!!! 

After resting a bit, we went down to the pool area so the little lords could swim around in F1 HOTEL MANILA's not one, not two, but THREE swimming pools for the taking!

Andrei stayed in the kiddie pool and played with Twinkle's son.

Twinkle and her little water baby were there too!

JAWS was enchanted by the adorable baby Rain (daughter of RINA'S RAINBOW) and was powerless in her grasp!

Mati was feeling a bit "grown-upish" and went for it in the lap pool!

F1 HOTEL closed one of their poools that afternoon to make way for....

AQUA ZUMBA lessons!!!!

If you are a guest of F1 HOTEL MANILA this summer, they are offering free Aqua Zumba lessons good for two!! I've done PLENTY of Zumba exercises before (HA!) but I was not aware that it could be done in water!

Lessons are courtesy of Zumba expert Ms. Maricel Infante! Woah! Look at that body!

My migraine was acting up again that afternoon so I told the Chinese Adonis he would have to do the Aqua Zumba. He was so adamant in staying put on his chair and just go on Facebook.

Yep! No matter how much I forced him that day, it was a big N-O.

But then Janice Hung, the Philippines' knock out Wushu was also joining us that weekend. She came out looking like THIS and said she will also be doing the Aqua Zumba.

AND the rest is history.

Perverted history.

KIDDING! He he he he he he!

Of course a photo op was in order.


And it's time for some Aqua Zumba!!!

The Chinese Adonis did his exercise with lovely ladies RINA'S RAINBOW and Janice Hung!

And let's go!!!!

AQUA ZUMBA is offered for free during weekends and it's a fun way to keep fit during your staycation! You might find it funny that the instructor is on dry land but I guess it's better for the participants to see the graceful dance moves.

I wonder what's in the mind of the Chinese Adonis right now?

So cute ni Rina's Rainbow here....
You go girls... este with a guy!

My husband is very active in sports but he said the Aqua Zumba for 30 minutes did work on his (ahem) biceps and legs. 

He said it was a very good low impact exercise!

Low impact yes but he was groaning towards the end. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And they're done!!! Congrats guys!

While waiting for Yub, I ordered a tall glass of mango shake! My default (and traditional) drink whenever I'm in a pool area. (Did you notice that?)

The bloggers group after the Aqua Zumba!

Vegetable Curry!

After the F1 HOTEL MANILA Aqua Zumba, they served some very healthy snacks.

Vegetable Salad with Quinoa!
These were all organic and of course, available upon order! 

Japanese Salad with Soft Tofu

So which one's yours Yubskers?!

Let's dig in!

The vegetable curry atop lettuce wraps with fried flat bread was MIGHTY good! You wouldn't think it was healthy food!!!!

After swimming, Andrei took a loooong bath in his favorite hot shower!!

All clean and refreshed for a short nap!!!!

For dinner, F1 HOTEL MANILA set up a special BARBECUE DINNER for us!

See it HERE!

When we got back to the room, F1 HOTEL MANILA had turn down service and fixed the sofa-bed for the kids.

Part of F1 HOTEL MANILA's hot summer deal is a complimentary 1 hour massage for 1 person or 30 minutes each for 2!

To be honest, I'm not overly fond of massages because I could get very tickly in all my flabby areas. Yub and I thought that since Andrei would always request for a massage every night, he could take my slot!

With that, the Chinese Adonis and my littlest lord had a different kind of bonding experience!!!!

Aaaah.... This is the life!

Andrei was in massage heaven!

My baby felt so relaxed afterwards that he was about to go mehmeh (aka sleep).

The Yubskers and Baby Andrei experiencing something new together in F1 HOTEL MANILA!!!

Now let's hope you guys stick to proper spas and don't go to massage parlors ah?!

The very nice and kind masseuse was too shy to have her picture taken at first. But while she was massaging Andrei, she said she suddenly remembered her son who was Andrei's age and like my son, would ask massages from her too every night. She was smiling and so motherly all throughout her session with Andrei. She would even laugh when Andrei gets tickly in some areas. When she was about to leave, she agreed to have a picture with Andrei because she felt a connection with him. :)

Thank you sooo much ma'am!! You made this night more memorable for us!!! 

Goodnight little ones!

Normally I frown upon food in their beds but this is their vacation too and they could do anything their little heart desires!

My little lords were lulled by the sounds of Roman Reign in WWE!!!!

Goodnight Metro!!!!

Next morning! Wakey wakey guys!

F1 HOTEL MANILA guests gets complimentary newspapers to start their day!

We got up at about 9:00am and F CAFE was already full!

Here's our grub that morning!

Morning fruits and salad!

Egg station!

Soup and noodles station!

These F1 HOTEL MANILA chefs were quick and ready to serve.

They usually do their chef's pose back to back but now their feeling adventurous so they did it side by side!

The buffet spread!

Pork and beans...

Bacon (we always have ours extra crispy!)

Daing na Bangus!

Pork and Chicken Ballontine!


Herb Roasted Potatoes!

Garlic rice!!! 

THIS I cannot do without!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and a little lady in F1 HOTEL MANILA!

Like I said, we always have our bacon EXTRA crispy!

The Yubsker's plate...


I'm talking about the food not the human in the picture.

Rain stayed with us during breakfast and she is soooooooooooooo adorable!! 

NOW I want to have a baby girl!!

After eating the boys had a short swim in their favorite pool!

Waiting parents!

Afterwards it's time for check out.

We actually have MORE pictures of us going around the room but for some reason, Yub cannot find it. Hmmm... I wonder how many days of silent treatment should I give him?


Now even if we have already stayed in F1 HOTEL MANILA before, we still have an awesome and unforgettable time, EVERY TIME! It is actually the little lords' favorite hotel in Manila (yep even if we had stayed in other more expensive ones) because they always get a feeling of never ending fun at a place they already consider their second home. Of course, the 3 pools play a big factor to this but still, they always rave to me about the food, the nice people, and the rooms which they have a blast sleeping in!

Thank you so much F1 HOTEL MANILA! You certainly gave us a megadose of Happy Experiences this summer!!!!

Thank you sooo much to Mr. Tony Co, Ms. Twinkle Lacsamana, and Mr. Pau Esmedilla for having ERICJAZ FOODIES plus the little lords!

And super kaduper thanks to dear Spanky Enriquez for inviting us!!!

HUWAYTAMINUTE... What's THAT I'm holding????

Is that... Is that.... A GIFT CERTIFICATE???

Betcha by golly wow IT IS!

ERICJAZ FOODIES (with the kindness of F1 HOTEL MANILA) is feeling oh so generous with the heat of summer that we are giving away AN OVERNIGHT STAYCATION for 2 with complimentary breakfast buffet!!!!!!!!!


Check out directions on how to join (and win!) via the Rafflecopter below!

When joining, do take note of these reminders...

- GC includes an overnight stay at F1 HOTEL MANILA De Luxe Room and Complimentary Breakfast (for 2) only.

- You have to be at least 18 years of age to join.

- You should be a Metro Manila resident or know someone (even not within Metro Manila) who would like to use the prize. Claiming of GC is at my office in TAPE at Xavierville QC. He he he he!

- GC's are not convertible to cash.

- Please do not remove FB status/posts for the giveaway after getting the points so that we may be able to verify when we pick our winners.

- This EricJaz Foodies GC giveaway is by no means connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and Google+!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AND THE WINNER IS............

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations MS. MA. YVETTE HEART CALIMLIM!!!!

Please send me a message via our FB fan page to claim your F1 HOTEL STAYCATION GC!!!

If we don't receive a message in 7 days, we will be drawing a new winner :)

 32nd St, Taguig City 1634
(02) 928 9888

Check it out:


  1. Love the YAPpy bunch! <3 Langya si Yub talaga ang pinag-aqua zumba mo haha nailang tuloy lagi nagtatakip HAHAHAHAHA! At! Congratulations to whoever will win your giveaway. Super saya talaga sa F1 hotel Manila! :-*

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Love you more SUGAR AND SPICE and GOppets!!! You're my model family!!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha! I'm sure nagenjoy din siya kasi katabi niya lovely ladies like Rina's Rainbow and Janice Hung! He he he he he he!!! Thanks dear mare! I agree with you, ang saya talaga sa F1 HOTEL MANILA kaya I'm excited for the future winner!!! Sana kasama ako. Kidding!!! Mmmwaaah!

  2. I want to win because I want to experience everything F1 hotel can offer, this will be a perfect summer getaway :)
    Janice Que
    FB: Jaja Que
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  3. I will definitely join! Just like your happy family, we love staycations too! :)

  4. Mr. SnuffleupagusApril 22, 2015 at 6:34 AM

    I've always wanted to have a staycation at F1 hotel because I've always envied my uber sosi and shala idol, EricJazFoodies, whenever she and her family stay there. =)

    email: nielgqATyahooDOTcom
    yahoo and instagram: @nielgq

  5. I want to win the F1 Hotel staycation for this coming mother's day so that me and my mom can have a relaxing vacation don't have to worried about cleaning the house for once

  6. An F1 Hotel staycation will be my perfect short and sweet escape before I start reviewing for the upcoming Physician Licensure Examinations. I badly need that awesome R&R after all those sleepless nights and toxic duties in the hospital. An overnight stay will be a great treat as well for me and hubby's 5th wedding anniversary this coming May. :)

    Tina Elaine Resuello

  7. I want to win staycation to recharge and to experience F1 hotel and to have bonding with kids this summer vacation and spend priceless momeries at F1 hotel
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  8. I live in Novaliches and I work in Taguig so an overnight in F1 would really give me one less hassle day, away from the traffic of EDSA and MRT! Just the thought of it alone is already liberating!

    Shayne Zalameda
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  9. i want to win win win this giveaway because i want to experience the joy of being in this kind of place. Eversince i was a child i always dreamed of having here. This could also be a perfect break for me since Mother's day is approaching and if ever I could be the chosen winner, I will invite my mom together with me so we could have a heart to heart talk, chitchat with each other, and bonding. This could be a most memorable Staycation experience I could ever have in my life. Thank you!

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  10. Reminiscing back on the summers when me, my hubby and our two kids would have a blast having staycations and enjoying quality time, bonding moments without having to spend a fortune going places or making out of town trips. Now that my hubby and eldest son moved to a different country, me and our youngest son miss being with them, some quality time will definitely bring back those memories while we await the time that we are all reunited again. We miss those times of being together all the time and im sure the quality and comfort of staying here will fill that emptiness in our heart and take our minds off of the stress of missing each other even for a few days.

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  13. Summer means heading out to the beach and enjoying and having fun under the sun. But in my case, it the other thing around. My summer means boring-time-because-im-stuck-in-the-house because im still waiting for my summer class to start. So, i dont have any choice but to just stay here and wait. That's the reason why i joined. I want to level up my "staycation" at F1 hotel manila! :) Not only mine, but with my family as well! Ive been to F1 hotel before for an event and i really really enjoy the place and the foods they served for the dinner/buffet.If i enjoyed the dinner, what about their amenities right? After i read this blog post, I suddenly want to have a mini getaway to the hotel again. Wish my family and i could win this and have a wonderful staycation at F1 hotel as much as you guys enjoyed it too. Thank you for the opportunity! :)

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  14. BONGGGGGAAAAAA can i join can i join??? hahahahaha resident cuties talaga ang peg!!!! wohoooooo!!! swerte naman ni sir.. nakapag aqua zumbaaaaa..... and you guys also had a chance to do bbq dinner outside... luckkkyyyyy!!!!

    anyway ... have a good one!!!!

  15. I would love to win a cool summer staycation in F1 HOTEL MANILA!!!! Right after my son's summer classes and before regular classes start in June, I would really love to have a relaxing, quiet time with the family, without going out of the metro (even a trip to the nearby province is already tiring and is such a hassle because of the traffic!). My mind is already in the pool......hayyy!

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  32. I join because me and my live in partner for 6 yrs. never experience this. Trying my luck, hope to win this so that we will have a memorable overnight stay. :)

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  34. I've always wanted to stay in F1 Hotel ever since it opened. The blog reviews were astounding, but I never got a chance to stay there due to schedule conflict and mostly financial reasons, so here I am hoping to have a chance to get an overnight stay with my family in the best known hotel in BGC.

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    1. Thanks! Will try to check it out soon! :)


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