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Thursday, December 24, 2015


As much as I love meeting up with my BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her husband Manong Fred, it always spells disaster to my "good on paper" diet. Don't get me wrong, I have the willpower of Justin Bieber and his quest to be irritating but when I'm faced with great company, it would always come with great appetite.

And for that night in FELY J'S all hell broke loose as we were also served with delicious Filipino food! There was really no other way to cap off the great night than by pigging out! 


FELY J'S is part of the popular LJC group which also brought us ABE, LORENZO'S WAY, CAFE ADRIATICO, and CAFE HAVANA to name a few. 

I was there early so I passed the time by checking out the menu. 

And heeeeeere's Ms. Fely!

It was a weekday and I'm surprised at how packed the restaurant is.  To be honest, I feel that FELY J'S is not really one of places that give instant recall when I'm looking for a Filipino restaurant. It's just there, existing humbly but obviously it's satisfying MANY diners in the process. 

And I'm seeing it happening now!


BGP Marian and Manong Fred... 

Me and the Chinese Adonis.

EGAD Yub, really. That dimple thing is getting SO tiring!

Time to order!



FELY J'S KITCHEN menu 2...


FELY J'S KITCHEN menu 4...

FELY'S KITCHEN menu 5... 

While waiting for our food, FELY J'S KITCHEN served complimentary kropec for us to munch on.


Each kropec piece was light, tasty, and so crunchy! It was also YUM with the vinegar dip!


I'm not sure though if the taste had something to do with the "handling" of the kropec.

The shy piece.

(By the way, those are Manong Fred's hands. Not the waiters. Just pointing that out to be clear.)

First on the table was a platter of FELY J'S KITCHEN Dilis Rice (P225.00). At first, I found it meh because I thought it would be like how other restaurants would do a short cut on garlic rice by just having plain rice with toppings. 

But woah! This was certainly a winner! The dilis oils mixed onto the fluffy white rice giving it an appetizing flavor. PLUS, the crunchy dilis added texture and saltiness to the dish. This was really very good even as a standalone 

When we're in a Filipino restaurant, we cannot NOT order grilled liempo and the Chinese Adonis was very happy with the tender chops from FELY J'S KITCHEN (P225.00). Each piece was already very flavorful and so juicy! Loved it!

Of course, another must-have for me in our local cuisine is sisig (P195.00) and I was wolfing down FELY J'S fatty cubes of pork innards with my rice! Loved that it was packed with garlic and seasonings and so perfect with the dilis rice! Yowza!

From the moment we sat down, Manong Fred cannot stop raving about the Crispy Swahe (P205.00) and said again and again that we should order it.

Finally the much hyped about crunchy seafood arrived and I understood why he was going gaga over it. Each shrimp was fried to a perfect crisp that you could hungrily pop the whole thing into your mouth. The dish was lightly battered but it was still wonderfully tasty that it would become addicting! Eat it with a shred of the chili and you're in for a great ride.

The BGP and I share a love for KARE KARE and with just one glance at each other, we knew that we just HAVE to order one. We didn't care that the ugly boys do not share our passion for this thick stew -- we're going to feast on this tonight!

FELY J'S KITCHEN Kare Kare (P595.00)!

The thick chops of meat were fork tender and so perfect with the hearty gravy!!! We were so glad to order this because it was so delicious in every way!

One of my favorite side dishes is Papaya Salad (P105.00) because I loved the crunch of the vegetable with the tangy citrus sauce. This went so well with the rich dishes that we ordered and served as the "anti-cloying" bite.

Too bad that BGP and the others did not share my love for Papaya Salad that my tummy space accommodated THIS more than other foods. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with BGP Marian, Manong Fred, and Boy Abunda at FELY J'S KITCHEN!

My plate!!!! My FELY J'S KITCHEN plate!

After a few minutes, we are almost done!

When BGP Marian and I have dinner with the hubs, we would usually transfer to another place for dessert.

For tonight, we stayed put in FELY J'S KITCHEN because BGP was craving for THIS! Sikreto ni Maria Clara (P175.00)!!

The dessert made BGP extra happy that she even let Manong Fred get a taste via her spoon.


As for me, I was craving for some good old leche flan that night!

The leche flan from FELY J'S was creamy and had the right sweetness for me. Super good!!! The Chinese Adonis asked for some but I told him he could only get from HIS side.

Hating kapatid/magasawa as I would always say.

YEP! Even if this is my second order already. 

He he he he he he!

My leche flan was of course accompanied with a mug of coffee!

I wonder when I could have a picture of our husbands doing a normal pose? You know? With Fred showing his face while my husband stops doing the dimple???

Our FELY J'S bill!

As always, I felt my tummy popping after our awesome FELY J'S KITCHEN dinner with the BGP and Manong Fred. Usually I mind and become remorseful of my food intake after a heavy meal. But since it's with our true friends on our usual Thursdate, I say, BRING IT ON!!!!

I may just have to wear garterized pants soon.


So. There.

 2/F, Greenbelt 5, Greenbelt Dr, 
Makati, Metro Manila
02) 728 8858

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